Her Prisoner: A Twist Of Sadism



by Susan Strict

It all started for Mike as a mildly kinky game with his friend Jenny. It took him completely by surprise to find that her sexual tastes were far more extreme than he could possibly have imagined, but even then he had no idea just what was happening.

As Jenny departed for a week and her friend Eileen was left in charge of their prisoner, he was subjected to humiliation and sexual torment he would never have believed possible. Eileen`s devious ingenuity meant that there was no chance of escape for him even when she left him alone.

The unexpected arrival of Eileen`s mother produced yet another twist, and a quite different problem for the unfortunate Mike…

`Her Prisoner – A Twist of Sadism` is the first in a series of novels by Susan Strict, following Mike`s enslavement and sexual torment at the hands of powerful, sadistic women.

Published: 07 / 2007
No. words: 33500


After losing her grip on the bed frame and sitting down heavily on his face, she stayed there for a moment meaning only to recover herself before clambering to her feet. Somehow, that did not quite happen.

As his face was pressed deeply into her, she felt a warmth and a tingling she had not known for many years. It took her by surprise, although she had not pretended to herself when she first saw Mike naked, aroused and helpless that she did not find the sight of him both interesting and desirable. In fact, although seeing a naked man was far from new to her, to have one tied to a bed and completely helpless held a fascination much deeper than she would ever have imagined until she had seen Mike there.

She moved her legs apart slightly and bent her knees, kneeling up for a moment before settling back comfortably onto his face with a little sigh. She reached behind her to undo her bra and fling it away from her. Her large breasts, released from their prison, sprang forward and downward. She cupped them in her hands thoughtfully, content that even at her age they still kept some of their former shape and firmness.

As Mike opened his eyes he could see nothing but a mountain of flesh over him. Her face was somewhere far above him obscured by the bulge of her stomach, although he could just see part of her breasts jutting out like partially deflated basketballs. Her weight was solidly on the lower part of his face, preventing him from breathing and feeling as though at any moment he would be crushed under the huge bulk above him.

He tried to tell her she was suffocating him, but no sound came out. As he opened his mouth it was filled with her bulging flesh that seemed to have a life of its own and a determination to mould itself to the contours of his face. Even his nostrils felt invaded by her, and a steady trickle of moisture ran over him and into him.

She moved, just a fraction, but it was enough for him to suck in the mouthful of the air his lungs were demanding, and then she settled down on him again. His nose was now engulfed and pressed deeply into the wetness inside her, his nostrils forced shut by a hot, sticky, squeezing fleshiness.

Through the thickness of her flesh he felt her trembling, a slight rippling of muscles that reverberated from deep within her. There was a rhythmical pressing on his face, and a squeezing on his nose that became painful as the force inside her took control and even through so much flesh he felt her solid bones against the bone of his nose. Her thighs gripped his head on either side, threatening to crush it as the trembling rhythm turned to a shuddering and then a pounding of her body on his face and her thighs on either side of his head. At least her movements now allowed him to snatch breaths of air, without which he would shortly have lost consciousness again.

He thought she would never stop. Her movements on his face reached what he assumed was a peak of motion and moaning, hammering down onto him so rapidly that he would not have believed she could keep up such exertion for more than a few seconds, but she did not stop. Having reached that peak she continued at it, as though riding in a long distance race towards a winning post that moved away from her as rapidly as she approached it…


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