The Fantasy Machine


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by John Savage

Fantasies Incorporated can provide whatever fantasy you desire.  Just select from hundreds of pre-programmed fantasies, lie on a couch while the technicians attach the electrodes to you head, and the fantasy that follows will be indistinguishable from reality.  Everything: sight, hearing, smelling and even tasting, will be exactly the same as reality, and yet your fantasy is perfectly safe, with no after-effects, no damage – however painful the fantasy might have seemed at the time – and no harm caused to anyone.

You could ski down a steep mountain, climb to the highest peaks, walk on Mars, win the lottery… and yet the most popular fantasies sold by Fantasies Inc., are, for some strange reason, the sexual ones.  And, perhaps not so strangely, the most popular of the sexual fantasies are those that cannot so easily be experienced in real life, those that involve pain, extremes of bondage, and every variety of sexual kink that, for one reason or another, might be difficult, embarrassing, potentially illegal, or downright dangerous to do for real.

For Ellen, a newspaper reporter sent to research and write an article about Fantasies Inc., it is a whole new experience, awakening the submissive side of her sexuality that she had hardly realized existed.

But not everyone is happy with this new toy.  There are those believe these sexual fantasies are sinful and should be eliminated at all costs.  In fact, they believe it so strongly that they will go to any lengths to destroy Fantasies Inc., and it is not long before they decide to target the young woman who wrote the newspaper article praising this ‘work of the Devil’…

Published: Aug 2014        No. words: 38,000EX1t

“Have ye nothing to say, wench, before punishment is passed upon you?” he called out with a heavy Irish brogue that told of his native land.

Stiffening even more, she held her chin up and said, “I have done nothing to deserve punishment!”

The Captain and most of the crew laughed at the proclamation.

“Aye, lass, and I’m as innocent as a new born babe!”  The crew laughed louder at that.  “Ye have caused the death of one of our crewmates,” he went on.  “And for that you’ll be punished many times over.  Beginning with this day.  Prepare her!”

She felt hands grab her arms while other took the flap of soiled white linen dress and rip it off her.  The breast that was exposed to the bright sunlight brought a gasp from the men.  It was so perfect, so pleasingly curved and firm as to make a man weep with joy.

She was held firmly while the same hands ripped the rest of the dress from her body, leaving her with only a white pair of pantaloons to cover her modesty.  Her hands twisted against the rope in useless protest against this baring of her flesh.  The firmness of those youthful mounds, the narrow waist and swelling of hips were a treasure to behold.

“Bind her in place,” came the order from above and those hands pushed her a few feet forward until she was standing under a yardarm.  A rope was tied to her wrists and tossed over the beam.  Eager hands pulled on it, lifting her arms up behind her.  At first she leaned forward as her hands rose behind her, but as they elevated more, she found herself beginning to straighten up again.  It was not that she wished to, it was that her arms were pulled so strongly upward that her body was almost lifted from the deck.  She was left standing on tiptoes and moaning under the strain.

But that was not all.  A rope was tied around each ankle and threaded through railings on each side of the ship.  When those were pulled, she felt her feet move farther and farther apart until they lost contact with the wood and her entire weight was taken by her arms, a position that threatened to rip her shoulders from their sockets.  And that hurt most uncomfortably.

Hands she could not see took a grasp on the waistband of her underclothing and, with a sudden jerk, ripped the cloth from her.  Suddenly her most private place was available for all to see.  The golden curls at the junction of the Vee of her legs did little to hide the treasure within, what with her legs spread apart as they were.

She moaned and tried uselessly to pull her legs together.  She heard derisive words called out, describing her sex in the crudest manner and suggesting crude and disgusting things that could and should be done to it.  The least of them was a good, hard fucking.

With her head downturned, she saw mostly weather darkened deck, but then a pair of legs came into view.  A big pair of male legs.  Looking up the legs, passed the loins, and bare belly and barrel-shaped chest, she found herself gazing into a pair of eyes that set a cold shiver down her spine.  The man was huge!  A mass of muscles and fat holding a whip, with the hard, cold eyes of a predator.

“No…” Lori moaned at the sight of that wicked braided leather instrument of pain.  It was long, almost six feet in length, hanging down from his hand to stretch a third of its length out on the deck.  She could not take her eyes off that whip.  Stories of men being cut to ribbons by such a whip flashed through her mind, making her legs grow week and almost making her wet herself in fear.  “No…”

The whispered plea was ignored, if even heard.  The giant walked around and out of her sight, but she knew he was taking a position behind her where he could direct the whip to its target.  Her body tensed for the first blow.  How much would it hurt? she wondered.  And was afraid – very afraid – of the answer.

The shock of the first lash across her bare bottom was like nothing else she had ever felt.  Red hot pain shot into her hips, tearing agonizingly across her nerves.  Her head jerked up and a cry escaped from her lips.

‘No!’ her mind cried out.  ‘This is not what I want!  This is too much pain!’

