Beatrice – My Husband, My Plaything



by Stella Fyre

There is something missing in David and Beatrice’s marriage, and Beatrice finds out by chance about David’s secret desires when she sees a kinky website he visited and then explores those he has previously been visiting.

Startled, but not shocked, Beatrice decides to help satisfy David’s deepest, darkest, submissive desires. She takes lessons from a professional dominatrix, and sets up their cellar as a fully equipped dungeon. Much to her surprise, she quickly finds out that dominating David, restraining him, causing him pain and torment, is a real turn-on for her. Soon, her desires to dominate are as powerful as his to be dominated, and every piece of kinky equipment, every devious, tormenting gadget she has seen on the websites he visited will be used on him in every way imaginable.

Will the reality of David’s fantasies be too much for him? Of course, he can always say no. Probably…

Published: 2/ 2015
No. words: 31,400EX8tShe walked confidently to his side and looked down at him, smiling.     She could see he was trying to look around the room, but she knew that he was restrained on the table in a way that, with the light above him, he would be unable to see anything.

Her hand slipped down to his ankle, and slowly, very slowly, she slid it up his smooth legs, stopping at his groin. She ran her fingers around his sack and manhood, noting – as she already knew – that he was virtually hairless both on his legs and pubic area.     He responded immediately to her touch, his manhood standing up fully erect in an instant. Beatrice took hold of it, and she smiled again as she felt how hard it was.

She looked at his erection as if seeing it for the first time.     It was not as small as she had thought and as David seemed to think. It was at least average size, and thicker than many of those she had seen.

She looked up and saw that his face was flushed, but she was unsure whether it was shame or embarrassment causing it. She was, however, now certain that her hard work over the last eight months preparing for this moment was worth doing.

David had felt her hand on his leg as she slid it up to his groin.     Although she had touched him many times in similar ways, it created sensations that he had never felt before.     There was something about what she was doing and the way she was doing it that made the moment very intimate, yet he could not work out what made the touch of her hand so electrifying.

As her hand touched his groin area, her long fingers stroking the soft flesh around his manhood, he was suddenly aware that his groin was devoid of hair and that his legs too had no hair on them at all.     He knew that he had never been particularly hairy, but now there was none at all and he felt deep embarrassment.     He reacted immediately, his manhood rising to point towards the ceiling like a flagpole and his face flushing with shame.     He then felt her long fingers curl about his manhood and give it a tight squeeze, but within a moment she let go and as she trailed her hand away he felt her long fingernails bite into his throbbing manhood.

She let go, and moved along the table raking her fingernails over his belly.     This made him catch his breath and try to suck his stomach in to get away from the torment. At the bottom of his ribs she flattened out her hand once more.     She saw him relax his body and gave a satisfied smile.

Her hand moved up his chest, reaching his nipples and taking hold of one of them.     For a man, he had particularly prominent nipples and she was able to hold it between finger and thumb with ease.     He had a gold ring attached to each nipple, and as she tugged slightly on each one, she saw the grimace on David’s face.

David could feel his heart beating through the veins of his manhood when Beatrice held it tightly.     When she let go he felt relief, but only for a moment until he felt the discomfort as her fingers pressed his manhood to his belly and raked its length with her fingernails.     It was pain, but at the same time it was exciting and arousing.     He loved the feelings it gave him.

As her fingers let go of his penis, her fingers dug into his belly.     He knew she was not simply being spiteful, but he could not understand why she was doing this.     Did she know his deepest fantasies?     And if she did know, then how did she know?     Automatically he sucked his belly in to keep it away from her tormenting fingers, but her fingers followed the movement of his flesh, giving him no relief.

Beatrice flattened her hand out once more and he relaxed his body.     As her finger and thumb squeezed his nipple, he realised he had something attached to the nipple, something that had not been there before he passed out the previous day.

Beatrice was now looking into his eyes again, and the wicked smile was still on her face.     She reached out with her hand and pressed one finger just above his eye, moving it back and forth and then sliding the flat of her hand over the top of his head. For a moment, he could not understand what she was doing and why it felt so strange when she touched him like that.     It was a few moments before he realised that he was completely bald, totally devoid of any hair on his head or anywhere else.     Even his eyebrows had been shaved off, and as he realised it his heart began to beat faster.

For the first time since she came into the room, Beatrice spoke to him.     “Hello, David. As you know by now, you are in a position of safety.     You need not worry about a thing because there is nothing you can do about it, so I can now tell you what will be happening to you.     First, you will be flogged on all those most tender parts of your body.” She saw his eyes dart downward, and then back to look her in the face.

