Mother and Daughter Enslavement


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by John Savage

Sandra, away from home at college, had a secret: she loved being tied up, and found a few young men who were able to satisfy her desires. She always wondered what her mother would have thought of her kinky needs, but never had the nerve to discuss it with her.

Rachael, Sandra’s mother, was a natural submissive and terrified lest her daughter find out. She had a Master, who visited and dominated her, but his love of causing pain and his demands were becoming more and more extreme. Finally, when Sandra was home on an extended break from college, Rachael’s master insisted that Sandra too should become his submissive, and resorted to violence when the two women tried to refuse. Something had to be done, but by that time it seemed both of them were under the control of the strong, aggressive man who dominated them both.

*** Note: this book was also sold under the title “Enslavement.”  Now it is back to the original title.

Published: 2 / 2011          No. words: 42,700EX1t

“No, I cannot do that!”

A few weeks had passed since Rachael had been given to a stranger.  Master Troy was again visiting his slave, and, as usual, she was suffering for it.

The poor woman loved this man, of that there could be no question, even though logic would dictate otherwise.  After all, what woman could love a man who abused her, hurt her, left her crying and bruised, and humiliated?  Still, such was the strange nature of that human female mind that she did love him and would do almost anything to please her Master.

At that point in time, she was kneeling on the floor of the bedroom, completely naked and her arms bound with cruel tightness behind her back.  Already her hands were darkening from impaired circulation and they would grow worse until she lost all feeling in them.  Only then, with an uncanny skill at determining the limits of her body, would he removed the ropes that were cutting into the flesh of her arms and grin with satisfaction as she withered and moaned with the pain of returning circulation.  The whipmarks he had place on her bottom had faded, leaving a fresh canvass for him to paint fresh pain upon.

“No, don’t ask me to do that,” she repeated in a whisper, her head bowed, unable to face his stern glare.

“You will do it,” he assured her.  “You will give that pretty daughter of yours to me.  Then you will stand back as I reduce her to a slave, the same as you are.  Won’t that be nice?  You will both be my slaves!  The two of you will endure pain and pleasure.”

Rachael whimpered, the only outward sign of the inner turmoil.  She wanted will all her heart to obey her Master. Anything he demanded of her, she would eagerly grant.  She almost put into words a request that he whip her bottom until she screamed – but in place of a promise to give her daughter to him.

Finally she forced out the words: “Please whip me, Master.  I am a very bad slave and deserve to be punished.”

“You are and you will.”

But he made no move to position her for such a whipping.  All she could think of was to get him off the subject of her daughter.  With tears flowing down her face, she begged him, “Please let your friend use my body.  I will even suck on him.”

Troy grinned.  He knew how much she had hated the night two weeks before when he had chained her down to that wooden platform which now resided in a corner of her bedroom closet, and permitted – even encouraged – a male friend to use his slave as he wished.  He also knew how much she had hated the whipping of her ass.  The tears had flowed long and hard over that pain.  And the pain continued for days as the swollen flesh slowly healed.  For her to ask for both of those acts was a sign of how strongly she wished to protect her daughter.

But that young thing he had seen was one beautiful woman.  Young and innocent looking but with a body like a centerfold.  He doubted she was a virgin but that made little difference.  He wanted that body!  His prick ached at the thought of that scene.

“When will she come home again?” he asked.

Rachael sighed inwardly.  “Thanksgiving weekend,” she said, but quickly added, “but she may stay on campus.”  She would gladly give up seeing her daughter if that was what it would take to keep his hands off her.

Troy looked suspiciously at her.  “And after that?” he asked.

“The Christmas break,” was the reply.  Rachael shuttered inside at the thought of Sandra being home for two whole weeks.  That was too much opportunity for Master to get his hands on her.

“I am thinking that since she – what was her name?  Oh, yes, Sandra – since she will become my slave, she really doesn’t need to go to college.  A total waste of time.”

He knelt before Rachael and lifted her chin with a hand so that she faced him.  “A slave doesn’t have to think, only obey.  Right?”

“Yes, Master,” came a very weak reply.

“Then it is settled.  You will order her to withdraw from that college and come right home.”

“I can’t do that!” protested Rachael.  “I mean, what would I tell Sandra?  She would want to know why she should quit school.”

“I don’t care.  You will get her home.  Then you will give her to me.”

His tone left no room for argument.


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