The Case Of The Kidnapped Countess


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by John Savage

A beautiful Countess is abducted, and Private Detective (or, as he prefers to put it, “Private Dick”) Sled Speed is on the case. Only, this time, he has, reluctantly, a partner. His not-so-little sister, Susie, is determined to become a private investigator, and has decided that big brother would make the perfect teacher – although she seems rather keen to learn other lessons, those involving ropes, handcuffs, chains and extreme bondage from various other men (and women) along the way, much to the consternation of her protective elder brother.

Things get really tacky when the bad guys snatch Susie and begin making demands on Sled. With a couple of not-too-bright henchmen who want to make Susie suffer, a mysterious “Boss” behind the evil, and a convention of BDSM people, you have a typical Sled Speed novel: lots of bondage, torments and action-packed danger.

Published: 4 / 2011          No. words: 37,300EX1t

Susie waited all of five minutes before slipping her card key into the back pocket of her rather tight Capri pants and took off.

Her destination was the conference going on in the large room downstairs. For a straight-laced, farm raised girl, she found some of those displays strangely alluring. All those beautiful and ever so sexy women displaying handcuffs, leather cuffs, ropes and chains were a strange attraction for her. Then she had run into that nice young fellow, Kurt. He took one look at her, smiled so sweetly, and asked if she would like to model for him. It was most interesting for a while. Before being locked up, she had shed most of her clothing, leaving her fine body covered only by a pair of panties. Then she spent a few wonderful minutes as the center of attraction for those men with their cameras. As she posed this way and that, she became more and more aware of just how helpless Kurt had made her. Those multiple sets of handcuffs on her arms and ankles would be totally impossible for her to remove by herself. The chains and locks added an element of immobility to the inescapability. The whole scene was awakening feelings she did not even know she had. Strange feelings.

And then her big brother came along and spoiled everything. Kurt looked so hurt when he was ordered to remove the handcuffs. Sled ordered her to dress and then practically dragged her back to the hotel room.

Well, big brother was off doing some of his private dick things, and little sister was on her own. The conference was still going downstairs but that would be the last night for it. So that made this her last chance to explore some more of the kinky side of life.

As she had made her way through the exhibits, she saw at least a dozen models in some stage of restraint or modeling very erotic fashions. Often both at the same time. One in particular caught her attention. The woman was a little older than she and was dressed in a very revealing thong bikini of purest black satin. She had been bound with white nylon ropes, very tightly, gagged and then stuffed into a small, steel-barred cage. The cage was secured with two large padlocks and the bars looked too thick to be bent by a gorilla, let alone a bound woman. Susie stepped a little closer to more carefully observe the way in which the young woman was bound. Her arms had been bound behind her back, the elbows tightly corded together. Her legs were also bound together, at the ankles and again above the knees. That would have been enough to assure her security, but she had been forced to kneel down in that small cage and then was bent in half so that her chin was down on her knees and her body strained into a ball. The gag was a funny one that Susie had never seen before. There was a piece of rubber four or five inches wide wrapped around her head, covering her from chin to nose. In the middle, where her mouth is, there was a small tube sticking out with a metal screw on it. Her cheeks were puffed out as if her mouth were filled with something.

She did not look very comfortable. In fact, from what Susie could see of her eyes, she was most uncomfortable.

“That’s a inflatable gag,” said a voice behind her. She turned to see an older man with a gray Van Dyke beard and long, silvery-gray hair. “There is a rubber bladder inside her mouth. Like a balloon but much thicker. It was deflated when inserted, but once secured inside her mouth it was pumped up with a hand pump. When the balloon had filled her mouth as much as possible, the valve there was closed and the pump removed from the tube you see sticking out. The balloon inside her mouth quite fills it and pushes her tongue down. Believe me, she cannot speak.”

Behind the older man, she saw Kurt standing there, grinning. “This is the girl I was telling you about,” he told the older man. “Isn’t she something!”

