Sex Change By Default



by Stella Fyre

Something very strange is happening to Ray: he seems to be turning into a woman, and he has no idea what is causing it.

Ray’s wife appears sympathetic and understanding, and when he can no longer hide the physical changes to his body she gives him every possible assistance and encouragement to change his appearance and to dress and behave as a woman so that he will not be embarrassed in public.

When Ray can no longer satisfy his wife’s desires, he reluctantly agrees that she must take a lover, but then the truth begins to appear. Still not fully aware of everything that is happening, Ray is determined to seek revenge on everyone that has wronged and abused him.

Published: 8 / 2012
No. words: 52000


The Mistress put her hand out and laid it flat on his chest, pushing upwards with her fingers spread.  The man’s eyes were fixed on hers, and there was even more sweat now.  He could see the cruelty in her eyes, and whatever was to happen to him he knew that he could not expect any mercy.  Her power was overwhelming.  Without warning, she closed her fingers, trapping his hair.  He was looking at her knowing that if she wished she could give him immense pain.  The Mistress knew what he was thinking and looked at her own hand.  His eyes followed hers as though dragged by a powerful magnet, and tears started to roll from his eyes.  She heard a whimper leave his mouth.  Her fingers opened and carried on sliding, and she heard his sigh of relief although she knew that there was plenty of time for him to feel pain.

Her hand fell to her side and she stepped out of his sight and to his rear where her hand rested on his back.  She could feel him trembling and she knew that his imagination was working overtime.  He was an intelligent man and he knew how vulnerable he was at that moment.  He was probably thinking of all the things she could do to him and he would be helpless to stop her.  She watched as his head moved around slowly taking in all the implements of pain hanging on the wall.  He stopped moving with his eyes fixed on the whips in their pride of place at the centre of the largest wall, and under her touch she felt him shiver.  She lifted her hand and walked to his front where she stared into his eyes and saw immense fear.  She smiled, but it was a wicked smile and it was meant to intimidate.

The Mistress turned away from the man, and walked back to the slaves.  “You,” she pointed at one of the males, “Assume the position on the bench.  You owe me eight strokes of the cane, and you, girl, strap him down tightly.”

Without a word, the two slaves ran over to the punishment bench.  She looked at the other slave, and instead of the normal loincloth about the waist he wore a pair of shorts.  “You are improperly dressed.  Where are your proper clothes for my domain?”

“There was an accident on the way here, Mistress, and because of the backlog of traffic I was late getting here.  I beg your forgiveness, Mistress, and I also beg you for mercy.  Please accept my sincerest apologies.  I promise this act of lateness will never take place again.”

“I accept your apology, slave, but forgiveness must be earned.  Your lateness could have been avoided by setting out to worship your Mistress earlier, and then you would have missed the accident.  Because of your respectful plea for mercy I will give you mercy, but you will still receive the short strap instead of the twelve strokes of the cane.”

“I thank you, Mistress, for showing me overwhelming generosity and by giving me mercy while you are showing me the error of my ways.”  He fell to the ground and kissed her feet.

After a short while, the Mistress said, “Enough, slave.  Go with the girl and she will put you in the other frame.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The Mistress went over to the punishment bench, and on the way picked up a cane.  The bench was side on to the frame where the man was spread-eagled in.  As she approached it, she had noticed out of the corner of her eye that the man was looking at her.  Now she was standing side on to the bench but looking towards the man who continued to gaze at her, his eyes seeming to bulge from his head like two pigeon’s eggs.

The Mistress looked straight at him and said, “Watch this punishment closely, because if you are lucky you could be receiving the same.  I say ‘lucky’ because I have worse things in mind for you.  By the time you leave my establishment you will be a changed man, but not as changed as you would like others to be.”  Then she raised the cane.


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