Brook’s Revenge



by Stella Fyre

Phil’s wife wanted revenge for his affair. She did not want to leave him, but something had to be done to change his attitude. With a little advice from one of her friends, Brook decided that Phil was to become her slave. She dressed him in a maid’s uniform and locked a chastity device on him, and then humiliated him in front of her friends. As if that was not enough, she told him that she would be taking a lover and that Phil would have to watch while her new man made love to her.

For Phil, life was becoming worse and worse…

Published: 6 / 2011
No. words: 30700
Keywords: femdom cross dressing forced cross dressing male chastity female domination bondage slaveboyEX8t

Brook knocked at the door of Samantha’s house. The door opened and a woman came to the door and let her in. “I will take you to the Mistress if you will follow me, Ma’am,” and she walked towards the lounge doors. Brook followed her into the lounge, and then the woman left, closing the door behind her.

“Hello, Brook,” Samantha greeted her, and walked over and kissed Brook on the cheek. “Sit down. Tell me all about it again, and then I’ll tell you how to turn your problems to your advantage.”

Brook sat down and went through everything that had happened, most of which she had already told Samantha in their telephone conversations. Half way through the story the maid came in, bringing tea and biscuits on a trolley. As soon as she left, Brook finished the story. “To be quite honest, that bastard has put me out of my depth, but at least he felt my wrath when he called me names last night. I nearly knocked his head off with that slap around the face! I noticed this morning when he left for the board meeting the hand print had gone, but the redness was still there.”

Brook sipped her tea. “How long have you had a maid, Samantha? Have you won the lottery?”

“Good lord, no. I have had a maid since I got married, but I had not realised until six months ago.”

“What are you talking about, Samantha? You have never had a maid.”

“I have, because I married one. The maid you saw is Tom!” Samantha laughed as Brook sat with her mouth open in amazement. Still looking at Brook, Samantha picked up a little bell from the coffee table and rang it.

A few moments later the door opened and the maid came in. “Yes, Mistress? What can I do for you?”

“For a start, Doris, you can tell Brook who you really are.”

They saw the maid’s face flush, and then she blurted out, “I am Tom, the Mistress’s husband.”

“Now tell my friend why you are dressed like you are, bitch?”

In a far quieter voice, Tom added, “I was caught playing about with another woman,” then as an afterthought, he blurted out, “But I was not having sex with her.”

“I never asked you for your life story, bitch. Now get back to the kitchen, and the bedrooms had better be spotless.”

They watched Tom walk out the room, and Samantha turned to Brook, smiling. “Well, what do you think of my servant?”

With a smile on her face too, Brook started to speak, “How the hell did you get him to do this, and why is he doing it? He must feel as humiliated as hell! He looked so bloody real; I never realised it was him when I came in.”

“Like you, Brook, I caught him playing around, but I do know that he never went to bed with her. He never had the chance, but it was on his agenda because I spoke to the girl a few days after I blackmailed Tom into doing my bidding. I had daddy’s investigation service follow him and her for a few days, and as soon as I had enough evidence to be absolutely certain about it, I confronted him with it. I made a deal with him. I told him that if he did everything I demanded for six months, it would not be shown to the solicitors and used in a divorce. Our prenuptial agreement stated that I was entitled to half his estate on divorce. At the time, he had no money and he thought it a joke. However, he had an Aunt who died and left him a couple of million, so now he is looking after his interests.”

“How long has he been doing this, Sam?”

Sam screwed up her face, thinking, and answered, “About ten months,” and she laughed. “I took some compromising pictures of him in lingerie and threatened to make them public. Well, he has got a lot of high profile friends that would drop him and the business he owns if they knew about it. They certainly wouldn’t want to be involved in business with someone who is a cross dresser or transvestite. You are the only one that knows of our agreement, but I think I have already put ideas in your head, haven’t I?”

“Is he dressed like that all the time, Sam?”

“No, I made him do that for your benefit. He is dressed normally most of the time and does all my errands for me, but, to be safe, I always give him a time limit to complete them, and failure to get back in time results in punishment. Drink your coffee, Brook, and then I will take you on a tour of the house.”

They chatted for an hour, and then Samantha stood up. “Come with me, Brook, and I will show you the playroom.”

Samantha led the way out of the lounge, and as they entered the kitchen there was Tom, still dressed as a maid, at the sink peeling potatoes. “When you have finished peeling those, collect the coffee tray from the lounge,” Samantha ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

There was a beaming smile on Samantha’s face as she looked at Brook, saying, “She has been such a good girl today that I might reward her by fucking her ass well tonight.” Then, turning to Tom at the sink, she added, “You will like that, won’t you, Doris?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Brook opened her mouth as if to say something, but closed it as Samantha opened a door and disappeared through it. She followed her friend down some steps to the basement below. There were only dim wall lights that gave a meagre light to the room, making it feel creepy. Samantha flicked a switch and ceiling lights came on, showing that the room was as clean as the lounge they had just vacated. Brook looked around at all the equipment in the room. There were handcuffs attached to chains hanging from the ceiling, floggers and canes on tables and other items she did not recognise and could only guess at their purpose.

“Awesome, isn’t it, Brook? I have used everything on him, including the canes.”


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