The man looked Susie up and down with an appraising eye, nodded, and agreed, “Yes, quite nice looking.” His eyes never left Susie as he spoke to Kurt. “Would you be interested in modeling some more?” he asked.

“Depends,” she answered.


“How I would be dressed and tied.”

“Dressed?” he smiled. “As little as possible. You have a fine figure; it would be a shame to hide any of it. As to the way of being tied… Well, now, that depends on what you would like to try. Donna here will be in the cage for another half hour, but after that her ‘tour of duty’ is over and the cage will be empty. Matt over there is selling these cages and would like to have a model in it as much as possible. Would you like to try the cage?”

Susie looked back to Donna. The woman had managed to turn her head towards Susie when she heard the discussion. She could not speak, true, but her eyes were shouting to Susie. “This is terrible!” they said. “Don’t let them do this to you!” She shook her damned near immobile body to emphasize her statement.

Susie turned back to the two men standing there. “What is the purpose of binding her and then locking her in a cage?” she asked. “Seems one or the other would suffice to make her helpless.”

Kurt gave her a look that clearly said the answer should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

“It is to emphasize and intensify the helpless feeling she is experiencing,” the other man told her. “By the way, my name is John.” He bowed slightly to her. “As you pointed out, the ropes alone or the cage alone is sufficient to secure her. The effect of combining them is to make a stronger psychological impression on her mind. Also to make a stronger impression in the mind of the viewer.”

Susie turned back to Donna, who was feeling around with her fingers. It was about the only part of her that could move.

“You do get a stronger feeling of helplessness when you look at her, do you not? Stronger than if you were to look at Carman over there.” He pointed to another exhibit. “She is secured, but only a one pair of handcuffs on her wrists and another on her ankles. She cannot free herself from them, yet she presents a totally different sense of helplessness, does she not?”

“Yes, I see what you mean.” Susie frowned for a second, then asked, “Is it possible to make an even stronger impression on a girl than Donna here is going through?”

“Stronger yet?” John asked. “Perhaps. What if we were to take this cage, bound girl and all, and put it into a slightly larger shipping crate made of stout wood with brass corners and hinges and three hasps for padlocks. Then, take that shipping crate and shove it into a closet that it barely fits into. Close and lock the door. Then leave the house, locking all up behind you. Drive away, leaving her like that and totally alone miles from any other habitation. Would that impress you as stronger?”

Susie smiled, but it was a nervous smile. “Yes, sir, that would be even worse for the girl it is happening to.” Then she frowned a little. “But it would not look as good because you couldn’t see anything. Just the house sitting there.”

“Ah, yes, but you would know how helpless she was with multiple restraints. We often use multiple restraints. The bound and then locked in a cage trick is common. So is the bound, chained up, then locked into a crate.”

Susie was watching Donna as she listened. The bound girl was frowning and straining her body against the ropes and steel bars.

“She knows that she cannot free herself,” Kurt said. “But still she tries. It’s sort of a psychological thing. She has to try; her mind makes her.”

“And she will be like this another half hour?” Susie asked.

“And she was like this for the last half hour, before you came,” John told her. “An hour in the cage is enough to earn her a rest.” He smiled at her, in a rather fatherly way. “Can you imagine if she was left like this all night?”

Susie sucked in air. “All night,” she repeated. “That would be… Well…”

“Intense?” suggested John.

“Yes, very intense.”

Susie was unaware that she was licking her lips. Just the tip of her tongue showed.

“Very intense,” she repeated.

Kurt glanced at his wristwatch. “Twenty-two minutes until we let her out,” he stated. It was obviously both a suggestion and a question.

Susie looked at the girl who was the center of a lot of attention. Numerous photographers were snapping her photo from different angles. Others without cameras still stood and watched for a while. Susie even noticed two women in the small crowd, both of whom seemed fascinated with the scene.

“Unless, of course,” John began, “someone wanted to take her place and let her out early.” His voice trailed off in question.

“It would be a kindness to her,” Susie said slowly. “She is suffering.”


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