“Yes, even that soft, dangly bit between your legs. You will have that part of your body worked on quite often.     I think it is referred to as CBT, which stands for ‘cock and ball torture’ but it’s not really ‘torture’, is it?     Still, I like the sound of that phrase, don’t you?     It has a nice ring to it: cock and ball torture.

“I have been working very hard these last eight months to get your new home ready.     There are so many things I have in store for you, and we will have so many games to play. I am going to embarrass you, humiliate you, break your heart, but I will always look after you and love you.     You have given me my freedom to do as I wish, David, and that is very special.”

She watched his reaction, wondering if she would see fear, at least at first.     Certainly there had been fear earlier, but now he relaxed as though what she had said had given him welcome relief from his fears.

“Yes,” she said, “I know all about your fantasies and dreams.     I found out about them by accident one day when I went to your computer to read my e-mails, because my laptop was away being fixed.     You had been looking at a very interesting website, and when I turned on the computer it came up.     I admit I was curious, and it was then that I wanted to see what else you had been looking at.     Honestly, David, I would have never thought of looking through your private stuff, but this was too interesting to ignore.     I checked your favourites and history.”

His face was now as red as a beetroot and she knew that he was really ashamed.

“I can see that you are embarrassed at being found out, David, but the embarrassment you feel now is nothing compared to the embarrassment and humiliation you will feel from now on. You see, David, I know that it’s what you want.     I’ve seen your fantasies, and I’ve explored them.     I know all about them.”

Beatrice could see that the shame of having his secrets discovered had not only embarrassed him but to such an extent that his manhood had become flaccid.     She decided to test the waters further, and to explore some details of his fantasies and see how he reacted.

“I did think it unusual for someone only married for a year to be looking at a site about cheating wives,” she said. “Do you have fantasies of me cheating on you?     Would you like me to go with another man, with or without your permission, to find satisfaction?”

She looked at his manhood, and saw that it resembled a flagpole again.

“I see that the idea of me being unfaithful is getting you excited.     Is that just a fantasy, a dream, or perhaps just wishful thinking? Still, you keep those thoughts in your head, and at some time in the future we might talk about this some more.

“I had better bring you up to speed with what has been going on in my life.     As you know, I have been going away every weekend and some evenings on a course. It was not to do with my day job though.     I had to seek professional advice and training, as I have no intention of hurting you or giving you more than you need.     I went to see a disciplinarian and a Mistress of the whip.     She also instructed me in the art of CBT, along with all other forms of discipline. I am going to take you on a journey through all the aspects of BDSM and female domination. Together, we are going to explore everything there is to know about pain and pleasure, but I have to say that only you will be feeling the pain.     I, on the other hand, will be getting immense pleasure at watching you receive your pain.

“Now, I think it is time for me to let you see more of the room you are in, because after today you will be spending a lot of time here.”     Beatrice walked out of sight.     She threw two levers that lifted the bed from his waist up.     She then went to strap that held him tightly around his forehead and unfastened it.

“You may if you wish move your head to take a look about you.”

David’s neck felt stiff from being held in one position for so long, but he moved his head slowly and felt the tightness easing. He first looked at the walls, which were now painted a strange dark orange. There were small lamps with candle bulbs that were not yet switched on, but it was the equipment between the lamps that caught his eye.     There were coiled whips, short whips, and whips that he had seen on old horse carriages, with a long handle and a short length of leather strip at the end. There were floggers and canes, with handcuffs and restraints by the dozen.

Beatrice stepped from behind him and walked past, stopping when she reached the end of the bed.     David could now see the way she was dressed, looking like one of the dominatrixes he had seen in the pictures on the Internet.     The tight, shiny, one-piece outfit she was wearing was provocative to the extreme. The lower part, between her legs, was missing, and her sex was on show.     There were two holes in the front that allowed her firm breasts to poke through. The whole of the garment was stretched tight, hugging her like a second skin.

Beatrice could see where he was looking and allowed him a little time before she said anything else.     She turned and walked to the wall, examining the instruments she had collected. Lifting her arm, she withdrew a cane from the quiver that held many of them.     She turned to face David with the cane pointed out in front of her. “Look at this cane, David. While with my teacher, Mistress Fagan, I used this on the buttocks of some of her pain slaves. Having so much power in my hands when the cane touched their flesh made me feel drunk.     Over the eight months that she taught me, I learned how to control my sadistic tendencies.”

