Roberta Sherwood 2



by Yabba

Wealthy heiress Roberta Sherwood discovers that Mario Candini, alias Dr Jeffrey Stewart, is a fraud and has used his position posing as consultant psychiatrist to extract large amounts of money and to satisfy his desire to use and abuse not only her but also many other wealthy women. She leaves on a trip for London without him, taking her personal maid instead with whom she now has a very close and intimate relationship.

In London, however, she discovers she has a niece not much younger than her and to whom she bears a remarkable resemblance. An intimate relationship between her maid and her niece quickly develops, while Roberta begins to take an interest in one of her niece’s close friends. Meanwhile, they plan to take revenge on Dr Stewart, but on return home it all becomes far more complicated when Roberta finds out about Dr Stewart’s son, a young man very unlike his father in so many ways, and yet there is something about him that Roberta finds strangely attractive – and he is so very good when it comes to handling a submissive woman tied to a bed…

Published: 11 / 2012
No. words: 30200


It was only an hour later when Mario Candini tried calling Roberta Sherwood’s private number, but for the first time in his memory there was only a busy signal heard on the line.  He had expected to hear the heiress’s laughter and her anxious voice inviting him to her sprawling estate, just as she had on so many other occasions.

For himself, Mario wondered what the “rich bitch” could possibly be doing during that particular late afternoon.  Did she not realize their plane would be leaving for New York and on to London the first thing in the morning?  They would certainly have to make some last minute arrangements.  But, he reasoned, maybe Roberta was tending to those things right now, and she would be calling him later to tell him everything was all set for their trip together.

Mario also thought about slipping into the plane’s restroom with Roberta, once they were in the air over the Atlantic.  He was certain it would very confining for the two of them, but he had mentioned the idea to the young heiress and she immediately took to the plan.  The thought of being able to suck his cock while they were actually in flight REALLY seemed to appeal to Miss Sherwood’s adventurous spirit, and Mario was intrigued because of it.

“The rich tart certainly is an exciting bitch,” he said to himself.  “I simply can’t wait until our plane has taken off.”

* * * * *

Alone in her bedroom, Roberta Sherwood kept mulling over the facts as her maid, Trisha, had laid them out for her.  There certainly was no denying the supporting evidence seen in those revealing pictures.

It really bothered Roberta to think how foolish she had been to believe the best of a man of Mario’s questionable character.  Yes, in retrospect, she should have realized that anyone who was consorting under the guise of having a legitimate doctor’s certificate should be considered extremely suspect in all of his doings.

Further, she thought, it was Mario’s clever hypnotizing of her that was the clincher.  That was how she had fallen so deeply under his personal spell.  He had tricked her, as he had probably done to many other women.  Now, the primary questions were how Roberta could go about she returning the favor? And what was the best way to do it?

These were queries the heiress would have to examine very carefully, and perhaps her maid Trisha could help her to discover the correct answers.  For now, she would slip out of her dressing gown to take a shower, have a leisurely cocktail, speak with Trisha, and simply do her best to relax.  Meanwhile, the heavy gates to Roberta Sherwood’s walled estate would stay closed and locked, while her private phone would continue to remain off the hook to all callers.

Scarcely an hour later, as Roberta Sherwood sat at her dressing table, brushing her long, shimmering, dark hair, Trisha was asking, “Do you think a bit of massage is in order, Miss Sherwood?”

“That’s an excellent suggestion, Trisha.  It may be ideal, especially at this moment,” Roberta replied.  “I also think I would prefer to proceed exactly as we did during the night we first met.”

“I thought you had forgotten about those golden moments we spent together,” Trisha remarked.

“Let’s just say, I allowed myself to become duped and overly distracted,” Roberta replied.  “I can assure you it won’t happen, again, not with Mario Candini, at any rate.”

“I’m glad to hear you say it,” Trisha answered.

What followed in Roberta’s bedroom was the beginning of a long, slow, very carefully designed massaging of the young heiress’s neck, shoulders, back, and her willowy legs.

“Are you falling asleep, Miss?” Trisha whispered to her employer.

“Almost,” Roberta replied softly.  “But not quite.”

“Shall we continue?”

“Please do!” the heiress answered, rolling over on the bed to face her maid.

“You know, Miss Sherwood,” her maid took a moment to explain.  “I think it would be far more convenient and greatly enjoyable in treating your lovely body if we had a massage table in your bedroom.  Then I could…”

“Oh,” Roberta replied, “I’m glad you mentioned it, Trisha.  I had forgotten about the table I had put away in one of my closets.  I used to have it set up when Marie was with me.”

“Marie?” Trisha asked.

“Marie Robinson.  She was my personal maid before you came into my life,” Roberta replied.  “Marie died in car accident a few weeks ago, and afterward I had the massage table removed from the room.”

“I remember reading about the accident in the paper,” Trisha remarked, “And I’m sorry it happened.  “How long was Marie with you?” Trisha asked.

“She was in my service a little over a year, and we were close,” Roberta answered.  “Make that VERY close.  I miss her a great deal.”

“I hope I can serve you half as well, Miss Sherwood,” Trisha commented.

“I think you are off to a grand beginning,” Roberta remarked.

“Thank you for saying so.  Is the massage table available for use?” Trisha asked.

“It should still be there, in the closet,” Roberta said, as she rose from the bed.

What pleased Trisha was that her wealthy, young, female employer was completely naked as she strode, tiptoe, across the carpeted room toward the closet door, looking something like a nymph from a classic painting by one of the masters of the 1800s.  It was a unique sight, and one that made the maid smile to herself.  She was quick to realize that not many others had ever seen the lovely heiress without any clothes on.

“Here’s the massage table,” Roberta exclaimed from inside the closet.  “I used to keep it stationed at the foot of my bed all the time.  Help me wheel it out there, and we will set it up again like it used to be.  I hope you find it’s the proper height for providing massage and…”

“And what else?” Trisha smiled.

“Well, let us see what develops after I lie down here,” Roberta replied, returning the knowing smile.

“You’re an absolute darling!” the maid remarked as she gazed at her lovely employer while Roberta stretched out on the length of the massage table.

“Do you really think so?” Miss Sherwood asked, squeezing at her own breasts as if to wake them up.

“You are simply lovely!” Trisha whispered, moving very close to lean over Roberta’s tender ear.

“Do you think I look good enough to eat?” Miss Sherwood asked.

“You don’t have to fish for compliments,” Trisha assured her young employer, “But I think you are adorable.”

“I like to hear such things,” Roberta admitted softly, as if someone else might be listening to what she was saying about herself.  “It makes me all warm and tingly inside, and I get… wet.”

“I’ll remember that,” Trisha replied.

“Nipples first, please,” Roberta declared.

“It will be my pleasure!” her maid answered.

* * * * *

A few minutes later, after a proper amount of kissing and licking to her various body parts, the lovely, adorable Miss Sherwood had her legs braced over Trisha’s shoulders and her maid was orally massaging the magical source of Roberta’s endearing femininity.  Consummation of their continuing relationship during that evening had become a reality.

“You’re wonderful!  Absolutely wonderful!” Roberta was heard to exclaim.  It happened several times during her continuous pelvic movements.  “Don’t stop!  Don’t ever stop!  I know I’m going to come!  Yes, I’m coming!  Oh!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”


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