A Time In Hell



by Stella Fyre

Danny is falsely accused of burning down a warehouse belonging to his employer, and someone has deposited a large sum of money in his bank account, making it look as though he was paid to do it. Instead of calling the police and suffering the adverse publicity, the chairwoman of the corporation sentences him to a month of extreme BDSM punishment at her isolated home, and Danny’s wife is to play an active role in punishing him.

Published: 9 / 2010
No. words: 33000
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Strong BDSM Content, Sado-Masochism (SM) EX8t

Her words and the way she had spoken them had placed fear into his very soul. In her voice was the sound of cruelty, and it was even more menacing than her appearance. “Strip all of your clothes off,” she said, “I want to see you as naked as the day you were born.”

Danny had expected this order at some time, but he had not expected it to come so soon. Over the last eight hours he had been reading BDSM books to try to gain some insight into what might happen to him. Some of what he had read about Femdom had put real fear into him, but the overriding theme that was in all that he had read was that if you did what you were told without questioning it, then punishments were rare. Without thinking about it, he stripped off all of his clothes and stood completely naked in front of the two women completely naked.

The Mistress gave a little smirk and stood up. She walked forward until she was in front of him, and Danny cringed inwardly when he noticed the riding crop swinging from her hand. He dared not look directly at it, because he had also learned in the books that he should not avert his eyes. She stepped right up to within a couple of inches of his face and stared him in the eyes, and he held his breath in case it smelled and offended her.

There was still the smirk on her face as she moved to his side. With the end of the riding crop, she lifted his manhood. This was unexpected, and Danny’s manhood began to rise although he did not realise it until the Mistress pulled away and struck his penis with the crop. It stung like hell, and Danny gave a cough and almost doubled up, holding his manhood.

“Stand up straight, you bitch. I never told you to move. Put your hands back at your sides.”

There were tears in Danny’s eyes as he straightened his back once more, his hands held firmly at his sides. His manhood was now flaccid and motionless, but the tingling was still there. He looked across at Tina and thought he caught her laughing, although her expression turned serious the moment she saw him glance in her direction. Surely, Danny thought, she would not find it amusing to see him in pain? The Mistress was now behind him and he felt her breath on his neck, and then there was a sharp slap on his ass. He was not expecting it, and he nearly fell over in shock. However, he managed to keep his balance, but when he looked at Tina once more there was no mistaking the smile on her face. He was now feeling even more intimidated and more alone than he was when he first entered the house.

The Mistress was moving in front of him once more. “You are a miserable thing, aren’t you? Now you are here under my control, I am sure you will be a better person when you leave.”

She turned and shouted, “Jack!” and a young man about the same age as Danny entered the room, but he was fully dressed.

“Yes, Mistress? How might I assist you?”

“Put the collar and cuffs on this filth and take him down to a cell. I will see to him later.”

The young man slipped a metal collar around Danny’s neck and then lifted his hands one at a time, locking his wrists into the cuffs that were attached. Danny was roughly turned around and pulled from the room, and then he was led down some steps into the basement. There was a small room sticking out of one of the walls, and Danny was pushed through the door where he was then chained to a wall. The chain was only long enough to allow him to sit down on a metal bed, which had no mattress and only a thick blanket over the springs. When the young man left, Danny was feeling very much alone, and he had a big knot of fear and despair in his stomach.

Up the stairs, the Mistress had turned on the TV and with the remote she had turned it over to the CCTV channel. She and Tina were watching Danny down in the cell, and the Mistress looked around at Tina’s smiling face and said, “I am going to have so much fun with your husband, and I will be starting right after we have had our evening meal.”


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