Slaves of a Barbarian World


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by John Savage

Just as the beautiful Tiffany von Wanderkind, daughter of a very rich man, was climbing into bed with a lovely stewardess in a first class cabin of a starship, alarms go off and the two of them dive into a life pod just seconds ahead of the destruction for the ship. The life pod deposits them on a backwater planet where women are kept as slaves and no one knows about space travel.

No one, that is, except for one man who crashed there himself years before and used his advanced technology to set himself up a local despot, Lord Mark. His men capture the two shipwrecked girls and add them to his stable of slavegirls.

But Tiffany and Donna are not content to remain slaves and plot to escape from the tight ropes, whippings, constant shackles and lack of clothing, which is a slavegirl’s lot. And there is the Amazonian Athena, who delights in making other woman suffer – and is very good at it. Will they EVER get away from this slavery?

Published: 11 / 2010          No. words: 59,900EX1t

At the first hint of dawn’s rosy pink light, Lord Mark strode into the stables, swishing his purple robe about him, to inspect the punishment of one of his slavegirls.  Cara was her name and she was a new slave, having been obtained by Lord Mark only a couple weeks before.  She was young, finely shaped and with the soft bluish tint of the Mountain People.  And, like many of the women obtained from that source, she was not quite as docile as a Master might like.  But that was not a problem in the eyes of Lord Mark, no, quite the opposite.  He enjoyed breaking the spirit of a new girl so as to transform her into a properly submissive and obedient slavegirl.  This Cara would be no exception.

Inside the stables, it was a little less cold than outside but not much.  The horses need not be exposed to the elements, especially during the Slandella winter, but also need not be pampered.  With their thick skins and hairy coats, the horses did not mind a little cold.  The same could not be said for a naked slavegirl.  Cara was still in the stall where he had left her the night before, still naked, and still bound in the very uncomfortable manner he had ordered for her, not that he had expected anything else.

Placing his lantern upon a post so he could see the naked woman, Mark stood for a while, enjoying the sight he never grew tired of gazing upon: a beautiful woman in tight and inescapable bondage.  Cara slowly lifted her head and blinked in the light.  He could see the strain on her lovely face and doubted that she had slept much that night.  She saw who stood before her and lowered her head again.

The evening before, at his orders, Cara had been dragged to that stall by two of the more experienced and trained slavegirls.  Her arms were already bound behind her back with the hands facing each other, palm to palm, and the elbows tightly lashed together.  She was tossed upon the straw and held there while one of the girls bound her ankles, then her legs above the knees, making both strictures very tight.  Then she was flopped over onto her stomach and a rope passed between her shins and forearms to form a large loop.  That was then passed over a beam and pulled by both slavegirls until the loop shrank, then shrank more to pull Cara’s feet back towards her hands.  And they did not stop when the wrists were pressed hard against the ankles.  They continued until the naked woman was lifted from the straw.  And then, not until she was hanging suspended in midair about five feet off the ground did they tie off the knot and leave.

A few minutes later, Lord Mark came to inspect the punishment, approved of the tightness and security of the restraints, and then left the young woman to a very uncomfortable night.

In the morning, the strain of spending a night in a suspended hogtie was evident upon the face of the girl.  Her body had been cruelly arched backwards in a manner not normal for the human form.  She had fought the ropes the night before, perhaps hoping that she might work free, but more likely simply out of anger and frustration.  She had jerked and set her body swaying back and forth in the small stall until she was banging against the wooden sides, but to no avail.  By the early light she was still hanging there.  And the night had been rather cool, for the coming winter had already laid its hand upon the mountains, especially after the sun descended.

“Did you slept comfortably?” he asked grandly.  “Or did you sleep at all?”  He chuckled to himself.

Cara said nothing.  She had not slept save in a fitful manner when the hours grew late and exhaustion claimed her.

“Not talking, are we?  Well, I suppose there’s an excuse for it this morning.  This is a fine punishment, is it not?”

He laughed a bit but was not joined by the naked woman.  “Well, this morning you are to get the second part of your punishment, the whipping I promised you.”

He took firm hold of the rope and untied the knot holding her suspended.  Slowly he let the rope play out until she was only a foot above the straw, then he let go.  Cara dropped to the ground with a gasp but said nothing.  Slowly her legs began to unfold as the rope released its tight grip.  Lord Mark pulled the suspension rope through her arms and legs, coiled it and hung it on a hook.  Then he rolled her over onto her back and began untying the ropes that bound her legs together.  As he was finishing that up, Cara began crying large, silent tears that told of the pain of returning circulation and awakening nerves.

