Painters In Pain



by Stella Fyre

Tommy is wrongly accused of stealing valuable vases from the home of a powerful dominatrix where he is working as a painter and decorator. He is imprisoned and whipped and flogged by her and by the young women she employs. It turns out that the real culprit is Tommy’s employer, and the dominatrix is determined to seek revenge for the theft and for the pain and suffering that Tommy has had to endure through no fault of his own.

Published: 3 / 2011
No. words: 37000


Tommy opened his eyes. His head was aching, and he was lying on his chest. When he tried to move, he found that he was held in position. He tried to shout as he pulled against his bonds, and found there was something in his mouth preventing him making any noise.

The two young women stepped in front of him and looked down at him, smiling, and one turned to the other, saying, “You had better go and tell the Mistress that the thief is awake.”

On hearing this, Tommy pulled at his bonds again, and the young woman laughed, adding, “You’re far too deep in the shit to pull yourself out like that, so you might as well stop trying. You will need all your strength for when the Mistress beats your ass. By the way, just in case you hadn’t noticed, you are as naked as the day you were born and I have to admit that I’m hoping the Mistress will let me play with you. I have never fucked an ass as young as yours.”

Tommy heard a door open and close, and heels walking over a stone floor. Moments later, the Mistress was standing in front of him looking down. “Well, you are a very dishonest person, aren’t you? You walk into my house and steal my property, and the best thing is you are on such a high wage that you don’t need to steal. Oh yes, I know what kind of wage you are on. Barry told me that you are out every night with gangs, and you have a gambling habit so I expect that is what you want the extra money for. Well, now it is time to pay for your crimes, and you’ll pay big time. It cost me two thousand pounds to get my property back from the pawnshop. The manager told me that a young man took them in there, and the receipt said Tommy Price. I know from Barry that’s your name. I guarantee, boy, that by the time you leave here you will never steal another thing from anyone. I am going to cane you, whip you, and strap you. You will start showing me respect or you will be a very sad little boy, and you will begin by thanking me for every punishment I give you. Your words will be ‘thank you, Mistress’, and failing to do so will show me total disrespect and you will then receive additional punishment. I am going to love breaking you, thief.”

Tommy heard her laugh as she walked behind him, and he then heard the swishing of a cane. Once again the Mistress was standing in front of Tommy with a nasty looking rattan cane in her hand. “I thought I would just show you the implement I shall use to introduce you to pain, thief.”

Tommy’s eyes were fixed on her and he was shouting his innocence through the gag. He became suddenly silent and his head dropped as he heard the cane cutting through the air.


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