Only Her Plaything



by Susan Strict

He only went to help her carry her boxes home. He never meant for anything else to happen, and it was no more than an instinctive reaction to put his arms around her when she was crying. He would never have guessed that this quiet girl he had known for so many years at work had such unusual passions, or that the man who shared her life had no interest in the activities she craved.

He never really understood quite how or why he ended up in her bedroom, much less how he came to allow her to tie him to her bed. Why he came back night after night and allowed himself to be subjected to ever increasing torment at her hands was a complete mystery to him, and yet there was something about her, something about what she did, that was irresistible.

This novel from Susan Strict follows the path of one man and the paths of the two young women who finally dominate him, taking him through mild bondage and highly erotic foreplay to pain, torment and total subjugation. His desires, perhaps no more unusual than those of any normal man, are aroused and heightened by the young woman whose own cravings take a far less conventional direction, leading him further and further from normality, and deeper and deeper under her control and under the control of her friend.

Published: 9 / 2007
No. words: 32300


It was obvious he had not the slightest understanding of what she was saying. She decided that a less complicated approach might work.

“All right,” she said. “Let me put it bluntly. If I had suggested we should jump into bed, shag like a couple of rabbits and then go our separate ways, you would have said yes. Right?”

He nearly choked.

“Yes. I probably would,” he agreed as soon as he recovered. “Is that what you`re suggesting? Or is it what we`re leading up to?”

“No! Most certainly not.” She was quite indignant. “Anyway, I can do that with Brian, and I love him. I don`t need to do it with you. Ugh.”

“All right, no need to be offensive about it,” he said grumpily.

She smiled. “You know I don`t want to do that,” she told him. “I just don`t do that sort of thing. I never have.”

“Well what are we doing then?” he asked.

“You still don`t get it,” she tried to explain. “I`m not going to jump into bed with you and shag you, because I can do that with Brian. I might tie you to the bed and shag you, because I can`t do that with Brian and I want to do it. That puts it simply. Now are you beginning to understand?”

He thought about it. “It sounds simpler than what you were saying earlier,” he said. “Is that all there is to it? You want to use me for what you can`t have with him?”

“That`s it!” She was delighted that he was beginning to understand. “You said it in five words: I want to use you. I`m fairly sure you want to be used, and I`m also fairly sure you`re quite happy for it to be me that`s doing the using. Not only that, I think you`re quite adventurous enough to let me try all sorts of things Brian would never even consider.”

“What sort of things did you have in mind?” he asked, eyeing her suspiciously. “I`m not too keen on some of what you`ve already done!”

“I`m sure the good parts make up for the bad,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Pleasure and pain go together, you know.”

“Why pain? You don`t enjoy hurting me?”

“Not particularly,” she agreed. “I already said it`s the control that I find exciting. I want to control you in ways that Brian would never allow me to do to him. Yes, I admit, it`s sexual in so many ways. That`s the point of it. Can`t you understand?”

“I think so,” he said. “I`ll go for the tying me to the bed and shagging me!”

She sighed again. “So basic,” she said. “I might. I might not. I`ll tell you that it`s something I would thoroughly enjoy, so you might be lucky or you might not. It`s up to you. If you don`t go along with the rest of it then you`ll never know, will you?”

She looked at him in silence for a few minutes.

“Well?” she said. “Made up your mind? Shall we lock up the office and go back to my place or not?”

“We`re on our way,” he said, rapidly finding his keys and opening the door to leave.


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