Sex Games And Pain



by Stella Fyre

Sex was becoming boring, so Paul and Bridget decided on a game. The rules were that the game was to be kept within the parameters of activities described in some booklets purchased from the top shelf of a newsagent. That, therefore, excluded almost nothing. Bondage, domination, cross-dressing, humiliation, mild pain and forced same-sex encounters were perfectly acceptable, but that was only a start. The services of sex professionals would undoubtedly be useful, but there were others who would play their part who were not nearly so particular or careful about what happened to those who came under their control, as Paul found out to his cost.

Published: 5 / 2010
No. words: 70900
Style: BDSM/Bondage – Content: Moderate – Fem Dom – F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Moderate BDSM


“You’re not going into the auction, are you Bridget?” Paul asked with a look of shock on his face.

“No, Paul, you are,” Bridget said loudly so that the whole room could hear her. Paul dropped his head, banging it on to the table. When he looked up again, he was just in time to knock back his drink before four girls pulled him out of his chair. They pushed him towards the stage, giving him no chance to back out.

He turned to look around the room, and before he could appreciate what was happening, the bidding was already up to seven hundred pounds. He had not even heard Jeremy have to prompt for bids. It just happened.

It was then that he heard Bridget shout “strip”. He looked over, and mouthed the word ‘bitch’ at her and saw her laughing hysterically. Everyone in the room began shouting “strip, strip, strip” and he could see Bridget joining in.

Paul shook his head, and untied his tie and let it drop to the floor. Some music started up from somewhere, and he started to unbutton his shirt to the beat. A cheer went up, and Paul started to smile. Once all the buttons were undone, including the cuffs, he tried to look seductive as he stripped it from his back and let it follow the tie. All the time this was happening, the bids were still being shouted, but Paul was not listening. He felt light headed as he slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled it through the loops. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off, and then, smiling at the audience, he unclipped the buckle on the waistband of the trousers… and stopped. Again he heard “strip, strip, strip”. He smiled towards the audience, pulled the two sides of the trousers apart and the zip opened. Then, in a dramatic final movement, he threw his arms open wide and let his trousers drop to the floor.

Paul heard Jeremy shout, “Now we have two thousand two hundred pounds bid for this fine specimen of man. Before I drop the hammer, are there any more bids? Going once.”

“Two thousand five hundred,” a girl shouted, and Jeremy called out, “That’s two thousand five hundred bid. Are there any more?”

A ginger-headed girl right at the back shouted, “Three grand,” and the room went quiet. Someone else shouted, “Do we get to see any more before we bid?”

“No. You know the rules,” Jeremy answered, and added, “Any more bids?”

There was an undercurrent of conversation in the room, but no one bid any more. Jeremy announced, “For the last time? No? Gone! Sold to the desperate girl with the red head.”

The girl ran out and grabbed Paul’s hand, pulling him off the stage. As she dragged him past Bridget, he looked at her questioningly, but he only had time to see her blow him a kiss and nothing more.

Paul was pulled up the stairs and into a bedroom and, as soon as he got in there, the girl pushed him onto the bed. In less than a minute, the girl had pulled his jockey shorts off. She sat astride him, and in moments she sitting on his erect manhood. Instead of taking her time, she bounced up and down as if her life depended on being quick. Her eyes were closed and she had an orgasm and lifted herself off him so quickly that Paul was left frustrated. Immediately, she spun her body around and sat on his face. He had no choice but to lick and suck her sex until once again she had a climax.

Still out of breath, and much to Paul’s surprise, she clambered rapidly off him, slid from the bed, dressed herself and left, all without a word. Paul looked at his watch and saw that only twenty-five minutes had passed since he had been pulled into the bedroom.



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