The Slave Who Sold Herself



by John Savage

Colleen desperately needed money, but she had no chance of finding anything better than a dead-end, low paid job. Perhaps she could make money as a prostitute, much as she detested the idea, but that, too, seemed fraught with problems.

Finally, as the result of a chance meeting with a professional call girl, she was offered employment that seemed to be the solution to all her troubles: a one-year contract paying more than she had ever imagined earning. Of course, it would not be easy. For one year she had to be a slave, and she was left under no illusions about it. Her duties would be sexual, kinky, and often painful. She would be kept as a prisoner, chained, bound and whipped (or worse) when her Master decided she needed punishment.

But she had no idea that the Master’s wife also intended to use her, and she was a real sadist…

Published: 10 / 2013 No. words: 36,600

EX1t“Tell me, how familiar are you with kinky sex?” asked Mistress Diane.

“I am not sure what you mean.  If you mean my having to use my mouth on men…”

The Mistress laughed, but in a polite way.  “Oh, no, dear!  Oral sex is hardly kinky sex.  I’m talking about bondage, sodomy, punishments and such.  Have you ever been tied up?”

“A couple times when I was a child.”

“And did you like it?”

“Sort off.  I was the captive maiden or the prisoner of the pirates.  It was sort of fun.”

“Ever been tied up for sex?”


“Ever been spanked as part of the sex act?”


“Have you ever been whipped?  Or had your breasts tortured?”

Colleen’s eyes opened wide.  “No.  Never.”  The images those questions brought up sent cold shivers down her spine.  “I don’t like pain.”

“That doesn’t mean that you cannot accept it and endure it.”

“I guess not.”  What was she getting into, she asked herself?

For almost a minute Mistress Diane said nothing.  “I will give you a try,” she finally said.  “Come with me.”

Colleen had no choice but to flee or to follow this strange woman into who knew what.  They left the lounge and passed along a short corridor, and then down stairs to what must have been a basement.  There was a large space occupied by boxes of various sizes.  Along one wall were several doors. Mistress Diane flipped a light switch by one door then opened it.  She stood aside for Colleen to enter.

Growing more nervous each moment, Colleen fought down the urge to tell this woman she had changed her mind and wanted to leave.  The only reason she did not was that part of her mind kept reminding her that this – whatever it was – might be the only way she could find the money to save her mother.

The inside of the room was lit by a single light bulb overhead.  The room was square and basically bare.  There were a couple boxes in one corner but no chairs or other furniture.  As she stood there, looking around, Mistress Diane came in.  In her hand was that small transmitter and she was whispering into it.  As Colleen looked around, she noticed there were some steel rings set into one wall at various levels.  The comment about having been tied up for sex came to her mind, along with the thought that those rings would be very useful for places to tie a woman.  Her knees became weak and her stomach tightened up.

“I don’t think I’ll like this,” she began.  “I want to leave.”

“You are free to go if you wish.  There is the door,” Mistress Diane said.  “But think about this: most jobs are not joyful and pleasant.  Do you enjoy serving as a waitress?  Do you enjoy being on your feet all day and putting up with low pay and grumpy customers?

“Further, do you know of any other way that you can make the money you need?  Turning tricks on the street corner will not pay well and is dangerous.

“I can offer you a job where you may well have to put up with some unpleasantness.  Some pain, even.  But you will be paid very well.”

James came in and stood by the Mistress.

“The choice is yours.  I will now ask you to take off your clothes and allow James here to bind your arms behind you.  He will then take some photos of you to show to a couple men I know who might be interested in, shall we say, offering you a job?  Do this willingly or leave.  There is the door.”

Colleen was a turmoil of emotions.  Foremost was fear.  That was the emotional side.  Then there was the tantalizing offer of money.  That was the logical side.  Memories of those tight handcuffs on her wrists came dancing back to her.  And of her lying on the bed, naked, soiled and bound as she watched the man take away the money she had worked hard to earn.

Slowly, her hand went behind her back to unhook the top of the dress.  Once that was completed, it took only a moment to wiggle out of the garment.  She looked to Mistress Diane and received a nod.  Knowing that meant all the clothes, she slid down the panties and removed her shoes.  Standing there, completely naked before two strangers, she had to fight the very strong urge to cover up her sex.

Without being told to, James went to one of the boxes and withdrew a coil of rope.  As he untied the knot and spread out the rope, Colleen could not take her eyes off it.  It was about the same diameter as the white cotton clothesline they had used as kids in their games.  It looked soft in James’ hands.