The burning on her ass had only begun to diminish when the second cut landed over the same area, and the shock sent Lori into spasms of agony. Her whole body tensed and strained against the ropes.  Then she fell back and trembled as she whined, “No, please, no!  Oh, that hurts so much!”

Focused as she was on the horrible pain in her ass, she did not know that the giant had changed positions and was now on the other side of her.  She learned of it when another slash crossed her ass, laying a fresh streak of red across the other two.  This time it was a real scream that leapt from the naked woman’s lips.

Slowly, methodically, he placed another over the trio, forming a grid of swollen ridges, a couple of which oozed blood to creep down her ass.  Obeying the Captain’s orders, he left her rear with only four strokes.  Lacking in numbers, they were, however, quite vicious and would make sitting a painful experience for days to come.

Again, obeying the Captain’s orders, he stood to one side and took aim at those lovely breasts that were so delighting the crew as they bounced with each jerk of her lovely body.  The first cut came as a total surprise to the bound woman.  It was a slash across the tops of both breasts and made her scream again.  “Arrgghhh!” came her cry, a meaningless sound of agony forced out through clenched teeth.  “No!  NO!” followed.

The next stroke was delivered underhand so that it struck the underside of those breasts and made them bounce.

Shifting to the other side, he placed another vivid red mark across the top of both breasts, then another under them.  Lori screamed at first but during the last two only a whine came out.  For a few moments it appeared that she had fainted as she hung limp in her bonds.  At a command from the Captain, a bucket of seawater was tossed over her.  Her head jerked up, possibly because the salt water was none too gentle on the wounds across her breasts and ass.

“Continue,” he decreed and again the whip was used on the helpless and suffering woman.  This cut crossed her hips at just the level of her cunt.  He paused for her body to quiet down, and then delivered another an inch higher than the first.

The man looked up to the poop deck.  A slight nod from Blood told him to continue.

He did.  Four strokes in all, across the front of her thighs, accompanied by sobs and gasps on her part.  Again he looked up and again received a node.  Positioning himself directly in front of her, he swung the whip underhanded and directly up between her legs.  This time the scream was cut short by her losing consciousness.  A woman can take only so much pain.

Another bucket of salt water across the front of her body awoke her.  Lori was gasping for air as she looked upon the whip again.  When she saw him flick the tip a little, a warning no doubt, she began sobbing and crying over and over, “No, no, no, no!”

The stiff leather was extremely cruel to the soft flesh of her Venus Mons.  The end of it stuck against her anus, a surprisingly painful occurrence. Her head was shaking back and forth, making her long golden hair imitate the lashing of the whip.

Unaware that the Captain had come down from his perch and was approaching, Lori continued to sob and shed volumes of tear across her injured breasts and the deck.  She was only vaguely aware when he stood before her, enjoying the injuries inflicted upon that lovely body by his order.  His hand went out and grabbed the patch of golden curls between her legs.  A finger rudely intruded into her sheath, making her grunt and glare at him.

“As I thought, wet!” he called out to the crew.  “The wench is ready!”

Without orders and with much jostling and shoving, the crew formed two lines, one before her and the other behind her.  The Captain smiled and stood aside, waving a hand invitingly to the men in line.

Eagerly the first approached her.  With her hanging with wide spread legs at just the right height, it was easy for the men to drop their pants and guide their rigid rods into her orifices.  The first to enter grunted in delight as he sank his shaft into a warm, wet, and wonderfully tight cunt.  A few moments later, another man did the same from the rear, impaling her asshole with his prick.  Lori moaned, mostly because his body banging against her sore skin hurt.  The prick inside her, in both cavities, actually felt good.  The Captain had been right, she was hot and ready.  The whipping might have been punishment, but it had certainly had a useful effect upon her body.

Both men pounded away at her, jerking her hanging body this way and that within the limits allowed by the ropes.  Both rammed home their prongs with vigor and enthusiasm, accompanied by the catcalls and crude urging of their crewmates.  The one using her rear entrance finished first, depositing his seed within and finally shrinking away to a limp noodle.  His place was quickly taken by the next man in line.  When the one in front had done his thing, another took his place.

All in all, the double ravishing of Lori continued for a long time.  At times it seemed as if the line of crewmen was endless and this ravishment might go on forever.

For her part, Lori was overwhelmed by sensations.  Her shoulders hurt something terribly. Her hands were numb from the ropes, and her ankles were chaffed by the ropes thereon.  The pain from whipmarks all over her body merged in with the feeling of male penises working away in both holes, until she could not tell between them.  It did not take long before her battered and overly stimulated body responded with a massive orgasm that made her tremble all over.  Of course, the stimulation continued and before too long God’s wonderful gift to womankind – the multiple orgasm – came into place and she was off once again to Neverland.  The pain, the sexual heat, and the ecstasy all blended together to overwhelmed the poor woman.  Of course, some might call her “lucky” rather than “poor”, but that depends on your point of view.

From Lori’s point of view, it was an intense and incredible experience.


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