Beatrice swished the cane a few times, letting David hear it cut through the air.     “Yes, that’s right, David, not only did I go to all this trouble to give you what you seek and desire, but I also found that I was getting a buzz out of inflicting the pain that others wanted.     So I suppose I am the side effect to the cure you have been craving.”

She placed the cane on David’s belly, and the adrenalin rushed through his body.     He was asking himself whether he really wanted this kind of treatment, and could he refuse it?     Beatrice tapped the cane gently on his belly, looking at his erect manhood. She smiled at him, and his face reddened again when he realised what she was looking at.

“There is no shame in feeling the way you do, David. You have a need, and yes, it is a perverted need.     By joining you in that need, by taking the time and trouble to satisfy it, I have turned into a pervert too, because now my need is to provide you with the pain you desire.”

Beatrice turned back to the wall and replaced the cane. She took a ball from where it hung on a hook and turned to face him, still smiling as she stepped closer to him.

“This is a four ounce weight.     Around the base of your sack I placed a ring and fastened it in place with a crimping instrument.     It will not damage you or cut you, but it cannot be removed without the instrument that crimped it together.     It is there so that I can hook these balls onto your sack to test your endurance.”

She rested the ball on his belly but held it steady with her hand so that it did not roll off.     Her other hand had gone down to his manhood and took hold of his sack. Then, as she closed her thumb and finger about the top and pulled gently, she said. “It will feel something like this. When you are accustomed to it, I will add further weights.     Won’t that be nice?”

She lifted the lead weight off his belly and hung it back on its hook, and then she turned and smiled at him wickedly before once again going to the wall where she removed a short whip from a rack. She turned to face him again, moving to the side of the table where he lay restrained. She reached out with her left hand and took hold of his rigid manhood.

“Wow.     Now, I am wondering if that thing between your legs is rigid with fear of what is to come, or is it like that in anticipation of something you have always wanted?”

She cracked the whip loudly, and watched his body tense. At the same time as she cracked the whip she squeezed his penis, and now there was no doubt that he was highly aroused.

She let go, and wrapped the thin end of the leather whip about his manhood, pulling it tight.     She could see how heavily he was breathing now, and she felt his penis throbbing. Letting go, she placed the whip back where it came from.

“The whip is a tool that I will use when you think you can handle more pain.     I have no need to hurt you or to give you more pain than you can handle. I know that in time you will learn to love the relief at the end of the whipping session, but still you will always be in fear of it.”

She turned and stepped back to the wall, but this time she picked up something from the table.     When she came close to him again, he could see the leather flogger in her hand.

“Prepare yourself for a little pain, just to put you in the right frame of mind to experience my other tools of pain.”

The flogger struck him on the inside of his thigh, but it was not as painful as he thought it was going to be. After that, there were many more strikes on his body, some of them in the groin area. Beatrice decided that he was handling it quite well, and after a while she stopped and put the flogger back on the table.

Flogging him had turned her on, as she was sure it would, and she gazed down at his erect penis again.     She undid the buckle on the gag and removed it from his mouth, at the same time saying, “Don’t speak or I will replace the gag and it will stay there for the remainder of the day.     From now on, you may only talk when I say you may talk, and I will specify how long you have permission to talk.     Otherwise, you will answer my direct questions and nothing else.     You will at all times refer to me as ‘Mistress’, because from now on I will be your Mistress – and that means that I tell you what to do, I make all the decisions, and you obey.”

David realised that he was in no position to argue with her and closed his mouth.     In any case, although he was not at all sure about any of this, he was also not sure that he wanted to argue.     She pressed a lever on the floor and the table slowly lowered to about eighteen inches from the ground.

Beatrice walked up to where his head was and straddled the table, moving her sex closer to his face.     Since they had been married, he had never given her oral sex, but now she slowly descended towards his face.     He stared up at her, knowing what she wanted but hardly believing it. She shouted at him, “Lick me, you bitch! Stick your tongue in and make me come!”

As she felt his tongue, she realised that not only had she worked David almost to a climax but also she was not very far away from one.     It happened in less than a minute, and she held her position on him for s short while afterwards before she stood up, feeling a little unsteady.

She stepped back over the table and put her foot on another lever, watching the table rise up to where it had been before.

“I see that your penis is still erect. Does this mean you want to get relief?”

David’s frustration was obvious and becoming painful. He answered “Yes, Mistress.”

Beatrice gave him a twisted smile.


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