The Amazon League



by John Savage

What happens when a group of lesbians with a strong love of the kinky side of life get together? You get the Amazon League. Most are dominant, some switch, and all are kinky to the Nth degree. The meetings abound with ropes, handcuffs, chains, and other restraints applied to shapely, sexy female bodies – all without a man in sight. Soft, rounded bottoms are spanked, thrashed, whipped. Tender breasts are tormented until their owners are sobbing, and then helpless young women suffer degrading but oh-so-exciting sexual acts.
The problem begins when two of them go out hunting. Their prey is not a wild animal and their weapons are not rifles. They prowl the bars and other watering holes, seeking women who can be persuaded to take part in their kinky games. But this time, the prey might just be the hunter in this tale of bondage, sadism, sex and lovely young things suffering.

Published: 11 / 2012          No. words: 35,000EX1t

“We need to get more subs,” Charlotte said after taking a sip of her wine.  “Martina is nice, but we need more.  Don’t you agree, Christine?”

Christine tossed back the remaining scotch in her glass before answering.  “Of course,” was her opinion.  “A lot more.  Tender, soft, young asses for my whip.  Smooth and firm breasts that bounced so nicely when you whip them.”

Charlotte laughed.  Christine took the couple steps to be by her side.  Reaching out, she swatted the bare bottom as Charlotte stood there, hard enough to make a loud slapping sound.


“Are you sub enough?  Want to be the star next week?” Christine asked.

“Hey, you know I’m not a serious sub at all.  That smarted.”

Christine only smiled in a most wicked manner.  She knew that Charlotte protested and made as if she were totally dom, but when gotten alone and being topped by the right person, she could sub with the best of them.

The pale moonlight casting her face into a dark and mysterious mask, her body moving with the grace of a snake, smoothly and almost sinisterly, Christine came up to where Tamara sat on a lounge.

“How about you?” she purred.  “Feel like a little pain?”

“Didn’t you have enough tonight?” Tamara asked.  “But if you’ll come to bed, I’ll show you how submissive my tongue can be.”

Christine laughed, but humor was lacking.  “Maybe…” was all she said.  But the question of what she was referring to, lesbian lovemaking or the delivery of pain, remained open.

Charlotte came up to Christine and knelt before her.  Without the need of talk, her offer was understood.  Christine spread her legs and leaned back against the railing.  Shuffling up on her knees, Charlotte grabbed the naked hips before her, parted the labia with one hand and attacked with her tongue.  She seemed in a hurry to bring about the desired result, discarding gentleness and patience in her frenzied tongue-lashing.

Tamara watched the little moonlit scene, her fingers straying to her own sex and there stroking, not as fast or strong as Charlotte’s, but with the desired results.  She watched as Christine clamped her hands onto her breasts and squeezed them tightly, making them stand out.  In the soft light, she could see the nipples were extremely rigid.

The scene reached its climax as Christine grabbed Charlotte’s head and pulled it hard against her hips.  Unseen, the kneeling girl’s tongue was shoved as far up into the juice-filled vagina as possible.  With skilled timing, she wiggled that tongue just as Christine was bursting into her orgasm.

Soft moans were the only sound on the night air.  Charlotte shifted off her knees and sat there, a delicately carved white statue, waiting for Christine to finish her enjoyment.  As usual, Charlotte was very good at what she did.

On the lounge, Tamara wished Charlotte would do the same for her.  A strong and talented tongue was better than a finger any day.  She considered asking, but decided to let Charlotte rest for the moment.  Before they both returned to their normal lives the next morning, there would be opportunities.

Christine stretched, like a cheetah, her athletic body looking very sleek in the moonlight.  Without a word, she moved into the house in the direction of the bedroom.  Charlotte and Tamara followed.  Soon the three bodies were intertwined on the soft bed and it was a while longer before the night’s activities came to a final close.


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