The Coming Of Brett Bronson


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by Yabba

Whether it’s a young, beautiful employee or an elegant customer at his upmarket department store, Brett Bronson knows exactly what he wants from the women he meets – and most of them seem ready and willing to give it to him.

Thelma Moore, however, is something special. Although a little older than those who usually interest Brett, her obvious submissive tendencies are a perfect match for Brett’s desires. The biggest problem may be all the other women Brett is accustom having, not least Thelma Moore’s daughter. Perhaps there is a solution, and it arrives in the form of Brett’s two nephews, both of whom are not in the least reluctant to assume a dominant role and to entertain the other women, past, present and future in Brett’s life…

Published: 5 / 2012
No. words: 30800


So it was, Thelma Moore and I went out to a local restaurant during that early evening to have dinner together.  Honestly, I felt the lovely lady was already attracted to me.  She seemed very comfortable in my presence, and I was encouraged to proceed with a sly plan developing in my mind.

“I think I’d like to see what that dazzling dress looks like on your very shapely body,” I told Mrs. Moore, “if you feel willing to model it for me.”

“Certainly,” the lovely lady replied with a smile.  “Shall we go back to the store now?”

“Why not come up to my apartment?” I asked.  “It’s very close by, and we can have more privacy there!”

Well, that’s how it all began, I’m delighted to say.  Thelma Moore was enjoying my friendly company and she did not hesitate to accept my offer.  Therefore, a few minutes later, we were up in my apartment and she was trying on the beautiful dress in my bathroom, just so I could see what it looked like on her.

Of course, I had surmised, correctly, that the lovely lady was lonely for attention from a suitable male, and especially for the type of close affection I surmised she must have been getting before her husband’s demise.  Further, I had read about women who suddenly find themselves in such situations.  Many really don’t know how to go about starting new relationships, and they feel rather lost.  They are often leery of making dire mistakes, and perhaps rightly so.  There are plenty of male opportunists out there, simply waiting to take advantage of any unsuspecting female, especially the most desirable ones.  I know that for a certainty, because – I am one of those males!  I freely admit it!

When the lovely lady exited my bathroom, I made a huge show of telling her how simply grand she looked in the dress she had wanted to return to the store, and I knew my flattery easily had the most desirous effect on her.  She simply glowed with exuberance, looking more delighted than I had seen her previously.

“Did you put on the lingerie on under the dress, too?” I asked.

“Yes, I did,” Mrs. Moore assured me.

“Are you going to model the lingerie for me too?” I inquired.  “I’ll bet it looks simply marvelous on you.”

Thelma Moore looked surprised by my comment.  Perhaps shocked would be a better word to describe her reaction, and so I added, “I’d be delighted to help you off with the dress.  Come, do it, now!  I won’t tell anyone.  You know you can trust me!”

As I hoped, my smiling insistence seemed to melt the lovely lady’s initial reserve.  She allowed me to assist in unfastening the small clips and the hidden zipper holding the back of the dress in place.  I REALLY think Thelma Moore was greatly intrigued at this point, wanting to see how far this startling charade would play out.

Well, a few moments later I was gathering the beautiful dress into my hands, and THERE the lovely lady stood before me in nothing more than her bra and a pair of stylish thong panties.  I thought Thelma Moore was truly a sight to see – and I kept the ball rolling – so to speak.

I commented, with a lusty smile, “That lingerie looks so enticing on you!  I’ve often wondered why women completely cover such beautiful sights from view.  I think an appreciative male, like myself, should feel free to admire attractive undergarments, especially while they’re being worn by such a lovely lady.”

Thelma Moore responded with, “Mr. Bronson, I really don’t think this is appropriate talk.  After all, I’m not…”

But I cut her off by tossing the dress on a nearby chair and saying, “Don’t turn away!  Stand perfectly still, exactly where you are, Mrs. Moore.”

The commanding tone of my voice seemed to force the lovely lady to freeze in position, just as I demanded.  That’s when I decided to take complete control of the situation.

With my necktie as a helpful prop, I immediately moved to restrain the lovely lady’s wrists behind her back, and I noticed she offered little resistance.  Thelma Moore’s only comment was, “Mr. Bronson!  What – what do you – think you’re doing?”

“Be still,” I demanded, very softly, “and do exactly as I direct!”

A moment later, I was sitting on the couch in my apartment and I had the near-naked lady down on the floor, kneeling at my feet!

“What – what are you – going to do?” Thelma Moore asked, her sparkling eyes simply ablaze with wonderment.  I could see the lovely lady’s pulse clearly racing on the side of her throat too.  She had a very excited look about her, and I really thought she was greatly intrigued by the unaccustomed mystery I had created between us.

