Hairy Peter And The Prisoner In Tasha’s Barn



By Susan Strict

An erotic parody of the adventures and misadventures of witches and wizards, whose libidos and abilities are so very much more powerful than those of mere non-magical men and women.

At Fessewarts University for Witches and Wizards they study to graduate in all forms of magic and learn to take their place in wizarding society, and that place, for a wizard, is almost invariably under a witch, when he’s not suffering pain and torment for her amusement.

This term starts badly for Peter. Rescued by Herniame from the unwanted attention of the huge Lotta Bottomley towards the end of the spring vacation, he first finds himself a not entirely unwilling prisoner as she and Wong Wei, the sadistic oriental lesbian, experiment to find new ways of tormenting and humiliating a wizard

. Meanwhile, Hecate’s incredible powers are worrying the Ministry and she has been incarcerated in London. Peter, Herniame and their friends must rescue her, of course, but are they being followed? When Don disappears, it may be that the new student, Myra, has kidnapped him and imprisoned him at her home in the mountains where Myra’s mother and her six sisters will undoubtedly find plenty of ways to make his life extremely unpleasant. He, too, must be rescued, but that is far from simple.

To complicate Peter’s life still further, he seems to have attracted the attention of the Russian Professor Joostvin and her daughter, both capable witches and both rather larger, more solid and more athletic than the average British witch. At the same time, Nymphomona is as keen as ever to occupy as much of Peter’s time as possible in new and exhausting activities, and that’s quite without whatever he might find he is obliged to do to satisfy Sherina and her twin sisters Freda and Samantha.

Perhaps it is as well that wizards have over-active libidos, but Peter’s may well be stretched past breaking point, along with various parts of his anatomy…

Published: 11 / 2012
No. words: 97500
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Classed as: Consensual – Fem Dom – F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fantasy


“Put your clothes on,” the professor instructed Peter, “And return to your seat.”

Professor Twist waited until Peter was seated again. “Our society,” she began, “Has its basis in long and honoured traditions. As most of you will be aware, we differ from non-magical people not simply by our magical abilities. Those are of little importance, and will vary from witch to witch and from wizard to wizard. We are different because almost without exception our desire and our capacity for physical gratification is many, many times more powerful than those others who are neither witches nor wizards and, more importantly, we are not vanilla.

What does this mean?     Some of you will be asking that question, although I can see from your faces that many of you are already beginning to understand.     It means that being vanilla is not and can never be enough.     If we allow ourselves to slip into the lazy, comfortable ways of those who will never be able to call themselves witches and wizards, then our society will simply cease to exist.     We will be no different from the others and with that, no doubt, our magical powers will also disappear.     They are inextricably linked.     They are at the root of the elemental forces on which this castle, Fessewarts Castle, was built by the Mistress of Mooning.     She understood them and used them.     She controlled them, and if it were not for her unfortunate excesses that wiped out so very many young wizards, there would have been no need to overthrow her rule at Fessewarts.

Be that as it may, the basis of our society is clear. It is based on dominance, on pain, on control, on bondage and on everything that goes with and comes from such worthy principles.     Above all, it is based on physical extremes, and never, never on the mediocrity of vanilla sex and vanilla relationships.     Within all of this, of course, we have the one principle that the dominance and the control in these matters should be, almost exclusive, female. Do not misunderstand this. We are not a matriarchal society. We do not believe that everything is decided and ruled by women.     Our First Minister is a man.     The Chancellor of this University is a man.     Nearly all of the phylaxes who keep our society safe from those who might destroy it through malice and from those who would destroy it because they do not understand it, are male.     There are many, many areas of our society where males have taken their place alongside and, indeed, in charge of women.     This is right and proper.     The one area where women must remain completely in control is in physical relationships. Our place is on top, and always will be.     To allow anything less is a betrayal of our society, as is any physical act between two or more people that does not take whatever is possible to its furthest limits and beyond.     We should, we must, strive for the perfection of control, of pain, of the extreme. The very pillars of our society are built on such actions, and once they are weakened by descent into the vanilla then they will crumble and fall, taking us down with them into the abyss of the feeble, the weak and the insignificant world from which we true witches and wizards have risen.”

Professor Twist stopped speaking. She was panting and shaking with emotion…


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