School for Escape Artists



by John Savage

Stella Walters, the world-famous escape artist has opened a training school for young ladies wishing to take up that most interesting, high profile profession. So, beautiful young women are being bound in ropes, locked into handcuffs and chains, and strapped into tight straitjackets, and they’re paying for the privilege!

But nearby, someone has quite another agenda. He wants to play with the minds and bodies of such beautiful women, binding them and leaving them, convincing them that they will never escape from his tight, painful bondage. Can Stella put a stop to his activities before someone gets hurt?

Published: 3 / 2014         No. words: 43,600


“Aurora, I would like to see you,” Stella began.  “After the classes today.”

“Yes, Mistress!”  Aurora liked to tease Stella by calling her “Mistress”.  But she did not really mean it, while Stella’s prior assistant, Tara, often called her “Mistress” and meant it in the D/s meaning.  Tara was much more submissive than Aurora, a fact that Stella had to deal with on a daily basis.

Stella went back to the stocks and released the two students, telling them to hurry along and join the rest of the class.  She did not mind so much Aurora’s playing with the students except when it interfered with their learning.  Stella was most serious about this profession.

After the classes for the day were over, Aurora appeared in Stella’s office and smiled sweetly at her boss.  “You wanted to see me?” she asked innocently.

Stella was brief and to the point.  She explained – once again – that student training came first, playing around a distant second.

“I am afraid I am going to have to punish you,” she informed her assistant.  “Properly, I should leave you overnight in the stocks.  I’m sure that it was your intent for those two poor students to stay in there long enough for them to be really aching.  To do such to you would be an appropriate punishment.”

Aurora said nothing.

“But I am not going to do that.  Instead, I will punish you in a more painful manner but for a much shorter period.  Take off your clothes.”

Since there was not much clothing to take off, that did not take long.  Aurora had a fine figure and enjoyed showing it off.  As she casually tossed her costume on the floor, she said, quietly, “You do know that sooner or later, you will be tied up and under my power.”

“Probably.  That is the nature of our relationship.  Give and take.”

“And that whatever you do to me now may well come back to haunt you?”

“That is the normal way the game is played,” Stella conceded.  “However, in this case I am not simply playing one of our games with you.  I am truly punishing you for breaking one of my rules.”

Aurora said nothing but lifted one eyebrow slightly.

“And as such, this punishment does not come under our usual ‘give and take’ rules.”

Seeming to want to say something, Aurora opened her mouth, and then shut it again.

“Turn around,” Stella commanded.  Since she was holding a rope in her hand, it was obvious what was going to happen next.  Aurora turned and placed her hands behind her back submissively but not happily.  She knew that she was in for some real punishment this time.

The way that Stella bound her arms was what is usually called a “Reverse Prayer”.  The arms were bent and the hands pulled up on the back until they were above the level of the shoulder blades.  The wrists were bound together with the palms facing each other.  Then Stella looped rope around the forearms down by the elbows and pulled until her forearms were tightly pressed against each other all the way from wrists to elbows.  It was a position that most women could not assume because it required a high degree of flexibility.

It was also a position from which even a trained escape artist could not free herself unless a major mistake was made in the binding. Stella did not make major mistakes, or minor ones, when binding another woman.  Aurora’s arms would stay bound up on her back until Stella decided she had suffered enough. And suffering is what she would do, for Stella’s next move was to roughly push Aurora down to the bed.  She then bound the girl’s ankles together, leaving a fair amount of rope trailing off.  Aurora glanced up to the ceiling where a strong metal ring was screwed in directly over the center of the bed with a strong suspicion she knew what was coming next.  Stella’s bedroom was equipped with numerous such rings that served as anchor points for all kinds of bondage.

As Aurora expected, the rope from her ankles was passed through that ring and pulled upon.  She watched as her feet rose from the floor. When they were at the level of the bed, she rested backwards on her bound arms, and watched as her feet went higher and higher reaching towards the ceiling. Her only comment was a grunt as her shoulders were lifted from the bed, leaving only her hair or trailing down still in contact with the mattress. From her inverted position, she watched as Stella removed her own clothing and climbed up on the bed next to her.

Stella positioned herself on her knees next to the hanging girl, and rotated so that her head was positioned only a couple of inches from Stella’s sex.

“This is my punishment?  You simply want to force me to tongue you?  Or do you plan to leave me hanging like this for a while longer afterwards?”

“I may.  This little service right now is simply to warm me up.  We’ll get to more serious punishment when I’m good and horny.”

“You’re always horny!” Aurora protested.

“As are you, my dear.  Now get to licking.  Here, I’ll spread my lips to help you.”

The room was soon filled with moans of pleasure.  Aurora may have been a little overly hard on students, but she was great at using her tongue to hit all the nerves down there.  Even inverted!  But, of course, this was not the first time she had been pressed into service for this pleasurable task.

It was only a few minutes before Stella pushed Aurora away, an act that set her swinging back and forth over the bed.  She shook her head, sending the luxurious hair flying around.  The soft glow in her eyes clearly told that the seemingly cruel act was turning her on.

It was Stella’s turn to shake her head.  Her body had been responding more rapidly than she expected and, if she were not careful, she might have an orgasm right there and then.  She had planned to have one – she loved them – but not until after playing with the naughty assistant for a while.

Climbing off the bed, she stretched with a cat-like grace, and walked around the bed.  “You’ve been a naughty girl, Aurora,” she purred.

“So what are you going to do about it, asshole?” came the retort from a sassy submissive.

“Haven’t you noticed that I have you totally in my power?” Stella informed sweetly.  “I can do anything I want to you and you can do nothing to stop me.”

“Go to hell, bitch!”

Stella was already getting the riding crop out of her nightstand drawer as she listened to the hanging girl’s defiance.  It was, of course, part of the game.  Aurora was not a stupid woman; she knew full well exactly how helpless she was.  But the perverse nature of her dominant/submissive sides made her play the part, no matter which side of the whip it was on.

A crack sounded in the bedroom, followed by a yelp from Aurora.  A small red spot began to form on her left ass cheek.

“I should have suspected you wanted to do this when you tied my arms this way.  You don’t want me to be able to protect my ass!”

“Or your tits,” Stella said calmly, and then followed it up with a sharp smack on the side of her left breast.

“Shiiiitt!  That hurt!”

“Glad you noticed.”

Over the next ten minutes or so, there followed many more love-taps with that crop, leaving her ass covered with red and both breasts moderately reddened.  Stella was an expert at this.  She knew just how to make it hurt, but not too much.

“You bitch!  Stop this or I’ll scratch your eyes out!”  Aurora sounded like an unhappy camper.

As she sought out fresh targets on the soft flesh, the idea came to Stella that what she was doing was not so very different from what the serial binder was doing to the girls he kidnapped.  The tight bondage applied to both scenes.  And some pain as well.  The main difference between them was that the unknown man did little in the way of extra pain.  He allowed the extreme bondage to make the girl suffer, along with the mental anguish of knowing that she was abandoned and would probably never be rescued.  Aurora did not have to endure that terrible concept, even if she did have to wonder how long this snapping of a leather tab against her skin and the ensuing sting and burning feeling would go on.  And, of course, not to forget the fact that she was hanging by her ankles with her arms tightly and uncomfortably bound.  If Stella were of a mind to leave her this way all night, she would be one suffering girl by morning!


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