Nazi Days and Nights Book Two


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by Yabba

While Captain Reichmann is involved full time in entertaining the daughter of a foreign diplomat and other suitable officers have been appointed to entertain the insatiable wife of Reich Marshal Hermann Goering, a very unpleasant individual has been appointed to run the local prison.

Maximilian Mueller is, undoubtedly, a pervert, interested only in abusing young women that arrive at his prison, and making as much money as he can by charging other men to use and abuse the prisoners while he takes pictures of the whole sordid episode each time. Worse, it is quite clear that many of the women who fall into his clutches are completely innocent of any crime, arrested at random on the flimsiest excuses so that Max can enjoy mistreating their blameless bodies under the pretext that it is essential interrogation to extract the truth from them.

However, when the fiancée of a secret service agent is arrested and abused, it is inevitable that the proverbial muck is going to hit the fan, and the resulting mess can hardly fail to stick to anyone without the foresight to duck and run…

Published: 8 / 2013
No. words: 30600


After she had consumed a very meager prison lunch, Elise Eckhart was still trying to rest on the cot in her cell when one of the guards brought her a ratty-looking, striped prison garment.

“You are to remove all of your clothing,” the guard said through the small opening in the cell door, “and put this smock on.  You can place all your clothing, shoes, and other belongings in this cloth bag for storage.  It appears you are to going to be staying with us for a while, Fraulein Eckhart, by order of the prison director, Dr. Max Mueller.

“May I be allowed to summon a lawyer to speak in my defense?” Elise Eckhart asked.

“There have NEVER been any lawyers allowed in this building,” the guard replied with a laugh, “unless they happen to have been arrested too.  That sometimes happens, as you must realize.”

“Can you give me any hint about what I can expect while I’m here?” Elise Eckhart asked the guard.

“Well, as you already know, the food is terrible and the cots are quite uncomfortable.  But more importantly, you have clashed with the prison director,” the guard whispered cautiously.  “That was not a wise move on your part, Fraulein.  So, you can hope for the best but I think you should expect the worst.  That is all I can tell you!”

“Surely, I have the right to appeal this gross injustice,” Elise insisted, but the guard only laughed and went on his way down the long, dark corridor, out of her sight.

A few moments later, resigned to her impending fate, Elise Eckhart began slowly removing her outer clothing, just as the guard had told her.  She did not seem to have any other choice.

The trim jacket Elise wore over her crisp, white blouse was the first article to leave her attractive body.  Then, the blouse itself was unbuttoned and folded, to be placed in the bag.

Next, came the fashionable skirt Elise had been wearing.  When it was off her body, folded, and put into the bag, the schoolteacher was left sitting on the cell cot in her stockings and underclothes.

This was EXACTLY the moment a young, bearded man in civilian clothes appeared at her cell door.  He studied Elise for several moments, while she did her best to cover her near-nakedness.

“What is it you want?” Fraulein Eckhart asked, but the nameless face only smiled into her cell before finally leaving to go down the corridor.  Elise could not imagine what he wanted from her.

After a very brief period of quiet reflection, the schoolteacher decided to leave the underwear on her body, before she bothered to fully inspect the prison smock.  The material was extremely coarse, she thought, and rather itchy against her smooth skin.

Elise Eckhart was not used to wearing such rough garments, but she buttoned the dress-like, prison smock around herself before placing the cloth bag containing her personal clothing near the cell door.  Elise hoped it would not be very long before she would be back in her own clothes and out on the street.  However, just when that might happen remained to be seen.

While she waited in cell, from somewhere down the long corridor Elise heard what she thought was loud screaming.  It made her wonder if the sounds were coming from men or from women.  But the more important question in her mind was what the reason was behind such awful noises.

The schoolteacher did not have very long to contemplate the issue, because the guard came to escort her out of her cell toward a new location in the prison.

“Where are you taking me?” Elise Eckhart asked, a bit nervously.

“To the director’s interrogation room,” the guard told her.

“I’ve already been interrogated,” Elise insisted.

“That was only a preliminary questioning period,” the guard replied.  “Now, your personal reserve will truly be tested.”

A moment later, Elise Eckhart was ushered into a room where she saw Dr. Max Mueller was already waiting for her.  The prison director was sitting with the bearded man she had seen in the corridor.

Before she realized what was happening, the guard had fastened her wrists together and Elise’s arms were being slowly hoisted over her head to a hook in the ceiling.

“Is this REALLY necessary?” the schoolteacher asked in her typical authoritative voice.

“You see, it’s just as I told you, Eric,” Dr. Mueller announced.  “This female guest thinks she can continue to speak and act in any manner she chooses.  I want you to help prove to her she is wrong.”

Abruptly, turning toward the schoolteacher’s figure, the prison director offered, “Allow me to introduce my friend, Eric Six.  He helps out, whenever I have need of his services.  You see, by his own admission Eric is a bit – what’s the correct word?  Frisky, I suppose.  That’s true especially toward women.  I’m referring to the prettier ones who are arrested and detained for various reasons, just as you have been, Fraulein Eckhart.”

“I – I don’t understand what you’re getting at,” the schoolteacher exclaimed.  “Besides, my arms are hurting in this aggravating position.  Could you lower them for me?”

“By all means, Fraulein,” Mueller told her, “but first, I want Eric to help me to remove your smock.  In this way, we can both see what you have underneath, and determine if he would be genuinely interested in having you.  For myself, I think he definitely will.”

