Slavegirl: Serena’s Story


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by John Savage

Serena, a village girl with little knowledge of worldly matters, is taken to serve as a slavegirl in the King’s castle.  There she discovers a life of constant restraints, punishments without reason, and torment without end.  Even her sister slaves lose no opportunity to add to her torment in cruel ways as only another woman can.  Bad as her lot would seem, she hears whispered stories of extreme cruelties that may be the terrible fate of her friends from her village.

Yet, not all is torment and pain.  The Prince who claims her as his own slavegirl is a handsome male to whom she feels herself attracted from the first time he whips her.  His hard body teases and torments her, ultimately making her crave his touch and plead for that ultimate act between a man and a woman.  Yet he denies her that pleasure, and Serena comes to understand that frustration can be a true torture.

Published: 10 / 2014          No. words: 37,500EX1t

When Reggie came back, she was standing in the same spot, still on her toes but with a small tear creeping down her cheek showing how much it had hurt her when she tried to jerk her thumb free.

“I have just the thing to go with the black silk,” he told her.  That thing was a set of narrow and thin metal bands, each formed by two half circles.  The metal appeared to be gold, shiny and warm colored.  “They’re only gold plated,” he told her, “but look very nice against the black.”  He took her free hand and circled the wrist with one band.  The end folded over and the half circle slid through a slot.  A small lock was then inserted through the half circle but not closed.  He let her noosed thumb down and picked at the tight cord until he could untie it.  Then he wrapped the other band around that wrist.  A chain, also of gold, and a second lock secured her wrists together in front of her.  She was allowed only six inches separation but that was wonderful compared to what she had been enduring.

“This is a minimum in the way of restraints,” he told her seriously.  “Don’t abuse the privilege.  The Prince likes to see his slaves in really tight, highly uncomfortable bondage, so if you try to do anything wrong you’ll lose these comfortable cuffs and be wearing some much worse.  I hope you take me seriously about this.”

“I will,” she said, looking down at her new shackles.  “Will my feet be chained also?”

“Only if you’re being punished,” he said as he folded and returned the rest of the silk material to the chest.

“Tell me, will the Prince…  Well, will he use me?”

“You mean will he fuck you?  Honey, often and hard.  But not always.  The Prince likes to play with his slaves.  Doesn’t always do what you expect him to.  Keeps you guessing what will happen next.”

“Oh…  I think I see what you mean.  Last night he got me all excited but then had another girl come in and…  Well, finish the job.  I was left horny and frustrated.”

Reggie looked at her sharply.  “You were taken a day ago.  Removed from your village to become a slave.  One of the things women most hate about that happening to them is the idea of being used sexually by their captors.  You mean to tell me that you were frustrated that he didn’t fuck you?”

“Oh, no!  I mean…  I expected to be used, true.  I guess it was just a surprise when he didn’t.”

“Get used to surprises with the Prince.  You’ll also find out what it’s like to be fucked by him soon enough.”


“By the way, you’ll get along better with him if you call him ‘Master’.  You can use ‘Prince’ but Master sort of defines the relationship better.”

“I’ll try to remember that.”  She lifted the golden shackles so she could see them better.  “These are heavy,” she said.

“To be expected.  Iron with a thick plating of gold.”

“And what should I call you?”

“You may just call me Reggie.  Most everyone does.  But if the Prince is present, you should simply say ‘Sir’.  Got that?”

“Yes, Sir.”  She admired the gold encircling each wrist snugly.  “They are beautiful – in a way.  I mean…  But I would rather not be wearing them.”

“But if you have to be chained, they are pretty, is that you mean?”

“I guess so.”

Having put away the extra clothing, Reggie stood before her and took her joined hands by the chain.  “Come on now.  There’s someone you should meet.”


“You’ll see,” he said with a faint smile.


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