Lucky White Heather



by Stella Fyre

Joe has been caught. Perhaps it was inevitable, sooner or later, that his wife would find out he was being unfaithful, but Joe cannot remember how long it had been going on or how he had met the girl in the first place.

Whatever the details, it seems that if he wants to save his marriage Joe has no choice but to accept the contract his wife puts before him, and then to accept the punishment she intends to give him. Somehow, he had not anticipated that he would be bound, whipped, kept in chastity and forced to dress as a maid. He could have coped with all of that, but the humiliation of his wife taking another lover may be too much for him, and his memory lapses are becoming worse. More bizarre still, he is beginning to feel that there is something unnatural about the whole sequence of events…

Published: 4 / 2011
No. words: 31100EX8t

Eve had taken Joe down to the basement, undressed him and placed the clothes on a table. He had gone to bed thinking about the things he had seen. She walked over and poured him some water from the basement tap and he washed his dry throat. It was not long before he fell asleep with all sorts of thoughts going through his head about what was taking place up in the lounge.

What time it was he had no idea, but he was once more hanging spread-eagled from the ceiling, his eyes were slowly focusing as he heard the basement door open and close. Then, there came slow footsteps walking down the steps, and the dark shadow was again looking over at him. Placing the basket on the floor, the woman walked towards him, and he could smell a perfume that he thought he should recognise but his mind was in turmoil. Joe looked at the woman and asked himself if this was the same person as the night before, but he was not thinking straight. In any case, it was not going to matter, as he knew this woman was pain with a capital P. It was at that point he felt all the pain from the night before, and when he looked down at his body it was red from the beating and tingling with the after pain of the strokes he had received.

The woman saw him look and the shock on his face when he looked back at her, and she smiled in his direction as if she knew what he was thinking. He went to open his mouth and speak, but as before he discovered that he could not find his voice or the words to start.

“I know what you want to know, and I will tell you that my name is ‘discipline’. There are a lot of things you must be taught before I am finished with you. You may not realise it, slave, but every stroke of my tool of pain is educating you. In a moment, I will show you great pain and you will scream to the heavens but no sound will be heard. At the end of my teaching it will be me that dries your tears and it will be me that kisses the pain away like your mother when you were a child. You will tonight feel as though you are going to die, but I won’t let that happen. You are a precious soul and this is your forgiveness.”

Joe watched as she went behind him, and he was in fear of her presence. There was a clarity and coldness when she spoke. The way she talked was telling him that he could expect all that she said without mercy, but there was also compassion in the way she addressed him. He felt the fingernail trace its way like a sharp knife down his spine. It was done like a ritual to show him the sharpness of her nature.

The woman walked to his front and looked at him once more in the eyes. “Remember this, slave, and it will do you good to do so. The kiss of the whip is just that, because the pain is instantaneous and lasts but the blink of an eye. There is but a tingling afterwards from the sharply aroused nerves. Pain intermingles with more pain, giving a feeling of pain on pain, but the reality is that every stroke carries its own form of pain and judgement.”

Joe again opened his mouth to speak, but still it was as if there was a wall that was stopping his words coming out. Then, as if she was reading his thoughts, the woman spoke.

“Why am I doing this, you are asking? Well, the other Mistresses in your life are doing my bidding and it is I that is your real Mistress. They are your tormentors in the life you lead, but it can change once your eyes are wide open and looking forward to the future. You are finding out that every bad thing you do in life will return to punish you. Once you have grasped the answers to the questions you continually ask, then they will, in time, be exchanged for the keys that you need. You can be free of this cage of pain any time you wish, but it all hangs on one tiny question, and unless you become educated quickly then your caging will be a long one.”

The woman stopped talking and walked over to the wall, and when she returned she had a vicious looking horsewhip in her hand. He watched, and as if in slow motion as her hand holding the whip was pulled back, and then in the blink of an eye it was to her front at full length. Zip! The pain running through his body was indescribable and he felt as though he was about to pass out.

The woman saw his eyes starting to roll, and she shouted, “Feel the stroke not the aftermath, and stay awake as I have not told you to pass out. I am educating you in the way to survive, but unless you are a willing pupil my teaching will be wasted.”

Zip! Another touched his flesh and he screamed silently out into the silence that was only broken by the sound of the whip. Zip! He was now asking how many he would have to endure and whether he would still be alive after the session. Zip! As if to answer his question, she said, “Only three more strokes for you, slave, and your survival is my only goal in your life.”

Zip! Zip! Zip! The strokes were all across his chest, and twice the whip looped all around his ribs with the end flicking the soft flesh under his arms. He was unashamedly crying from the pain, and he watched through his tears as she hung the whip up once more. Then, walking back she touched the corners of his eyes and his crying stopped. “You are learning the lesson well, slave, and soon your education will be complete, but there is still a long way to go.” Joe was standing wriggling about with the pain circulating his body.

The woman came closer to him and kissed him on the cheek, and as she did so Joe could feel his pain disappearing. He watched as she stepped away, picked up the basket and walked up the steps, and as he heard the door at the top open and close, his eyes closed at the same time.


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