Slavegirl in Training


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by John Savage

Tanya was a young, innocent virgin. She had no idea what was happening to her when her drunken father sold her to be taken away by the Secret Police and delivered to a wealthy tyrant. She was told of her new role as a sex slave, and her training began immediately. She was kept naked, whipped, bound, tormented and subjected to all manner of humiliation, used and abused for the pleasure and amusement of her owner and all the men who worked for him. It seemed as though her suffering would never end…

Published: 08 / 2009       No. words: 32400


She was marched to a room she had never seen before, a small one with a single bed as its only furnishing. The bed was little more than a mattress set upon wires stretched across a tubular frame. During all the cleaning and eating, her wrists had remained handcuffed behind her, but in that room, the cuffs were removed and replaced with rope. Gunther pulled the mattress from the bed and pushed it aside.

As she had been that morning, her arms were pulled together and tied with the elbows tightly together. Then she was pushed over to the bed and made to lie on her back, her bound arms under her, on the wire webbing. Gunther had a large pile of coiled up ropes lying on the floor and proceeded to use them to secure her to the bed. First he tied rope around her waist and down one side of the bed where it went around a metal brace. Back up and around her waist again, then down the other side. This was repeated half a dozen times until her waist was cinched down and her body pressed harder into the mattress.

The net of thick metal wires that normally held the mattress made a wonderful framework upon which to bind a naked woman. He tied a rope to one of the wires and passed it up and around her neck. It then went down to the other side, and in a manner the same as her waist, he lashed her neck down to the mattress. The ropes were snug around her neck, but would hurt only if she tried to move her head.

Then he looped a rope around each ankle and tied them up to the thick metal tube across the head of the bed. Each leg was alternately pulled until her legs were spread wide, held rigidly straight, and bent back over her body with her feet higher than the level of her head. He tied them down to the frame as tightly as he could pull, making her whine and grunt with the stress on her body. Her hips lifted from the bed as the legs were pulled, but could go only so far with her waist lashed down. The ropes around her tummy cut in worse because of the pull on her legs, but there was nothing she could do about it.

This man kept untying and pulling on the ropes to her ankles until it seemed impossible that her hips could bend any more. So tense was the pressure that Tanya could not even bend her knees. When he finished, her legs were spread wide and almost touching the wire web beneath her on either side of her body. He added some rope around her legs just above the knees and tied them down to the wires.

All during this binding process, Tanya was very much aware how available and vulnerable she was, spread wide open in this position. Her breasts were also available for whatever anyone wanted to do to them. She was, in short, positioned perfectly for sexual use or abuse, and in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

But the securing of Tanya was not finished. Gunther produced a gag unlike anything she had seen before. It was a metal ring with two leather straps. He told her to open her mouth and when she did, he inserted the ring into her mouth, behind the teeth, and turned so that it forced her jaw wide open. When he buckled the strap behind her head, she found herself with a wide open mouth she could not close.

“Well, now, ready for your second punishment?” he asked.



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