Planet Of Slavers


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by John Savage

In the dark of the night, a Princess is kidnapped, a statuesque, drop-dead gorgeous, raven-haired beauty from the female warrior race of the planet Wolfhome. She and others of her entourage are carried off in chains to a planet where stolen women from a thousand planets are taken to be turned into obedient and submissive slavegirls by the harshest methods imaginable. And then they are sold to the highest bidder.

Law and order in the galaxy has collapsed and worlds must fend for themselves. Without any official law enforcers, people may turn to an Adjustor for help, a man who is something of a private detective and a gunslinger. Into the office of such an Adjustor, Talon O’Connor, come three beautiful warrior women, willing to pay highly for the rescue of their Princess.

As the Princess and her friends are punished and abused as part of their training on the slavers’ home planet, Talon O’Connor and his clients charter a star ship and are off to the rescue. But along the way he has to buy some slavegirls, discovers the star ship captain is a lesbian with a taste for administering whippings, and he has to put his three warrior women clients in shackles as slavegirls themselves.

Published: 3 / 2011          No. words: 58,600EX1t

“In the middle of whipping your bottom yesterday,” he began casually, “I saw the look in your eyes that said you wanted to ask what it was I wanted from you. Most women come right out and ask it. They assume that I want them to do something or say something. Very few women realize that a man might want to simply cause pain and watch the woman suffer. But in this case, there is something I want from you. It is your total and unreserved devotion. I want to reach a point where you have totally given up your free will, totally lost all rebellion, and want only to please your Master.

“Ah, I can see by your face that you don’t think it will happen. But it will. Any woman can be broken. Some just take a little longer than others. One day you will be nothing but an owned object, a sexy toy to be played with, used and abused by the man who holds your leash. Your only wish will be to please him. And if it pleases him to deliver pain unto you and mark your skin, then you will fetch the whip for him and kiss it gently before handing it to him.

“You frown, I see. Well, it will come to pass. There are chemicals that could almost do it by themselves, drugs to alter your mind. But sometimes they destroy the mind and a totally mindless body is useless to me. I prefer the old ways as practiced by my forefathers thousands of years ago. Did you know that at one time all women were considered the equal of men on this planet? Amazing, I know! But that was long ago, and thank the Gods of Chaos that the men came to their senses and put women in their proper places as slaves.

“We call the process of converting a rebellious woman into a nice, obedient slave, training. You are being trained.”

“You call whipping a woman training?” Princess Adrianne spat out. “You haven’t even told me what to do.”

“Ah, so you can talk. Well, yes, this is part of your training. And of the other girls we took with you. This is Phase One. It is simple. I take a few days, or a few weeks, to convince you that I can cause you a lot of pain. That’s all; just that I can hurt you. And that it can be more pain than you could ever imagine.”

He grinned at her frown. “Ah, I see that you understand. At least the part about my being able to cause you pain. Do not your wrists hurt? Is not your bottom very sore and burning with a fresh flame where my whip has kissed it?” He took a step closer and grabbed some more pubic hair again. “Shall I pull it all out by the roots?”

The Princess grimaced at the harsh hold upon her curly patch but said nothing. After a few moments, he let go without having detached any more.

“The first part of your training is to make you know, really know deep down inside your heart, that I own you. I can do anything I wish to your body: hurt it, beat it, screw your pussy until you are so sore you can hardly walk, torture you, anything. And there is nothing you can do about it. No one is coming to rescue you. Your world is far away and no one there even knows who took you.” He laughed at his own cleverness. “Just some dark ships in the night, quickly there, quickly gone. But I digress. I was talking about the first part of your training. You will become aware that I can do anything to you, cause unlimited amounts of pain for any reason, or no reason. Then you will lose hope. Your will to fight will disappear and your whole universe will become an overwhelming desire to stop the pain. Then I can begin to show you how pleasuring your Master is the right path. You scowl but it will be so.”

He patted her sore bottom with the tip of the whip. “But for now you are being shown that I can cause you pain. More pain than you ever thought possible. And…” He paused for dramatic effect, “and not only to you but to those you care about.” He snapped his fingers.


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