Mark, being familiar with such scenes, did not try to force her to her feet immediately.  He was certain her legs would not take her weight, plus he enjoyed seeing a girl in pain from returning circulation.  The women of Slandella could take an incredible amount of punishment, but they were human stock and did have a heart and circulation the same as other humans.  It was possible to make their hands or feet turn dark colors and go numb and cold, just as with the women he had known.  And it would take time for them to recover.  He gave her five minutes, and then roughly hauled her up to her feet.  She stood unsteadily but did not fall.

“Come,” was his only command as he turned to go.  He did not look back to see if she was obeying, but he did smile to himself at the thought that she might disobey.  That would earn her extra punishment, and it was looking to be a beautiful day to punish slavegirls.

On unsteady feet, Cara followed her owner and Master of all the lands around.  His destination was a small clearing near the main house, a clearing he had designed as a punishment area.  There were posts set solidly into the ground, horizontal bars and stocks.  And a pillory and an iron cage hanging from a crossbeam between two stout posts.  But the device he wished to use this morning was none of those, just a simple arrangement of four solid wooden stakes driven into the ground.  Each had a hole through it big enough to pass a couple strands of rope, and they were placed in a rectangle just the right size for the tethering of a naked woman in a spread-eagle position.

The sky was turning golden colors that were chasing the stars from view, and in that morning light Cara could see all the punishment devices around her.  Lord Mark set the lantern upon the ground and looked Cara over carefully.  Her youthful, high breasts stuck out proudly, aided by the stricture of her elbows behind her.  Her waist tapered in then flared out quite beautifully.  In the pale yellow from the lantern and coming dawn, he found her a very nice package to look at, and felt desire rising within his loins.  He had not taken this one to bed yet, but the morning air still had a nip to it and screwing her on the bare ground lacked something.  He would withhold that pleasure for a while longer.

When the time was right, he would grant her the extreme pleasure of his sexual attentions, and they would be a marked contrast to the agonies she was enduring as her training continued.

At that point, Athena came up, carrying another lantern, some chains and locks, and a whip that she presented to her Master in a formal manner.  Then, the tall, powerfully built slavegirl, for that is what Athena was, took the chains and laid them upon the ground between two of the stakes.  She easily forced Cara down to her knees then onto her face in the dirt.  Her ankles were encircled by the chains, locked snugly, then spread wide to be locked to the stakes.  Only when her legs were spread wide and secured did Athena remove the ropes from Cara’s arms.  Without pausing, she looped chain around each wrist and locked it to the stakes above her head.  When Athena stood up, Cara was spread wide on the ground and unable to move much more than wiggle her fingers or shake her head.

Those chained hands were still awakening from the harsh treatment of the night and Cara could not hold in a moan as the tingling and pins and needles ravished her hands and forearms.  Lord Mark waited until he felt she was over the worst of that particular pain.  He wished her to feel the full impact of each stroke of the whip without distractions.

The first stroke was unannounced, and brought froth a gasp from the naked woman accompanied by a jerk of her hips, for the stroke had marked her bottom across both cheeks.

This was not a riding crop to redden the cheeks, nor a small leather whip designed to sting but not mark the skin.  This was a heavier braided leather whip with a stiff tip designed to raise welts and leave marks to remind the slave of her punishment for a long time.  And to cause a great deal of pain in doing it.

Lord Mark, with an expertise gained from much practice, shifted his position slightly forward and placed the next stroke precisely in the crease between her left ass cheek and the top of her thigh, allowing the tip of the whip to impact very close to the tender flesh of that area between her legs.  It was a hint that suggested more than her bottom might become the target of that pain-causing leather.

Slowly, working with precision and skill, he covered her bottom with thin lines of red that quickly became swollen and angry.  Then he shifted down to the backs of her thighs, granting each leg its fair share of the pain.  Slowly, steadily, the punishment continued, the marking of a new slavegirl, as is a Master’s right to do.  The sky lightened until the brilliant yellow rays of the sun itself fingered their way through the pine trees to strike the naked and crying woman on the ground.

Thirty numbered the slashes and whipmarks upon that soft flesh, some beginning to overlap so that fresh pain burst upon old and was worse for it.  Lord Mark’s eyes were bright with excitement as he worked over the female flesh held in place by chains.  Cara’s only reactions had been gasps and a jerking of her body.  After the twentieth stroke, her fingers clawed at the earth but she held in any words of pain or pleading.

Lord Mark paused.  To Athena, who had been standing passively by, watching but not reacting, he said, “That, I believe, is thirty.”

“Yes, Master.  Thirty.”

“Good.  That should get her attention.  Now let’s see if we can make her scream.”

By the fortieth cut upon her flesh, Cara was screaming, for some of them were finding that private place between her legs.


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