Hairy Peter and the Corset of Fur



by Susan Strict

Hairy Peter returns in the fifth book in this erotic Femdom series.

A Femdom parody (with a touch of other erotica, varied fetishes and varieties of bondage). Witches and wizards, as anyone who has read previous Hairy Peter books will know, have sex-drives that far surpass those of normal mortals, and the abilities to go with them. The correlation between magical ability and libido is well known. In wizarding society, however, the witch is usually on top, in charge, and prefers her wizard submissive and restrained. Inevitably, that is not always the case.

Student wizards and witches from all over the world, having attained adulthood some time ago and been accepted into their local wizarding universities and academies, will be arriving at Fessewarts University for Witches and Wizards for the five-yearly International Tournament. The Russian team, however, appears to have lost a valuable artefact needed for one of the competitions – the notorious Corset of Fur.

Shortly the arrival of the competition teams, in the first of Figgitch matches (a game played on Flying Phalluses in which an unfortunate wizard is bound up into a ball inside a flying harness and sent careering around the stadium, squealing wildly every time a witch strikes him with her whip to send him off in a different direction), further disaster strikes. If that were not enough, in the first main competition of the Tournament, the teams disappear.>br>
Has He-Who-Must-Never-Be-Sat-Upon returned? Is he behind the series of disasters?

Peter and his friends decide to do something about it – if he can find the time. It can’t be easy being a wizard like Peter with almost every witch wanting to restrain him and sit on him until she’s satisfied, the ghost of a witch also frequently demanding sexual satisfaction, a particularly voluptuous witch who is also a professor at the university looking for a particularly vigorous and erotic experience from Peter that she heard one of her colleagues enjoyed some time previously, and Peter’s closest friend, Herniame, always wanting to use him for sexual experiments that are frequently exhausting, usually painful, always inescapable and sometimes downright disastrous.

Published: 02 / 2015
No. words: 96,000
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Bondage/BDSM and Humor, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes


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