“Turn your back and put your arms behind you,” Mistress Diane said in a casual voice, not demanding at all.

Colleen, beginning to tremble, obeyed even as part of her begged her to flee.  She felt his hands bringing her wrists together behind her back and the feeling of strength made her shudder.  Then there was the rope touching the skin of her wrists, a not unfamiliar feeling from times long ago, but different because this time she was naked and about to be made helpless by two people she had met only minutes before.  She wanted to say no, but all that came out was a whine.  The rope was tightening down, forcing her wrists tightly together, and more windings of it being applied.  After half a dozen turns of rope, she felt him passing it between her arms and around the first windings.  Three times he did that, then pulled.  Instantly, all the ropes tightened down.  Tight, yes, but not quite as tight as those handcuffs had clamped upon her wrists, and tight in a different way.  The random thought passed through her mind that this was more comfortable than the handcuffs.  That thought was followed by her wondering if they would remove the rope if she were to tell them that she wanted out.

She felt knots tied and his hands leaving hers.  She was about to turn around when suddenly his hands were back, pulling her elbows together this time.  As he held her elbows tightly together with one hand, the other was placing another piece of rope around her arms just above the elbows.  As the rope was pulled tightly, she felt it digging into the flesh of her arm.  Half a dozen turns, just as with the wrists, and then the cinch ropes going between her arms and over the other ropes.  And then the knotting.  When the touch of his strong hands left this time, she felt an almost overwhelming feeling of being helpless.

“What are you thinking right now?” came Mistress Diane’s voice from behind her.

“That I was a fool to come here,” she blurted out before she could think.  “I mean…  Well…  None of the kids ever tied me like this.  I’ve never felt so helpless before!”


“Yes.  Very.”

“But maybe a little exciting?”

The naked woman did not know what to say.  She had to stop and ask herself if it did feel exciting.  Strangely enough, the answer was that it did.  Showing a bravery that surprised even her, she turned around to face them and said, “Yes.  It is exciting.”  Then she backed down a big step to add, “In a way.”

Standing there, her breasts and furry pubic patch on display, the girl was feeling all kinds of emotions.  Foremost was the knowledge that the use of her arms was denied her, along with the accompanying sense of helplessness.  But there were other emotions.  She was very aware of the man standing only a few feet away and who had been touching her bare skin only seconds before.  In fact, this was the man who had made her helpless.  She was certain that she could not work her way out of those ropes, so tightly and skillfully were they applied.

The idea raced through her mind that she had no idea if she would faint from fear or melt in sexual heat if that man were to take her in his arms and…  Well, she was not exactly sure of what he would do, but she was certain that it would be emotional and powerful.

His faint smile as he looked unabashed upon her nudity was arrogant but still sent a thrill down her spine.  He was such a handsome guy!  All else in that windowless basement room disappeared.  There was only her helpless, naked body and this male.  A part of her, a very primitive part, wanted him to take her and use her.  Her body assured her that it would be a very wonderful thing to have his man make love to her – especially while she was tied and helpless!  The more logical part of her brain told the primitive part to shut up and go away.

But it would not.

“James, stop gawking and take the pictures.”

“Yes, Mistress!” he immediately responded.

Colleen had the feeling that these two might be very formal on the surface but that there was more depth to their relationship than that.  From another box, he produced a camera, a large, very professional looking camera, not one of those dinky little digital cameras everyone seemed to like.

As he positioned himself to take photos, Colleen protested, “You didn’t say there was going to be photos taken!”

“I most certainly did.  I have to have something to show your prospective employers, don’t I?  Don’t worry, only a couple men will see them.”

Colleen fought the urge to turn herself away.  She even braced her legs apart to present a full view of her assets.  She was pretty and had a good body, she knew.  At least the boys had told her that and seemed eager to get better views of it.

A dozen photos taken, James stood back and held the camera at the ready.

“The kind of job you are seeking will require you to experience pain,” Mistress Diane told her.  “Often serious pain.  I am going to have James whip you across the bare ass.  Oh, don’t worry, it will be only a single stroke, hardly a whipping at all.  But how you take it will tell a lot about your potential for this job.”

James was putting the camera down on a box and then pulling a short, black leather whip from another.  Colleen grimaced when she saw the black braided leather tapering to a point.  Oh, my gawd! she cried out inside.  That’s a real whip!

“Turn your back and bend over,” came the order, again spoken in a calm voice by Mistress Diane.

