Evil Woman



by John Savage

What would make a woman change her name to Jezebel?  How about an evil, perverted, sadistic nature?  How about a woman who enjoys luring other women in her web of degenerate kinky sex?  That’s Jezebel, the Evil Woman.

Blessed with a strange power over other women, this hardcore lesbian enjoys making them into her “pets,” submissive and totally devoted to her even when she is inflicting pain on their naked bodies.  An expert with the ropes and riding crops and whips, and blessed with a killer body and an angel’s face, Jezebel prowls Hollywood, seeking fresh victims.

Only, in Stella, an actress of note with a centerfold’s body and wonderfully innocent face, does Jezebel meet her match.  For the first time, there is a woman who seems impervious to Jezebel’s powers.  It is only natural that her conquest would become Jezebel’s prime goal.  She vows to have this beauty helpless at her feet, no matter what it takes…

Published: 1 / 2016          No. words: 35,550EX1t

I am evil.  I am the Temptress, the Enchantress, a femme fatale, a siren luring other women into world of sin and sex and depravity.

It is my nature; I cannot help myself.  I was born a witch and shall die one someday.  Wicked and evil were my thoughts from the very first moment I drew breath.  I am the Daughter of Lucifer come to Earth to corrupt and degrade and entrap sweet, young, innocent women in my web of perversion.

Perhaps I wax a bit overly poetic, yet what I say is true.  From the moment I began to become a woman, my whole life, thoughts and energy have been directed to entrapping other woman in a perverted lifestyle I both embrace with all my heart and cannot live without.

Stated in more practical, commonplace terms, I am highly sexual and lesbian to the core, and kinkier than most people would believe possible.  And I enjoy luring in and entrapping other women into my lifestyle.  Nay, it is more than an enjoyment; it is a compulsion, an inner drive I can no more ignore than I can ignore breathing.  I must embrace any woman I come near, forcing her inner submissive nature to burst forth and envelope her until she is as corrupt as I.

This is the tale of my greatest conquest.  And the biggest challenge I ever faced.  In a word: Stella.

Ah, Stella, that radiant beauty whose liquid blue eyes and golden locks cascading down have tempted many a man, teasing and offering paradise but rarely delivering on that promise.  Stella with a body that would grace any center-fold and screams sex at all who see her.  Stella, talented, beautiful, sexy and intelligent.  Too much for any mortal woman.  Perhaps she was the offspring of a god and goddess send down to earth to tempt men.  And, most of all, to test my resolve to have her.

Before I begin the tale, perhaps you would like to know something about myself.  First off all, my name.  You must know a person’s name before you can begin to understand them.  My name is Jezebel.

Scoff, will you?  A person should be called what she wishes and, certainly, the name fits in this case.  I am Jezebel.  So be it!


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