Amazon’s Revenge


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by John Savage

In harsh times in a hard land, a woman traveling alone might well become prey for all sorts of men with evil on their minds. But if that woman is an Amazon, it is the predatory males who should beware. Across a heartless, desolate land a single woman is searching for a snatched princess destined to be sacrificed on the altar of a cruel god. Along the way, she encounters a young woman locked into a heavy yoke and being dragged along by men who want to see her stoned as a witch. It was a mistake the men will never make again.

An action adventure set in a long-ago time, this new John Savage novel is more action than erotic, but still filled with tight bondage, suffering, captivity, and the ravishment of helpless women. What more could you want?

Published: 3 / 2012          No. words: 34,600EX1t

The light from a torch preceded the man.  It was only one man, who entered and stuck the torch into the dirt before the prisoners.  For a while he stood there, looking at both women and grinning.  But his eyes were mostly on Selena.  “By Seeros, but you are one hell of a woman,” he said.  “I would love to shove my prick into you.  But the priest says you have to stay a virgin,” he added, grumpily.  “So…”  He turned to Leeloo, who was aware enough now to be looking at him.  She cringed away as he knelt and took her chain in his hands.  It was easy for him to pull her out into the open by that chained leg.  Pushing her legs apart, he prepared to sate his lust on her battered and abused sex.

Alas, it was not to be!  Teela was standing behind him, poking the tip of her sword into his back.  He froze, his manhood dangling outside his leather pants, only half awake but eager for action.

“Back off her,” Teela told him in Trade.  “Slowly.”

The man obeyed reluctantly, coming to a standing position upon an order.

“Put that thing away,” Teela told him.  “It’s disgusting.”

After removing his prick from the women’s sight, he looked nervously around, surprised to see four women instead of the two helpless ones he had expected.

“That lock,” Teela said, “where is the key?”

“I don’t have it,” he proclaimed.  “Monamote has it.”

“Monamote… Is he that big man?”

“Yes.  He is the biggest of all.”

“You are going to show me where I can find Monamote.  I’m sure he won’t mind loaning me the key.”  Her words were emphasized by a poking of the sharp point into his belly.  Not too deeply, just enough for him to get the point.  “Or I’ll cut off his prick and feed it to him.  Same for you.”

“That won’t be necessary,” came a rough voice from the entranceway.  “I’m here.”

The tall man was standing, blocking the entrance and holding a massive sword.  Behind him were two others, both holding crossbows pointed at the free women.  Teela and Tam froze.

“Cannu, take their swords.”  As the man collected the weapons, Monamote was gloating.  “I saw you sneak away and figured this was where you were going.  So I came to make sure that you didn’t take it in your mind to fuck the Golden One.  I know how hard it is for you to keep from poking your rod into anything resembling a female.”

“I wasn’t gonna fuck her,” Cannue protested.  “I ain’t that stupid.”  He dropped the swords at Monamote’s feet.

“You two, take off those clothes.”

Teela glared at him.  Tam saw the look in her eyes and knew that she was considering leaping at this man.  From what she had been told, for an Amazon to be raped by a man was both a disgrace and the worst thing that could happen to one.  From what she had seen of Leeloo, these men were perfectly willing to satisfy their lust on any female, save, of course, for the Golden One.  To Tam, it was obvious that Teela would rather die in a hopeless battle than allow a man to take her.

“No,” Tam said quietly.  “Another time.”

Teela looked at Tam.  There was no doubting the anger in her eyes.  But Tam was already unbuttoning her vest.  With extreme reluctance, Teela began to do the same.  Selena, from her position on the floor, moaned.  There was little question in her mind that these men would eagerly use Teela and her friend. And how terrible that would be for the Amazon, whom Selena knew to be a virgin.

Monamote sent Cannu to fetch some ropes, then enjoyed seeing two very nice bodies unveiled before him.  That taller one was quite nice.  He almost licked his lips at the curves, full breasts and shapely legs.  She was almost as beautiful as the Golden One.  When the final piece of clothing was off, she stood defiantly facing him, making no attempt to cover her private parts with her hands.  An Amazon does not cower before a man.

When the ropes arrived, Monamote was careful to assure that each of the now-naked girls was covered by a crossbow before he stepped forward to begin binding them.  Teela was first, and her hands soon tied behind her.  The wrists were crossed, but still he looped the elbows and pulled them tightly towards each other, with the effect of tightening the ropes around her crossed wrists to a painful degree.  Tam was next, bound in the same way.


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