“Didn’t I tell you to remain quiet?” I told her.  “Be advised, I have no intention of hurting you – unless you should be foolish enough to think of disobeying me.  I am your master, and you will do exactly as I tell you.  Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, I – I think so,” the lovely lady softly replied.

My response was, “Good!  Now, I intend to remove this lacy brasserie from your body to put in a shopping bag.  Since you wanted to return it to the store, it’s no longer yours and I have every right to reclaim it.  Isn’t that true?  Tell me!”

Thelma Moore answered, “Well, I – I suppose that’s one way of looking at the issue, Mr. Bronson, but I thought you would allow me to place the bra back in a bag by myself, in order to…”

“Never mind that,” I insisted.  “I just want simple answers to my questions.  No lengthy explanations are necessary.”

By now, I had the bra clasp unfastened, and a moment later I snipped at the shoulder straps with a pair of scissors.  Thus, the stiff, lacy material fell away from the front of Thelma Moore’s body, which, of course, exposed her breasts and luscious-looking nipples to my full, unobstructed view.

To say that the lovely lady’s regal tits were exquisite is putting it mildly.  I was entranced by her singular beauty, but she turned her head away as if embarrassed because I had this unimpeded opportunity to study her fully exposed upper body.

“There’s no need to be shy, my dear,” I told her.  “Indeed, I think you should be exceedingly proud of such loveliness.  Rarely have I seen such perfectly matched beauties!”

When the lovely lady did not immediately respond to my comment, I took hold of both splendid nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, and issued the following command.  “Look at me!  Turn your head this way and look into my eyes!”

I must confess, it took some steady increasing pressure to get the lovely lady to comply with my immediate wish.  But slowly, her very attractive face came into direct line with mine, until we were only a few inches apart.

In that close position, I noticed Thelma Moore’s eyelids appeared half-closed and her mouth was slightly open, as if she was in an undeniable emotional state.  At any rate, her reaction caused me to believe she was enjoying the unexpected flow of events going on between us.

I was certain I had guessed correctly.  I thought Thelma Moore was a female submissive at heart but, as with many women, she needed to be told EXACTLY what to do by a man.  Her recently deceased husband may have made a practice of using her, and the lovely Thelma Moore missed being subjected to such treatment.  Either that, OR this was her very first time receiving direct orders from a male who wanted her to obey each order he gave to her!

With both of her luscious nipples still in the firmness of my grasp, I gave the lovely lady another command to follow.  “Kiss me, now!  Let me feel your lips on mine, and do it as if you really mean it.”

Only a moment later, our moistened mouths had met.  They lingered for a while, and after slowly parting, I said, “You have a delectable mouth, my dear.  Truly!  Yours are the kind of lips that need to be used by a lusting male.  For my part, I’ll see you get plenty of opportunity, as we go along.  Let me feel your lips on mine again, now!  Again!  And, again!  Yes, that’s very nice indeed.”

It was at this point I released Thelma’s tender nipples and stood for a moment to remove my shirt, trousers, and underwear.  Yes, I stripped right there in front of the wide-eyed lady, so she could gaze very closely at the firmness of my eager erection.  It came bounding into view only a few inches from the fascinated expression on her lovely face.

I enjoy being in a position of dominance over any woman, and this was especially true with Mrs. Moore.  The powerful sensation I felt caused my cock to spasm, all by itself, as if in anticipation of the wondrous excitement that was to follow.

Meanwhile, I noticed the lady’s eyes became fixed on my ready symbol of masculinity, as if there was nothing more important to her at that particular moment.  Of course, I liked seeing Mrs. Moore’s unmistakeable reaction, and I was greatly encouraged because of it.  I even grasped the length of my stiff erection to bring it closer to her face, but without saying a word to her.

“It’s – it’s very – large,” I heard Thelma saying, almost to herself.

“I think you’ll find my cock is to your liking,” I said in reply.

After removing my clothes, I had tossed each item on the chair on top of the beautiful dress and her lacy bra, but I noticed Thelma never took her eyes away from my looming erection.  Obviously, the lovely lady realized my anxious cock was to play a major part in her immediate future.  It was to be just as I wanted.

I sat down directly in front of Thelma Moore, and by taking hold of her reddish hair I drew her even closer between my separated thighs.

“There!” I told the lovely lady.  “That’s where your face belong, my dear.  In the future, whenever I wish it, this is where I want you to be.  From this position you can be most accommodating to me!”

I’m sure the lovely lady knew EXACTLY what I was referring to, but I heard her reply, “Mr. Bronson, I – I really – don’t think I can…”

“There won’t be any foolishness this evening, my dear,” I insisted, tugging sharply on her hair.  “We both know what’s expected of you, and I know it’s what you really want.  So, make up your mind that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  Do you understand?”


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