A Game For Bobby – Round Two



by Stella Fyre

Bobby suffered pain and humiliation at the hands of three Mistresses before finally being accepted as suitable to become their permanent slave. His relationship with Mistress Andrea developed far beyond the norm for a Mistress and her slave, and all three Mistresses began to trust and rely on Bobby’s abilities and judgment.

However, life was not simple. Firstly, they needed to deal with the young thugs who had attacked and injured Bobby and were now in the Mistresses’ dungeon after trying to break into the house. Secondly, there were other Mistresses whose treatment of slaves was far from being as mild as Andrea and her sisters, and Bobby was going to find that his experiences would become far from pleasant – particularly when Andrea began to have doubts as to whether she was being harsh enough in their relationship.

Published: 7 / 2010
No. words: 45400
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Sex Slavery / Training, Sado-Masochism (SM)


Bobby heard the bathroom door open, and he watched Mistress Andrea walk out naked. His eyes followed her as she walked around the bed, and then he looked her straight in the eye as she stepped closer.

“Sit up in the bed, Bobby” she told him, and as he did so, she pulled open a drawer in the bedside cabinet. When he next dared to look at her, she had a short leather strap in her hands. There was a buckle at one end with cuffs attached to the same end. He watched as she put the cold leather strap around his neck and buckled it secure. As she did so, her body was close and her perfume was sending his senses wild. Nothing was said as she took each of his hands and lifted them up, clipping a cuff around each wrist and then clipped that to the back of the collar. It seemed as if she had hypnotised him, and she now gently pushed him flat on the bed. Standing up again, Andrea stepped around to the end of the bed and pointed to the centre of the bed without saying a word. Bobby side-shuffled across the bed to where she was pointing. From the corner of the bed, Mistress Andrea picked up a one-inch soft cord, and then moving his ankle over to the same corner, she pulled the cord around the ankle twice and tied it off. The same procedure was used on the other ankle, rendering him secure and under her control. It was then that he noticed that her hair was in a bun at the back of her head.

Mistress Andrea moved to the side of the bed and knelt on the floor. She leaned over him and took one of his nipples in her teeth, and gently tugged. Her hand was slowly and softly moving over his torso, and Bobby found the feeling of this light touch ecstatic. As Mistress Andrea kissed his chest, he could feel the heat from her breath. Her hand was caressing the flesh around his pubic area but avoiding touching his manhood. She was teasing his body, and he was moving it uncontrollably and tugging at his bonds as his body was tormented by her light touch. Then, without warning, Mistress Andrea grabbed hold of his penis. It was though an electric shock ran through his body, and his head was swirling as he tried to focus on what was happening. His penis was like a hard shaft of steel, and then, as fast as the hand secured a hold, it let go, leaving him wanting. Her eyes looked up into his as she continued to kiss the flesh on his chest, and he could see laughter in them. Her hand had now moved down to his inner thigh, still working its magic as again her lips were kissing his belly. While one hand worked on his inner thigh, her other hand moved and was now near his penis. He could feel her fingers ploughing their path over his most sensitive area. Once more, her hand grasped his manhood, but this time she slowly started to masturbate him, making him feel light-headed as he longed for the relief that he craved. He tried to lift his hips to speed up the process so that he could end his torment, but she stopped the movement by letting her hand rise with his body. She was looking at him and smiling, knowing that there was no way that Bobby was going to get relief without first satisfying her needs. Bobby knew why she was doing the things and what her game was. The gentle strokes on his penis would now and again stop, and he would wriggle his hips begging for more. Andrea looked up to his face and saw that his eyes were closed as his hips rose up and fell, begging for sweet relief. She was now kissing the flesh just above his manhood and her breath was like a naked flame on his skin. Her cheek brushed his penis, sending his senses wild once more. Her head lifted away from his body, and then fell, only to enclose his penis with her hot mouth and the new sensation took his breath. Her head started to bob up and down in slow, methodical movements with her soft lips sliding up and down the whole length of his flesh. He tried lifting his hips, only to find his Mistress stopped to prevent him speeding up the action and finding the satisfaction he desired. Then, without warning, her mouth lifted off his manhood and her light body slipped over his. She slid up so that their faces met. He opened his eyes and she gently kissed him on the lips, but as he lifted his head trying to steal more of her love, she raised her head away from him, smiling at his agony. His manhood was now pressing at the entrance to her sex, and he tried lifting his body to gain entrance but found his restraints were holding him back. Andrea knew this, and had now manoeuvred her body so that her sex was just brushing the tip of his penis. She moved her body from side to side, exasperating him still further. Now and again she could feel him prodding at her entrance, and it made her smile because it was not quite enough to satisfy his lust. She kissed the sides of his face, and she could see his wrists gently straining against the bonds that held them. He wanted to touch her, enclose her in his arms and pull her beautiful, light, slim body close to his. She lifted from him abruptly, and then she turned around so that her thighs were either side of his head, gently lowering her sex down to his mouth. Bobby knew what was expected of him and his tongue darted out to taste her sweetness. He lifted his head, and with his tongue at full length and his neck straining, he tried to penetrate deep into her body. He kissed, sucked and licked as his Mistress gyrated her sex over his face, and all the time she was kissing and licking his manhood. Her juices ran over his face as she climaxed, but his Mistress was still not satisfied. She wanted more, and he in turn wanted to give her what she wanted. His tongue at no time stopped darting in and out of her sex and it was as if he could not get enough of the taste of her. Once more her fluids flowed and it drained all the strength from her body. For a moment, she stopped moving and lifted from his face, and turning around again she lowered her sex onto his manhood, watching his eyes close in ecstasy. Her body slowly rose and fell, and Bobby lifted his head so that his mouth could tease the nipples hanging over his face. She lowered her torso so that he could pay proper homage to her breasts. When Bobby lifted his hips to meet her movements, his Mistress rose with him, still denying him relief. She could see the agonizing look in his face, and smiled a wicked smile at him.


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