The Re-making Of Roberta Sherwood


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by Yabba

Dr Jeffery Stewart was well known for his skills as a psychiatrist, and much in demand among the rich and affluent, particularly with the ladies. None of them had any idea that he was not who he pretended to be, and many had succumbed to his desires after he entranced them.

Roberta Sherwood, however, had never felt the need for his services. Rich and beautiful as she was, and always the center of attention at any public event, she preferred the intimate attention of her maid to anything she supposed a man might be able to offer.

But following the loss of both Roberta’s maid and her father in a road accident, Roberta was persuaded otherwise by one of her friends. It was a shock for Roberta to find how easy it was to allow the bogus doctor to encourage her to explore her sexuality for his pleasure – and even more of a shock to find herself bound and restrained for his amusement.

Published: 6 / 2012
No. words: 30500


“I’m willing to lie on your couch, again, Dr. Stewart,” Roberta began, “but I really don’t think you can hypnotize me.  My mind is simply too strong to be affected by any attempted act of mesmerizing.  I’m truly sorry.”

“Well, let me try anyway,” Mario replied.  “Just relax, and I want you to think of absolutely nothing.”

“Very well,” Roberta answered crisply.  “Anything to please you.”

Only two minutes later, Miss Sherwood appeared to be in a genuine, sleep-like state, just as Mario had hoped to induce in her.

“Tell me about your most vital concerns of the moment,” Mario asked.

“My most… vital… concerns?” Roberta asked softly.

“Yes,” Mario replied.  “What seems to be troubling you most?”

“I… greatly miss… having Marie with me,” Miss Sherwood responded.

“Who is Marie?” Mario asked.

“Marie Robinson is – was, my maid,” Roberta answered.

“Why do you miss her?”

“Oh, my!” Miss Sherwood reacted.  “It’s… difficult to explain.  She was so – so wonderful to me”

“Why was she so wonderful?”

“Marie did everything for me,” Roberta replied.

“Tell me what she did,” Mario prodded.

“She loved me.  Marie especially loved – doing me.”

“How did she go about – doing you?” Mario demanded.

“Oh!” Roberta answered.  “Marie kissed me!  She did it so often, and I – I enjoyed it – very much.”

“Where did she kiss you?” Mario asked.

“Where?” Roberta hesitated.  “She did it in my bedroom, usually.”

“Where on your body did she kiss you?”

“Oh!” Miss Sherwood responded.  “Marie kissed me all over.  And she licked me, too, and I – I absolutely loved the way she kept licking and licking!  It was wonderful!  Sometimes…”

“Yes?  What happened sometimes?”

“Sometimes I could hardly stand the… deep pleasure she brought to me,” Roberta answered.  “It was just fabulous.”

“Did you ever orgasm when you were with your maid?”

“Of course!” Miss Sherwood insisted.  “I was able to ‘get off’ every time we were together.  It was so wonderful.”

“How often did it happen?” Mario asked.

“How often?” Robert asked.  “It happened whenever I wanted.  All I had to do was… you know, I’d go about removing my panties and bra and…  Say, you’re… asking a lot of very personal questions.  Can I trust you to keep everything secret from others?  I wouldn’t want anyone to ever know anything about what I’m telling you.”

“I’m here to help you,” Mario replied.

“But just who… who are you?” Roberta asked, with an anxious frown on her lovely face.

“I’m your friend,” Mario answered softly.  “You can tell me anything!  No one will ever know what we discuss here.”

“Are you sure?” Miss Sherwood wanted to know.

“Absolutely!” Mario replied.  “Now, I want you to relax, and go deeper into a sleep state.  You have nothing to fear.  Trust me.”

There was a long period of complete silence in the room, during which Roberta Sherwood appeared to do exactly as she was told by Mario.  The scowl on her pretty face disappeared and she seemed to be more relaxed.  Mario waited patiently before proceeding.

“Do you feel safe with me?”

“Yes,” Roberta answered, more calmly.  “You’re my friend!”

“That’s right,” Mario replied.  “Now, tell me what happened after you removed your bra and panties?”

“My bra and panties?  I – I sat in the chair next to my bed.”

“What did you do next?” Mario asked.

“I – I separated my legs, so Marie could get between them.”

“Marie was kneeling on the floor in front of you?” Mario prodded.

“Yes,” Roberta answered.  “She always did.  I liked having her there.”

“Was Marie naked at the time?”

“No!” Roberta insisted.  “Of course not!  My maid was there to service me.  That’s all.  We both knew what she was to do.”

Mario replied.  “But tell me exactly what Marie did for you.”

“She… she started by kissing me, on my nipples.  Marie loved doing that, and I enjoyed feeling her sucking on them too – very much.”

“How did it make you feel to have Marie sucking on your nipples?” Mario asked.

“Oh!” Roberta Sherwood remarked, grasping both of her breasts in her hands.  “It felt truly sublime – as if Marie really, really wanted me!  No one else EVER made me feel that good.”

“And did Marie also lick your pussy for you?”

“Of course, she did!  She spent a lot of time doing that, and I always enjoyed the feel of her lips and her tongue on me.  It was so wonderful every time!”

“Have you ever been with anyone else, sexually?” Mario asked.

“Anyone else?” Roberta asked.  “No, I don’t – I don’t think so.”

“Aren’t you sure?”

“Well, I guess there were times when I felt I wanted to, but it really didn’t happen.  I think I was afraid of… the consequences.”

“What consequences?” Mario asked.

“Well, you know.  The man or woman I chose might tell others about me, and I knew I didn’t want that to happen.”

“Did you want to be with a man?”

“I thought about it sometimes,” Roberta revealed, “but I think it would have to be with someone who simply overpowered me and made me do what he most wanted.”

“You wanted to be his slave?” Mario asked.

“His slave?” Roberta said, smiling to herself.  “Oooo, that might be loads of fun, but I don’t think I’ve ever met such a man.  No one has ever been able to overpower me, yet.  I wouldn’t let any man do it, unless I thought he was the one for me.”

“All right.  Just relax, Miss Sherwood.” Mario responded, preparing to bring his subject out of her trance.  But first, he planned to give Roberta some post-hypnotic impressions to remember until their next meeting.

“I want you to concentrate on preparing to be with a certain man,” Mario told Miss Sherwood.  “You already know him.  He is your friend.  His name is Dr. Jeffery Stewart.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Roberta replied softly.

“You will find the doctor to be the most fascinating person you ever met,” Mario insisted.  “You will also find yourself thinking of Dr. Stewart and wanting him to tie you up before making love to you.”

“Oh!  Will he… will he really do that?” Roberta asked, placing her hands across her breasts, again.  Mario noted Miss Sherwood’s face also appeared crimson, as if certain taboo thoughts were flashing through her subconscious mind, and she admitted, “Oh, dear, I really think he would!”

“You want him to do it to you, don’t you?” Mario asked.

“Goodness!” Roberta replied, with her hand to her burning cheek.  “Yes, I think I would want him to… do it to me.”

“You want Dr. Stewart to tie you up and ravage you?” Mario prodded.

“Yes,” Roberta replied, “I think I might.”

“You need such treatment to make you happy, don’t you?” Mario asked.

“I’m almost sure I do.”


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