A Woman Scorned



by Stella Fyre

Dean had an affair with a woman at work, and now she’s pregnant. Not surprisingly, Dean’s wife is furious. Jill is determined to have revenge for his infidelity, and when Dean comes home very inebriated one night, she dresses him in her underwear, handcuffs him to the bed and takes photographs of him. She threatens to make the photos public unless he complies with her demands and accepts her punishments. To his horror, she decides that he must be caned and must dress in women’s clothes when he is not at work, and must wear a locked restrainer at all times. When his business changes and he has to work from home, he finds himself permanently dressed as Jill’s maid and her bizarre treatment of him becomes increasingly extreme.

Dean accepts Jill’s punishments, which he sees as preferable to divorce and the risk of losing his job and all his friends if the photos are distributed, but when Jill begins to involve her friends in his torment and insists that he submit to bisexuality, Dean begins to wonder how much longer he can tolerate her sadistic treatment.

Published: 3 / 2012
No. words: 34400
Keywords: femdom domina dominatrix forced crossdressing feminization bisexual forced bisexual bondage caning enforced chastity male chastity restrainer humiliation public humiliationEX8t

Dean was spread-eagled on the bed, face down.  There were pillows under his waist, raising his hips and buttocks.  His wrists and ankles were held to the four corners of the bed by metal handcuffs.  There was a ball gag in his mouth.

“Do you know how you are dressed?  I can see by your look that you don’t.  You needn’t worry, because I will show you.  I took photos of you last night when I dressed you for bed.  My, you were drunk.  Did you know that you tried to sleep on the stairs?  But I took pity on you, as I always do, and I helped you to bed.  Do you want to see how you look?”  Jill walked over to the dresser and took some cards from the top, and then she stepped back beside the bed.  “Look at these photos, Dean.  I’ll bet your mates at work would love to see these.  What do you think?  Whoops, sorry, I forgot you cannot speak with that gag in your mouth.”

She passed the photos in front of his eyes and she saw the despair and resignation appear.  “They are good, aren’t they?  Of course, this is not all of them.  I took many, many more, and I’ve downloaded them to the computer.  If I don’t put in a code every few hours, they will automatically be sent to your friends at work.  I learnt how to do that in a book of computers that someone gave me.  Oh, I remember now: it was you.  I wonder how your darts friends will take it when they see you dressed as you are.  Those frilly knickers, the suspender belt, and those sexy black stockings… my, you do look good.  If I remember correctly, what you said last night sounded something like a threat.  I think it was something about John giving his wife a good hiding now and again, and you were going to go down that route.  I don’t think so, you big headed toss-pot.  It is you that is going to get a hiding, and it will be me that is going down that road, and then you will do whatever I tell you to do.

“Anyway, that’s enough of that, so let’s talk about you.  To do this, I am going to remove your gag, so please be quiet or I will put it back in and you will not like what I am prepared to do to you.”  Jill took the ball gag out, and straight away he started to shout abuse at her.  She picked up a peg and applied it to his nose, cutting off his air supply.  Automatically, his mouth opened, and she put the ball gag in once more.

“Now that was very silly, Dean, because now I will have to punish you for being a bad boy.”  She took the peg off his nose and walked back to the wall behind him and out of sight.  A few seconds later she was standing at his side once more, looking down at him.  She could see the fear in his eyes.  He was looking from her face to the thin cane in her right hand.  “I know what you are thinking, Dean.  You are saying to yourself, ‘She is not going to hit me with that.  She is just trying to frighten me.’  Well, unlucky, as you would be wrong on both counts.  I am going to hit you with it.  However, I have decided that as it is your first time I will only strike that tight little bum of yours three times.  After that, it will be up to you whether you receive any more or not.  No matter what happens, I am in no doubt that you will be getting corporal punishment many more times, but it will just be to keep you in check.  After I have administered your punishment, I will take the gag out and then I will talk to you.  You will listen, like your whole life depends on it.  I don’t want to hear your voice, as it will put me off what I am saying to you and you will receive three more strokes.  Sobs I will accept, because I know you are a wimp.  Now brace yourself, for I am about to start beating those buttocks of yours.”

She lifted the cane above her head and watched him close his eyes.  She smiled at the thought of him being under her power.  Then she brought her arm down hard.


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