by Susan Strict

A collection of Femdom short stories for Halloween, by Susan Strict.

Ghosts of voluptuous and middle-aged women who demand oral worship. Sex-crazed Valkyries. Wood-nymphs with whips determined to punish any man who becomes aroused at their irresistible sexuality. What really goes on in Paradise, and in Hell. Female vampires who don’t suck blood, but something else…

Goddesses with an agenda of their own, determined to spread female dominance throughout the world. An inflatable sex doll that comes to life, with an insatiable sexual appetite and kinky desires of her own. Witches, so many witches with so many different desires, kinks, fetishes and, above all, a deep desire to dominate mortal males. Sex toys with minds and desires of their own.

All this, and more, is in this collection. It’s enough to scare the pants off you…

Published: 10 / 2009
No. words: 31000
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Bondage/BDSM Anthologies


“Trick or treat!” they said, and stood back, giggling.
He gazed at them. “You’re too old to be doing trick or treat,” he told
“We’re not. We’re little witches,” they protested. “Don’t you like our
They pirouetted in front of the doorway, showing off their
fishnet-stockinged legs, the very short skirts that completely failed to
hide the tops of the stockings, the suspender or more than about half an
inch of their thighs, and their low-cut black, shiny tops that exposed
most of the flesh of their substantial cleavages.
“Very nice,” he admitted, without sounding particular happy about it.
“But all three of you are still far too old for trick or treat.”
“Just give us a treat,” said one, sidling up to him and bending forward
to expose even more flesh.
He sighed. “All right. Wait a minute.”
The large box of sweets he kept to give to all the children who knocked
on his door on Halloween was on the sideboard in the living room. He
went to fetch it.
With the box in his hand, he had just turned back to the front door. Two
of the young women were right in front of him, and the third was just
closing the door.
“What do you think you’re doing? Here, have a sweet and get on your
The first witch peered into the box. “Not much I like in there,” she
said. “Would you like to see some real magic?”
“Not particularly,” he muttered.
She ignored his comment. “I can make things larger,” she declared. “I
just put my hand on your trousers, like this, and…”
“See? It worked straight away. Now, give us a treat!”
“He doesn’t seem very enthusiastic,” said the second witch. “I think he
needs a lesson in how to treat witches properly.”
“Look,” he said, trying very hard to remain calm, “You’re very beautiful
girls. Would you like a drink or something?”
They shook their heads. “We can get our own drinks, thank you,” they
chorused. “We’re witches tonight, and we want a mortal man to play
“We should have brought the broomsticks,” said the third witch. “He
needs a good beating.”
“Off with his clothes?” asked the second witch.
“I think so,” agreed the first.
For some reason, he did not resist them too vigorously as they removed
his clothes. In no more than two minutes, he was completely naked and on
his back on the floor. The first witch grasped his erection in her hand
while the second witch pressed her lips against his and pushed her
tongue into his mouth.
“Magic,” said the third witch. “I knew it would be.” She sat down
heavily on his chest. “What shall we do next?”
“Show him your knickers,” suggested the second witch, withdrawing her
tongue from his mouth and turning her head to look at the third witch.
“I think he can see them.” She raised the front of her skimpy skirt and
looked down.
“Show him closer.”
“Oh. Like this?” She slid forward, and pressed the front of her crotch
against his face.
The second witch nodded.
“I think he likes that,” said the first witch, her hand still wrapped
around his erection. “He keeps twitching.”
“I like it,” said the third witch. “I don’t really care whether he likes
“You’re a slut,” the first witch told her. “You like anything, as long
as there’s some part of a man at the end of it.”
“Not at all,” said the third witch indignantly. “I like the way my
panties try to bury his face. It’s like they’re eating him up. That’s
why I wore the soft, silky ones.”
“He’s still twitching,” the first witch announced.
“Perhaps he thinks you’re going to rape him,” suggested the second
witch. “Are you?”
“Maybe,” replied the first witch thoughtfully. “Do you think I should?”


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