Mike The Gambler



by Stella Fyre

Mike’s gambling habit is getting out of control, and he is becoming violent and abusive towards his wife. After a losing bet when Jacky finds herself stripped naked in front of three men while Mike is tied to a chair and unable to prevent anything the men might do to her, and then she is left as a deposit for Mike’s gambling debts in a German club where she is forced to work as a near-naked hostess, Jacky has had enough. Mike must be punished and corrected, and Mistress Olga’s School of Correction seems to be the ideal environment in which to show Mike the error of his ways and cure him of his gambling habit.

Published: 4 / 2011
No. words: 31300
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Spanking and Bondage, Sado-Masochism (SM)


Mistress Olga was upstairs in the lounge when the phone rang. She picked up the receiver and looked at the number showing on the display. “Hello, Isabella. How are you?”

“How is your new student? Feeling the pains of gambling withdrawal, I hope.”

“Yes, I have just been working on him and he is settling in nicely, but I don’t think his pain is from gambling withdrawal.” She gave a little laugh, and added, “He tried to get out of the contract, but he has resigned himself to being here for the full month or maybe longer.”

“How do you mean, a little longer?”

“I noticed that he is well endowed, and I think I might turn him into a pain slut, and sex slave. I also noticed that when I was flogging him his manhood was stiff, and so I think he might be enjoying it in some twisted way. So, I told him that he signed a contract agreeing to have time added on for bad behaviour. I need a sex slave, because that super-fit slave I have now has been using steroids and is no good whatsoever.”

“Have you told your new slave of his other two Mistresses, Olga?”

“I was going to but I changed my mind. He might just freak out if he knows who his other Mistresses are.”

“Yes, I was quite surprised when she told me of her need to punish and that the thought of a man in pain was turning her on. I think she will like being a Mistress. We can see if she is for real or just a player when she sees my new sex and pain slave. He is not bad looking either. I think I might get to like him if he serves me well.”

Mike had fallen asleep when the Mistress left for her break, and, when he woke up, realisation that it was not a dream flowed to his brain. He was still in the basement and still on the punishment bench, but there was a lot going through his mind ‘What the hell is happening to me? I was getting an erection while she was hitting me with that damn whip! At one time I could even feel myself enjoying the pain, so what the fuck is all that about? How long have I been down here on this contraption? How long was I asleep?’

He was soon to get his answer, because the door to the top of the stairs opened and closed. The footsteps were slow as they came down, and he could hear the clicking of her heels on every step. Mike was beginning to get nervous, but at the same time he was becoming excited. He was once more sporting a hard manhood and he could not understand why. He could sense rather than see the Mistress looking at his erect penis, and it seemed to him to be even harder than his usual erections. He felt her hand touch his manhood, and he could not help flinching with the shock of it.

“So, you are excited at knowing that I am going to whip you once more,” she said, and as she spoke she took her hand away. “I think it is time I tested your buttocks with the sensation of mild pain. Your back is now again its normal colour. You have thick skin and I see that you take care of your body, so I will give you a choice. I am about to give you fifty strokes of the flogger, but if you wish to trade I will give you ten of the cane instead. If you take the cane then I will give you a treat, but to get the treat you must do all I say.”

Mike thought about the offer and realised that she would not have offered if the cane were not harder than the flogger. He also remembered that his father had once given him six strokes of the cane when he got bad reports at school, and they hurt but they were also bearable. The thing was, if he took the trade was this Mistress going to strike him harder?

Mistress Olga could see him thinking, and as she looked at his manhood it was jerking about. She wondered if it had anything to do with his thoughts. There was no rush, because she knew that a willing student was better to handle than one who was fighting the inevitable.

Mike asked himself, ‘I wonder what the treat is. Is that a con? No, she is a professional Mistress and they work on trust and very seldom tell lies.’ He was fairly sure this was true because he had read it in a book that took great trouble to describe that type of erotic activity seriously. “I will take the cane, Mistress.”

“Good choice, slave. You would receive the cane sooner or later, and you will be rewarded for pleasing me.”

Mike heard her heels clicking away from him on the stone floor, and the sound of her returning. “On the count of three…”

Mike counted, and on three: Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! He had forgotten how strokes of the cane burned his flesh when they touched. He made no sound. Even when his father punished him all those years ago he had remained silent, because if he had made a sound he knew that his father would have given him extra at a later date. He had worked out a way that by thinking of something else he could ignore the pain from the cane. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! The strokes that were now hitting his buttocks were as hard if not harder than those he received as a child, but then again it could feel that way now because he was older.

Thwack! Thwack! The Mistress looked down at his face and could see the tears in his eye and the trail of one tear that had fallen. She then looked at his manhood again and saw that it was twitching as before. Thwack! Thwack! She saw his head drop as the pain became impossible to ignore. She had not held back as she wanted to test his limit. She rested her hand on his buttocks and felt the welts, but she could see those from her first strokes were already fading under the skin. Then her hand went to his shoulder. “Relax, slave. Your punishment is over for today and you have served your Mistress well.”

She then looked at her other slave, saying, “Put him on the table face up and fix his bonds. I will be back shortly to give him his treat.”

Mike heard her walk from the basement a little faster than she had walked in. It was a short time later, before she came back, he was flat on his back spread-eagled on a table with his wrists and ankles strapped to the legs. On top of the table there was a soft leather covering that he thought must have had some kind of sponge between that and the hard table beneath. As the Mistress stood at his side, he felt even more naked and vulnerable than he was earlier. It was then that he noticed the Mistress was now void of panties, and her sex was also void of growth. She was so close to his face that he could smell the pungent aroma of her sex. He suddenly had the overwhelming feeling that this was one hell of a sexy lady.

“You will now have your treat, slave but first you have to pay for it by serving me.” He watched as the Mistress walked behind him and then knelt on the two feet of table above his head. “Now, slave, you are going to show me your prowess with your tongue on my pussy, and if you do it correctly then you will get your treat. Tell me, slave, what you think I expect you to do.”


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