The Ghost Who Loved Ropes


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Marsha Malone and her roommate, Trudy, love ropes and bondage. Mostly, they like to tie up each other and their passions run deep, but neither is averse to having a man tie and abuse them; or another woman. It seems to run in the family for Marsha, because when she is unexpectedly called to the reading of her Aunt Molly’s will, she learns that Molly’s old house has a frightening history of pain and bondage. More extraordinary still is Aunt Molly’s assertion that she has hidden a fortune in diamonds in the house, and the only way that anyone will find them and become the sole beneficiary is with the help of the house’s resident ghost.

Soon, all Aunt Molly’s relatives are searching for the treasure, and, bizarrely, rapidly developing a deep desire for bondage and punishment.

And then people begin to disappear.

** Originally published in paperback c.1995. The eBook edition has been re-edited by Strict Publishing International.

Published: 1 / 2011>        No. words: 59,900


From the suitcase, Judd took a length of rope, uncoiled it, and then looped the end around her wrists. But he had pulled the wrists together with the palms facing each other as he bound them, and she knew what that meant. Very rarely did he tie her hands like that without also pulling her elbows together, a much more uncomfortable way of being bound. Samantha always enjoyed being tied up, and sometimes was in a mood where the extra tightness was very exciting. But that morning she was afraid that she would be spending a very long time in whatever position he tied her, and that could become quite uncomfortable as the hours wore on.

She knew that he would spend a lot of time looking for that treasure.  The farm was not doing so well, and they could use the money. And he seemed angry this morning, apparently because she had talked with those nice girls who had found her in the closet. She was ever so grateful that the black haired one, Marsha, had not said a thing about the way she had found her in the closet. Or the lovely kiss they had shared. A tingle of excitement danced along her spine at the thought about those soft lips upon hers and that woman’s hands touching her body. When Judd touched her, it was nice, but… Well, there was something very different when another woman touched her. Something very exciting.

Judd was pulling her elbows together with a loop of rope around them, then wrapping more very tightly. Samantha wanted to sigh but dared not. If he heard it, the position she was going to be left in might suddenly become much more uncomfortable. Judd was a nice man, and a very strong lover, but he had been brought up believing that a man was always the boss and a woman dare not even hint that he was less than perfect.

After her arms were tightly corded behind her with the cotton clothesline, he began wrapping a new length around her ankles, but only after crossing them. He tied them very tightly, as if he were compelled to assure that his wife would not spend a comfortable minute starting with the first one after he closed the door.

She expected that he would then tie her ankles up to her wrists in a cross-legged hogtie. Then she would spend the day lying flat on the bed, or the floor, her knees spread wide by the way her ankles were tied and pulled right up to her hands. She knew from experience that she would not be able to roll on her side or crawl or do anything but lie there and be uncomfortable.

But he did not tie her ankles to her wrists, and that puzzled Samantha.  Instead, he put one of her leather belts around her waist and buckled it down tightly at the narrowest part of her waist. Then he tied a rope from her ankles up and around the belt in the back. It ran back down to her ankles, around then and back up. Three times the rope made that trip, and then he pulled, slowly but with the considerable strength of his arms. Samantha felt her feet begin pulled up towards her bottom.  Eventually, she could feel her heels touching her bottom. She could easily touch her feet with her fingers. Then the rope was tied off at the belt. She had to wonder about that. He had never bound her in this manner before.

What happened next both thrilled and scared her. He picked her up and lifted her off the bed. Then he set her down on her knees and leaned her against the wall so her breasts and face were pressing against the dirty wallpaper. She had never been tied like this and it made blood rush a little faster. She felt very helpless with the way her legs were spread, a manner that would have left her breasts and pussy very available had she not been up against the wall. If he would only turn her around so that her shoulders rested against the wall and her sexual parts were facing out, towards him…

But he did not. Instead he tied a rope around the ropes on her wrists and opened the closet door next to her. He passed the rope over the clothes pole and left it hanging down. Samantha gulped as he picked her up easily and placed her in the middle of the closet, but still on her knees. While he held her with one hand, the other was pulling the slack out of the rope over the clothes pole. When the rope was taut, he took it with both hands and pulled. Samantha felt herself start to fall forward, and she let loose with a small squeal. But that rope was pulling her arms up behind her and she fell only a handful of inches before she was brought up short. As he pulled, she felt her arms lifting higher and higher. At first she leaned forward, but then her body came back up until she was almost straight. Her arms were pulled very high behind her, and as he tied the rope off at the pole above, she seriously considered tell him how much this was hurting already. But the look in his eyes made her bite her tongue.

Very rarely did Judd gag Samantha. Usually they were alone on their little farm and no one was within shouting distance anyway. But this was different. He took a clean pair of socks from the suitcase, rolled one into a small ball, and shoved it into her mouth. She held the dry cotton material in her mouth while he took a roll of white, shiny tape from the suitcase. Cutting several strips off, he sealed her lips closed over the sock with an X of tape. Then he pulled a nylon and opened the end of it. He slipped it over Samantha’s head, pulled down until most of the nylon was gathered around her neck and the material was stretched tightly around her head. Then he wrapped a great deal of tape around and around her head at the level of her mouth.

She was effectively gagged. With the tape so tightly on, she could not push the sock out. And her tongue was pushed down enough to make speech impossible.

For a while he stood there, looking down at her with a strange glow on his face. Then he shook his head and placed on hand on the door.  Samantha gulped and prayed that he would not close the door. For a second it looked as if he would, but then the door was held half closed.  “You going to keep quiet?” he asked, gruffly. Samantha nodded agreement. “Okay. But if I walk by and hear anything coming out of this room, I’m come in and put a dozen clothespins on your breasts.”

Samantha nodded vigorously. She was used to a single clothespin upon one nipple, or a pair on both nipples. But once he had put a full dozen on her nipples and squeezing the soft flesh of her breasts in a ring around each nipple. It had hurt very much and she had little bruises for a couple days.

Nodding to himself, Judd left the room, carefully closing the door behind him.


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