A Woman Scorned Book Two



by Stella Fyre

Dean is now a permanent resident at Mistress Erica’s BDSM establishment, having left his wife Jill following her sadistic and humiliating treatment of him after his affair. While still submissive and respectful to the Mistress, Dean has recovered from Jill’s abuses and from the medication that was destroying his masculinity. He now has his own slaves to serve him, and is regularly called on to administer punishment to young women visiting Mistress Erica.

Dean is determined to seek revenge for everything Jill did to him and, with Mistress Erica’s approval, he devises a plan to lure Jill and the others that abused him to the house where they will suffer as he suffered – or worse.

Published: 4 / 2012
No. words: 30500
Keywords: femdom domina dominatrix forced crossdressing feminization bisexual forced bisexual bondage caning enforced chastity male chastity restrainer humiliation public humiliationEX8t

Dean stood up and Dana did too.  He waited for her to step away from the table and then told her to follow him.

Moments later, they were both in the basement and Dana looked around at the array of instruments.  Once again she started to tremble, and Dean said, “Come over to the centre of the room so that you can be seen.”  The basement was huge, and he could see her questioning look.  “The basement goes out further than the walls of the house,” he told her.  “Now stop there, turn to your right, and face your jury.”  She turned the way Dean had told her, but all she could see in front of her was darkness.  The lights came on and she saw three men; two were completely naked and the third was dressed in women lingerie as Dean had been made to do.  There were also several girls, and some of those too were completely naked while others wore just thongs and had a collar around their necks.

“Good morning, slaves.”

They all spoke at the same time: “Good morning, Master.”

“Right, now here is my new slave for the next few days, and with your help she has to be punished.  She has been a really bad girl.  She humiliated one of the Master’s friends, and in front of others, and so what do you think I ought to do?  You, slave,” and he pointed at one of the girls, “Tell me.”

“She should herself be humiliated, Master, also in front of others, so that she can feel the same shame.”

“There you have it then.  You will have to be humiliated in front of an audience.

“Her second charge is that at one stage of his humiliation she tormented my friend’s mind.  He was tethered like an animal and she smacked his naked buttocks.  You tell me: how should she be punished?”

This time it was the man who was wearing the woman’s lingerie who spoke.  “She should have her naked buttocks smacked, Master, but as it is punishment and not just retribution, then she should receive double.”

“Point taken, slave, and duly noted.  She will indeed receive double.”

“Her third and last charge is that she made my friend strip and then subjected his body to inspection as if he were an animal.”  Pointing at another girl, he shouted, “What is her punishment?”

“To be stripped, and offered to the jury for minute inspection, Master.”

“So that is what will happen,” and he looked at Dana, asking, “Do you wish to appeal against sentence?  If the result goes against you, then you will receive an extra day’s punishment.  To appeal or not to appeal, what is your answer?”

Dana thought quickly about he predicament.  She knew she was guilty, and if she denied it they were sure to be able to prove it.  “I accept their decision,” she answered.

“Then without further ado, I want you, Dana, to strip.  Take off all your clothes and stand in front of us as naked as nature intended.”

Dana looked at the slaves, all of them looking back at her.  She could see their nakedness.  Reluctantly, she unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor.  All she had on now was just a bra and a matching set of briefs.  Putting her hands behind her back, she unclipped the bra and let that follow the dress.  She was now nervous.  She had never stripped openly, even in front of Joe.  The silence in the room was deafening, and with trembling hands she slipped her thumbs into the top of her briefs and pushed down.  At her knees, she let them fall and stepped out of them.  Her final gesture before she stood up straight was to kick off her slip-on shoes.  She then stood up, completely naked, and she looked at her accuser and the jury.  It was pointless to try to cover her private parts, so she let her hands fall by her sides.

“Put your hands on your head, slave.”

Dana did as Dean instructed; and then he added, “Open your legs slightly and stand still.”  Dean looked at her from top to bottom starting at her face.  She had no makeup on, but she really had no need for it.  Her breasts did not sag, even though they were a double-d size, but were firm and had large nipples that being slightly aroused now stood out proud.  Her belly was firm and although she had given birth to a baby there were no signs of stretch marks.  Her pubic area was covered with a thick mat of black hair in stark contrast to the whiteness of her skin.  Her slender legs were still well proportioned; she had, as Dean already knew, a beautiful body.  “Now, slaves, you have two minutes to go and examine my new slave’s body.  You look as closely as you like, and you may touch her intimately if you wish, to see if she could be improved in any way.”

Dana noted that the other slaves did not rush.  They stood up in an orderly fashion and walked over to where she was stood.  As they came towards her she started to shake, expecting to be pawed and mauled by them, but instead of the slaves being rough there were touches of tenderness.  Their hands felt her, searching and prodding her all over.  There was no part that went un-scrutinised.  Suddenly, as if they had been given an order, although the Master had said nothing, they all trooped back to where they had been sitting.

“Right, slave,” he pointed to another of the girls, “What have you observed?”

“She has too much unhealthy hair under the arms and between her legs, Master.”

“What do you suggest, slave?”

“That it should be removed before she is punished, Master,” the girl replied.

“Then while I have tea up stairs, and before Mistress Erica comes to take charge of her slaves, you will prepare her for shaving.  You,” he pointed to the man dressed in the lingerie.  “You are a hairdresser, and you will prepare the equipment and stand at her side until I return.”

“Yes, Master.”

Dean walked away, and left the slaves to their task.  Upstairs in the lounge, Dean sat down once more at the breakfast table and told Mistress Erica that Dana was being prepared for shaving.

“How is she taking it, Dean?”

“Rather well, and much better than I expected.  She is a very intelligent woman and she realises what she needs to do to avoid this being worse for her than it needs to be.  I don’t foresee any problems with Dana, and that is why I have given her the easy option.  The other two will not be getting the same treatment, but I will try to be fair with them.  They will know humility, and respect by the time I have finished.  By the way, your slaves have arrived and are waiting in the basement.  I took the liberty of using the hairdresser, Mistress Erica.  I am sorry if I have offended you by doing such a thing without your permission.”


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