The Temple of Vesta



by Susan Strict and John Savage

(Contains both MaleDom and Femdom elements)

Rome in 59BC was not one of the easiest places to live, but few were aware of what was going on at the very highest level. In the Temple of Vesta, the Vestal Virgins were not all so virginal, and the secrets of the House of Vesta were known only to a select few who took their pleasure on the trembling, screaming young priestesses. Nor was that all. Any man who fell foul of the High Priestess might well find himself trapped in that house of women, and be obliged to suffer and to serve their needs and desires forever. In fact, it all worked very smoothly. Until, that is, one of the Vestal Virgins was kidnapped…

Published: 3 / 2010     No. words: 38,950EX1t

Extract 1

Caesar felt himself growing hard. Such a delightful young ass, unmarked as of right now but just asking for a good lashing.

The first stroke took the girl by surprise. She cried out loudly and fell forward, barely missing hitting her head on the stone wall. Her body curled up into a ball on the floor and she whimpered in pain. A very nice red line was forming on one ass cheek. The flesh there was an angry red and beginning to swell up.

“Get back on your feet!” commanded Galeria.

The girl just lay there and sobbed.

Caesar smiled and went to the girl. Gently he helped her to her feet. Then, with gentle hands, he turned her so that her back was again to Galeria. Taking her head in both hands, he pushed it downward. She had no choice but allow him to bend her over. He spread wide the folds of his toga and then his legs. His pushed her head in between his legs, then clamped them down on either side, holding her head firmly between them. He nodded to Galeria that she should continue.

The next stroke was harder than the first and the girl gave forth with a muffled howl and tried to jerk her head back. But Caesar held firm with his legs and she was unable to move. Her legs did a little dance of pain as the fresh welt formed on the other cheek.

The whipping continued. It was slowly paced, carefully applied with enough strength to cause pain but do no serious damage. The welts on her ass would heal in a few days. In the meantime she would find it most uncomfortable to sit.

When a dozen marks covered each cheek, the whipping ceased. The girl was sobbing loudly and twisting her hands against the ropes that held them. She had even tried to kick the man holding her, but he was too experienced to allow that.

Galeria stood upright and offered the whip to Caesar. He would have loved to whip that bottom but at that point his manhood was in full rampant erection and demanding attention.

Extract 2

“How did you enjoy your whipping?” she asked humorlessly, and to his dismay he saw that she had a whip in her hands.

“I hurt,” he told her.

“What a pity,” she said without a trace of sympathy in her voice. “The girls tell me that you found them exciting.”


She laughed, although there was still no humor in it. “There would be something wrong with any man who didn’t find them exciting,” she told him, “But you don’t seem to have the same interest in me.”

Her eyes were fixed on his groin. He was not sure what he should say.

“I… It would be disrespectful,” he said.

“Indeed?” She reached towards him and took his manhood between finger and thumb. She rubbed gently. He felt himself begin to stiffen. She let go immediately.

“Some of the priestesses really don’t like men at all,” she informed him. “If they were given half a chance, you’d lose that.”

“No!” His squeal echoed around the room.

Galeria smiled and reached for his manhood again. “I don’t mind men,” she informed him, “As long as I’m in control of them. Anyway, those who really hate you are in the minority. Personally, I’ve always believed that a fully functional man is far easier to control than one who has lost his urges and the equipment to go with them. After all, torturing your masculinity doesn’t work if you haven’t any masculinity to torture. You won’t be losing this, or these…” she grabbed his testicles and squeezed, making him gasp in pain, “… any time soon, I can promise you that.”

“So,” she continued, “What are we going to do with you?”

Lucius assumed she was not expecting an answer. He lay still, looking up at her in terrified silence.

“I could let the girls play with you,” she mused. “We have a wonderful torture device that would fit nicely around your testicles with a handle to turn and tighten until it’s really very painful indeed. The problem with that, of course, is that we’re back to the other problem: one of them is bound to tighten it too much, and then all your urges will have gone – assuming you don’t die from the pain first, of course.”

As Galeria paused thoughtfully, there was the distinct sound of a girl screaming from some distance away.

“Ah yes,” said Galeria as though the sound had reminded her. “Some of the more inexperienced priestesses need correction from time to time. Would you like to know what we do to them?”

Lucius shook his head. “No,” he muttered.

“The sound you hear,” Galeria told him as though she had not heard him, “Is a whipping being administered. You know all about that, and I’m sure you will experience it again, but my favorite punishment is to lock a chastity belt onto a girl to prevent her touching herself after we have liberally applied an irritant to all her most sensitive parts. We do find we often have to restrain her after a while. Even the mildest girl becomes a wild animal when the itching drives her, but after twenty-four hours it starts to wear off. After that, the mere mention that we might do it again, and she becomes as docile as a lamb. We could do the same to you, I think. It would be interesting to see how you react.”

There was another scream.

“Ah, now that was something quite different. I wonder whether we could devise something similar to that for you as well?”

She looked down at him, considering.

“You know,” she said seriously, “You would make a very good Vestal Virgin. Perhaps, after training, and a suitable restrainer to control those male parts of yours… You would look wonderful in the Robes of the Temple.”

Suddenly, Lucius saw a ray of hope. “I’ll do anything you want,” he said seriously. “Anything. Just tell me what you need me to do.”


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