Colleen was looking most fearful now, but her mind was racing.  How she reacted to this would determine whether or not she got the job – whatever exactly that was.  Money, she kept reminding herself.  Money.  That operation.  It won’t hurt much.  Like hell it won’t!  Remember the money.

On weak-kneed legs, she turned and bent over slowly.  As she did, it flashed to her that she was exposing very private parts of her body to these two.  But that thought did not hold up to the fear of coming pain.  How much would it hurt?  Better try not to scream, she told herself.  Be brave!

The pain came suddenly and, despite her knowing it was coming, was a surprise.  She yelped as a burning sensation burst into life on her taut bottom.  Involuntarily she jerked and took a step forward as she straightened up.  “Oh…!” she cried out, bravery forgotten.

“Very good, James,” she heard a voice say.  Yeah, she agreed, he did it very good indeed.  That hurt!  It burns!  Did he cut my skin?

Colleen could not hold back the tears that came to her eyes.  She turned to face Mistress Diane with a vicious retort on her lips.  But it did not spring forth.  Instead, she sucked in air and said, “That hurt.”

“It was suppose to.  Does that give you a little idea what a full whipping would be like?  Or should I have James give you more?  He would be most happy to oblige.”

“No, that will not be necessary.  I am sure that a full whipping would be terrible.”

“Yes, it would,” Mistress Diane agreed.  “But, you know, you would survive it.  The pain won’t last forever and it will fade away into only a memory.  You may even come to find a form of pleasure in it.”

“How can a women find pleasure in this?” Colleen protested.  “It hurt very much.”

“You would be surprised, my dear.  Very surprised.”

Turning her attention to James, she told him, “Take a couple more photos.”

“Turn around,” he ordered, the camera already in his hands.

Colleen whimpered, but obeyed without protest.

“Bend over.  Get your hands away from your ass so we can see the mark,” he said.

Wondering what kind of mark was there, she obeyed.  The wild notion flashed through her mind to wonder if they would give her a copy of that photograph.  Or at least let her see it.

There was the flash, then other.  “Stand up and turn around,” he told her.

She did, and he stepped a little closer to her.  “I want to get a photo showing those tears on your face.”

While he took a couple more photos, the Mistress said, “That hurt-little-girl look is charming.  Be sure to get it.  Oh, and a photo of those nipples.  They are standing out so nicely.”

Glancing down, Colleen saw that the older woman was right.  Her nipples were very rigid, as much or more than she ever had them from sex.  What the hell did that mean?

As the camera was being put away, Colleen wondered if this ordeal was finally over.  First had been the humiliation of stripping naked.  Then the helpless feeling as her arms were bound behind her.  Then the pain.  What else did they want?

“I have what I need now to present you.”

“Then we’re done?” Colleen asked as she sniffed.  She wished she had hands to wipe away the tears.

“Yes.  Unless…”

Colleen caught the hint of amusement in the women’s voice.  “Unless what?” she had to ask.

“Unless you would like James to fuck you before you’re untied and allowed to dress.”

It was a shocking suggestion, but what was even more shocking was the fact that Colleen found she seriously considered it.  The idea of that hunk grabbing her body and then…  She swallowed hard.  This was a scene out of some dream.  Or a nightmare, considering the pain still burning on her ass.

“You may take my word on it, he is quite good,” came Mistress Diane’s encouragement.

Confusion was a mild word to describe what was going on in Colleen’s mind.  The intense helpless feeling, the sparkling blue eyes of this man, the way he filled out that suit – even the pain in her bottom – somehow made the idea of letting him have his way with her most attractive.

“I…”  She just did not know what to say.  Never before in her young life had such a battle raged inside her mind.  Never had such strong emotions tugged her in opposite directions.  To admit that she wanted him to screw her would be more embarrassing, not at all the kind of woman she was.  But the physical attraction and urge was also strong.

The end of the battle came suddenly when she remembered that Mistress Diane had told her that her reaction to this ordeal she was being put through would help determine if she got the job – and the money – or not.

Turning to Mistress Diane, she said in a surprisingly meek voice, “Yes, I think that would be nice.  Thank you.”

Then, she turned to James and saw that little, cute smirk on his face, and words failed her.  Suddenly there was simply overwhelming need filling her body, turning it into a blast furnace, melting her capability to reason right away.

“Like I said, he’s very good at this sort of thing,” Mistress Diane said.  “You’ll enjoy it.  Have fun, James.”  Then she was gone.

James did.  Colleen did.

It was an exhausted young woman who was returned to her apartment later that night.  But one who finally understood what real sex can be like, courtesy of a mind-blowing orgasm.


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