“What do you mean by his “having me?” the schoolteacher asked.  “If it is what I think you may be contemplating, be advised, I would never allow such a thing to happen.  In my mind, it is simply too outrageous to even consider.”

“You see how she talks and acts, Eric?” Mueller said to his friend.  “I think this saucy bitch may be a pure lesbian commodity.  Either that, or she’s completely frigid regarding sex.  At any rate, I do hope these possibilities don’t deter you from your present mission.”

“First, I want see what this Fraulein looks like under this striped smock,” Eric Six offered.  “I really couldn’t tell much from looking at her when she was sitting in her cell.  She had her hands and arms up in front of her, and that was no help at all.”

The smock was easily unbuttoned, and then lifted away from the restrained figure of Elise Eckhart.  It revealed her shapely body was scantily clothed in the two pieces of lingerie, and that she still had dark, silk stockings clinging to her legs.  Afterward, the female prisoner was quick to exclaim, “You can’t do this, Max Mueller!  I won’t allow it!  Do you hear me?”

In response, Dr. Mueller asked, “Didn’t the guard say to remove ALL of your clothing, Fraulein?  Yes, I’m sure he did!  So, I’m wondering why you have these two pieces of lingerie attached to your body?  Tell me!  Why can’t you follow orders, and do it in the same manner I was once forced to do in your damned school?”

“You have no right to do this!” Elise exclaimed.

“You are the one who has no rights, Fraulein, no rights at all,” Mueller replied with a boisterous laugh.

From behind her, Elise could plainly hear the snip of scissors cutting away the scanty material on her body.  In another moment, the burgeoning brasserie and the delicate panties were gone.  In the stillness that followed, Elise realized that the young bearded man had accomplished the deed quite skillfully, as if he had done the same exercise many times before with other women.

Only the dark stockings remained on schoolteacher’s enchanting body, and Elise was breathing very heavily as the two men paused for a while to view her enticing nakedness.

“She has a fine-looking body, especially that rear-end,” Eric Six announced from behind Elise.  “I’ve always admired such a charming feature in women who make an effort to care for themselves.”

A dismayed Elise Eckhart winced quite noticeably, as the young bearded man pinched sharply at one of her naked buttocks, as if in lust-filled admiration, but more, she thought, in anticipation of what was to come.  In response, the female prisoner screamed her intense displeasure.

“It appears we’ll have to muffle the bitch,” Dr. Mueller remarked, “just as we’ve done with some of the other women you’ve had, Eric.  That is, if we’re going to have any quiet in this room while you’re busy fucking her.  Incidentally, I want to take some pictures of the action with her, if you don’t mind, Eric.  They’re for my private scrapbook!”

“Perhaps you’re right about gagging her,” the younger man replied, “but I would rather wait to see if she becomes calmer, at least until I finish getting her tied down into the ideal position over the top of the desk.”

To Elise Eckhart, Eric Six whispered, “I really think you have a very pretty face, but a much cuter ass to go along with it.  And those luscious tits of yours – well, they are simply awe-inspiring, especially to my cock.  Take it from one who really knows what he’s talking about, little lady.  I’ve had plenty of women during the past year or so, and I would give you an A plus, just for your extreme, all-around, good looks!”

Max Mueller laughed loudly when he heard Eric Six’s taunting remarks.  “You would give my former schoolteacher an A plus!  That’s rich, Eric!  I’m sure the little lade truly appreciates such a grade.  Am I right, Fraulein?”

“You will both pay dearly for the gross indignities you have forced upon me today!” Elise Eckhart hissed vehemently.  But the harried schoolteacher saw little hope of saving herself from the personal disgrace she was experiencing.

“Let us get the bitch tied down to the desk now,” Eric Six offered, “and it will be my pleasure to take her in the grandest style possible.  I can hardly wait to begin!”

A grinning Dr. Mueller added, “From my earliest days I have always felt this should be the way of all erotic episodes.  When a man sees a woman he wants to have, he should be able to restrain her in position and immediately begin.  This would eliminate the need of bringing the bitch pointless bouquets of flowers and boxes of candy, and having to meet her disagreeable parents.  In this way a man could get on with it, and discover if the woman has any real desirability at all!”

There was a brief but fruitless struggle by Elise as her wrist restraints were transferred down to the edge of a heavy desk at floor level.  It left the upper half of her body literally squashed in a face down position, with her undefended derriere fully exposed to whatever the young, bearded man might have in mind.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the Fraulein hissed angrily.

“What does it look like?” Dr. Mueller asked, with a demeaning laugh.  “The fact is – my frisky friend simply can’t seem to get enough sex to hold himself for very long.  And so, to supplement what he manages to receive from the other women in his life, I allow him to visit the prison whenever a choice bit of femininity is brought through the front door.  In this way he has been able to obtain a fair amount of quality sex, and keeps himself reasonably content. Isn’t that true, Eric?  Tell the pretty lady prisoner how you feel about the issue.”

“I think it would be much easier if I merely showed her,” the bearded man responded.

A moment later, Eric Six was standing at the front of the table, very close to Elise’s face.  He unfastened his silver belt buckle to display a very healthy-looking erection, to the utter astonishment showing on the schoolteacher’s face.

“I never, ever, thought it would come to THIS when I was arrested and brought here,” Elise was heard to say.  But the words came out of her mouth very softly, as if she had finally resigned herself to her fate at the hands of the man called Dr. Max Mueller and his over-sexed male friend, Eric Six.


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