Boys Need A Spanking



by Susan Strict

It started as a bit of fun when jokingly she ordered him to kiss her feet. Somehow it turned into much more, and he never really knew how it had happened.

Before he knew it, he was tied to her bed and she was on top of him, but why did he keep going back for more?

As if that wasn’t enough, the appearance of her sadistic friend was more than enough to make his life a living hell, and still he found himself unable to stay away.

This short novel is packed with sensual and sexual action, with the women firmly in control and taking him in directions he never believed he would want to go. Although the central theme of the woman’s desire to satisfy her lusts and urges on a helpless man runs throughout the story, there is more than a hint of woman-on-woman action when her friend’s bisexual tendencies start to surface.

Published: 1 / 2006
No. words: 27300


In a single, fluid motion she was on her feet, standing over him. All at once she was no longer the weak, trembling creature who lay and waited for him to kiss her.

“Take your shirt off,” she ordered him fiercely. “Lie on the bed.”


“Just do it. Or I’ll get the whip out.”

“Do you really have a whip?” he asked as he slowly obeyed, fascinated.

“You want to find out?”

He did not reply. He was suddenly very unsure. True, it was an exciting thought to have a woman wielding a whip and ordering him around. In fact, it was the exact theme of many of his fantasies, but now he found himself in almost precisely that position he was far less certain it was what he wanted at all.

The moment he was on her bed she leapt on him. She knelt, knees astride his chest, and looked down at him.

“I’m not sure…” he started to say.

She slapped him on the cheek, not too hard but more than enough to sting.

“Ow! That hurt!”

“It’ll hurt a lot more if you don’t behave yourself. I’m going to tie you to the bed to make sure you do behave.”

Without changing her position on top of him, she leaned across and reached into a drawer by the bed. She pulled out two lengths of silken cord and knotted them tightly around each of his wrists.

“Hey,” he complained. She had already tied the other ends of the cord to the top corners of the bed before he said another word.

“Now you don’t have a choice,” she told him.


The noise that came from her was somewhere between a moan of frustration and a growl. She lifted herself and came down firmly onto his face, his nose pressed right into her. Her firm flesh formed an airtight seal over him as her muscles squeezed.

He was unprepared for this sudden movement. At once his started to struggle to breathe. She merely pressed down harder to keep his head in one place, and pressed her fingers down between her legs. She touched and rubbed herself, concentrating on the sensations she created with her fingertips and the feel of his nose and face under and into her. At the same time, the little movement he was able to make as he sought to find air gave her the added stimulation she craved.

It took her only a minute or two before her body was quivering and shaking. To him, it felt as though it were hours. She moaned incessantly, shuddering with pleasure even as his struggles grew first desperate and then weaker, and finally he once again lay motionless. Still she did not leave him, a deep irresistible stirring rising inside her and insistently demanding to be fully satisfied.

A low scream broke from her lips, rising in pitch to a shriek as she toppled backwards and lay as motionless as he was. Her eyes were closed. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, gradually slowing.


“How long has he been like that?” Sharon asked.

Paula shrugged. “A few hours,” she replied. “He was naughty. So I decided to keep him there for a while.”

“HEY!” He shouted angrily. “LET ME GO!”

Neither of them showed the slightest sign of having heard him. Sharon walked towards him, studying him with interest. She was older than Paula, and not so tall nor with such an attractive figure. Some people might have called her dumpy, although he had always quite liked the broad, rounded curves of her body that somehow did not quite fit with her sharp, hard features. She wore a plain, white blouse buttoned at the front, with a knee-length black skirt, and dark brown boots. There was something decidedly exciting about her, yet at the same time something a little frightening.

“Look,” said Paula as Sharon approached him.

“What?” asked Sharon, turning round.

“I think he likes you.” Paula pointed.

To his embarrassment he realised where she was pointing. Left on his own for all that time and steadily becoming more and more uncomfortable, his earlier arousal had completely left him. Now, it had returned.

“Dirty little beast,” said Sharon. “He thinks he’s going to get another shag.”

“He hasn’t had one yet,” Paula told her.

Sharon looked surprised. “Didn’t you?” she asked. “I thought that would be the first thing you did. You’re always complaining you’re not getting it, and he seems well capable!” She slapped his hardness, almost playfully.


“You really can’t have pleasure without pain,” Sharon told him firmly, pumping him up and down with one hand and clawing at the end of his hardness with the fingernails of her other hand. “That would be too easy. You need to learn to enjoy both.”

He squirmed frantically on the bed, the cords cutting into his skin painfully as he strained against them.

Sharon stopped again. His breathing came fast and deep.

“Would you like me to kiss it?” Sharon had an evil glint in her eyes, but he did not see it.

He was panting. The pain and frustration was beginning to confuse him. He really did not know what he wanted.

“Yes. Anything. I need to…”

He did not finish the sentence. Sharon had bent forward and closed her lips around his hardness.

“Aaaah”, he moaned.

“Sharon!” Paula’s voice cut through the room.

“What?” Sharon sat up and looked round.

“Don’t do that. It’s disgusting.”

“No it’s not. You made him kiss you down there, didn’t you?”

“That’s different.”

“It’s not different at all. Anyway, I know what I’m doing. Come closer and watch this.”

Paula did not move from the doorway, and was not able to see exactly what Sharon did next. He was not able to see it either. His eyes were closed as Sharon’s lips brushed his hardness and continued down to the base of it, taking him deep into her mouth.

He moaned with pleasure. A second later his moan turned to a shriek of pain. Sharon had bitten hard at the base of his hardness, and very slowly she was dragging her head upward, at first biting hard enough to pull his whole body up away from the bed, and then letting his weight slowly pull him down through her gripping, biting teeth.

“Look at those marks on him,” she said in satisfaction to Paula. “I bet you’ve never done anything like that.”


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