The Revenge Of The Flinker



by Susan Strict

There was a time when every mature female had her own flinker to use and abuse, to feed and protect and, of course, to satisfy her sexual needs however much the flinker might suffer in the process of fulfilling those needs. She would never have even considered sharing him or allowing any other female to touch him, except possibly her own young vixlings as soon as they were of an age when an education in sexual matters started to become desirable.

That was long ago, and as anyone will know who has read Susan Strict’s The Flinker, the first book in this series, that world is now very different. For many years the shortage of flinkers has meant that society has become accustom to sharing those few remaining at public gatherings where each female of an appropriate age (and older) can satisfy her sexual needs on whichever flinker has been called, restrained, and forced to provide his services.

Every flinker is called in turn. Every flinker that is, except one. Almost a recluse, he made his home where he was unlikely to be found. He might have lived there by the edge of the huge inland sea until he died of old age, if a remarkable series of events had not led to that great sea revealing one of its darkest secrets.

Something is stirring deep in the sea. An army is on the move, and the lone flinker is convinced it is an army whose appearance will change the world for the better. He had not realised that the world was already changing. He did not know about Shardine who, readers of The Flinker may be surprised to learn, survived her death sentence and has taken her own path of rebellion against the society that condemned her. He had no idea that the world was already changing and that the sexual needs of the dominant females of the world were changing with it. He was about to find out.

Published: 10 / 2007
No. words: 101,000EX8tExtract one

She tightened the straps, pulling his arms and legs towards the corners of the bed until he was stretched out uncomfortably and completely helpless. She stood staring down at him for some time before she slowly and deliberately started to undress.

To the flinker, it was as if she was taunting him. She took her time, undoing one button or one fastening at a time and then pausing. As each garment came off, she held it out to one side of her before she dropped it on the floor and stopped to look straight at him for a few seconds.

When finally she was completely naked she pressed her body with her hands, moving them slowly over her skin in small circles, concentrating on her breasts, her buttocks, and between her thighs.

“Are you ready for me, Aarthloc?” she asked, startling him by using his name rather than simply calling him `flinker` as she had been doing recently.

He gulped and nodded, unable to take his eyes off her body. She really was the most beautiful matogle he had ever seen, and in so many ways so much more arousing even than Flick`s young, firm and enthusiastic body.

She touched his slambold lightly. “Later,” she said. “I want that later.”

She was astride him, not sitting straight down onto his face with the urgency of matogles at a scortium. She seemed to hover above him, allowing him to look straight up between her smooth thighs. Her hands were flat on her stomach, and ever so slowly one of them crept downwards until two of her fingers touched the place that the flinker knew gave her the most pleasure. For several minutes then she did not move. He watched in silence, waiting for her inevitable descent onto him in the smothering, crushing smunter he knew so well.

Extract two

“We`re short of flinkers,” he said. “There might be thousands down there; maybe even tens of thousands if they have been trapped by the helmwater for centuries. It will solve all the problems if we can release them.”

Marthen shook her head sadly. “You are in fantasy land,” she told him. “I`ll go along with it if there is one chance in a million that my daughter is there and I can have her back. As for finding thousands of flinkers who will all think like you and overturn the Council`s rules and regulations, forget it. It`s not going to happen. You will have to put up with being smuntered by any female who wants to smunter you. That`s the way of life now. Talking of which, I really haven`t finished with you. Time to carry on with it, I think.”

Marthen knelt astride the flinker`s face once more and started to lower herself onto him. This time she did not stop, and her firm flesh engulfed his mouth and nose completely.

“Lick, flinker!” she cried. “Lick, if you want to breathe! It`s about time you were smuntered properly, and if you are still conscious when I`ve finished then I promise you the most intense squinking you have ever had. Lick, flinker! Lick!”

Extract three

As she finished speaking, Flick plunged her face between Shardine’s legs again, pressing her tongue deep into her and licking fast and forcefully. Shardine gasped and shuddered, and as she did Flick moved her lips and tongue a little higher and sucked hard. At the same time she slid two fingers into Shardine as far as she could push them.

The effect was immediate. Shardine’s body convulsed, and any possibility of her remaining quiet disappeared as her climax burst from within her. She shrieked.

Flick did not stop. She sucked and licked, and her fingers worked in and out. Shardine squealed uncontrollably, her body shaking and twisting in spasms, and still Flick continued.

For more than ten minutes Flick’s tongue, lips and fingers worked on Shardine while Shardine was completely helpless to stop her even if she had wanted it to stop. For Shardine it was an experience she could never have imagined, with one surge of ecstasy ripping through her body after another until the rapid peaks of climax merged into one continuous blur of impossible sensuality. It was the screaming, terrifying feeling Shardine had experienced at the special scortium, and yet it was so much more than that and without the brutal thrusting of the dozens of flinkers. As at the scortium, Shardine’s body was screaming for it to stop, but now at the same time her body screamed for it to continue.

When at last Flick did stop, Shardine was wet with perspiration and her breathing was in rapid little gasps that were almost sobs.

“I can’t… don’t… please…” Shardine was hardly able to speak and had no idea what she was trying to say. She wanted to say something.

Flick smiled with pleasure. “I’m glad that worked. I thought it would. I’ve never done it before like that. Now you can please me.”

Without waiting for Shardine’s agreement, Flick jumped on top of her and positioned herself with her knees either side of Shardine’s head.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Let me recover my breath,” Shardine gasped. “I can hardly breathe now.”

Flick shook her head. “No time,” she said firmly. “I need it now.”

She lowered herself onto Shardine’s face, pressing hard on Shardine’s nose and mouth. Shardine spluttered, trying to recover herself enough to give Flick the attention of her lips and tongue on those places that should send Flick into the same ecstasy Shardine had just experienced. It seemed impossible to Shardine as she gasped and trembled from the intensity of her experience that she could possibly succeed in sending someone else into such a state, but she was determined to try.

It took less than three minutes.

Flick started to groan and to shake from almost the moment she touched Shardine`s face. Shardine`s tongue sent her into a series of squirming, quivering, gasping shudders, and as Shardine kept up the pressure with her lips and her tongue, sucking at Flick and moving her head to match Flick`s movements, Flick reached grasmic as rapidly as Shardine had ever known any vixling grasmic while smuntering a flinker at a scortium.

Shardine expected Flick to fall back, exhausted, as her grasmic faded. Instead, Flick settled down solidly on Shardine`s face, her young, firm body forming an airtight seal over Shardine`s mouth and nose. Little quivers of pleasure continued to run through Flick`s body, but apart from that she was completely motionless. She did not seem to realise that Shardine was underneath her and, restrained securely to the bed as Shardine was, no matter what she tried to do Flick took no notice. Slowly but surely, Shardine lapsed into unconsciousness.


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