by Stella Fyre

Shannon and Paul’s marriage is not going well. To put it simply, it’s boring, and Shannon decides they must do something to “spice it up”. With Paul’s approval, she decides that a little domination, humiliation and mental torment will put back the missing excitement, and although they agree that each will dominate in turn, she will be first to take charge.

By a convenient coincidence, Paul is diagnosed with a rare disorder for which the only cure is to have two implants in his chest for twelve months. As these implants give him the appearance of having woman’s breasts, Shannon seizes on the opportunity to feminise him in other ways, and he soon finds himself dressed and made up as a woman, with a little help from the ladies of Madame Fiona’s establishment, to say nothing of a considerable number of professional pole dancers…

Published: 4 / 2012
No. words: 38500
Style: Erotica – Erotic Domination – F/M, Erotic Fetishes


“A woman called Madame Fiona runs this establishment, and she and her girls are going to teach you all you need to know about make-up and how to dress. She will also go about hiding your wedding tackle without damaging it. You have to do whatever she says without question; the faster you learn, the faster you are back here with me. I don’t want you being shy, because there are only girls in this establishment. They all know about your breasts and they all know about the game we are playing.”

“How do you get to know all these people, Shannon?”

She smiled, answering, “They are all friends of mine in the riding circle, and you will meet them all again from time to time.”

Two hours later they were driving the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon. Shannon turned the car into the drive of a large mansion with paddocks and fields on both sides. “How do you feel, lover?” Shannon asked.

“I’m nervous, and full of fear and excitement, and of course the dread of not knowing what is going to happen.”

“Don’t worry. It can only be good, lover.”

They left the car, walked to the door, and Shannon pressed the bell.

A maid came to the door, and as soon as Shannon said who they were the maid showed them to the lounge. It was there that Paul received his first shock; all the people in the room were women in their thirties or younger. What was even worse was that they were all looking at him as he and Shannon walked into the room. The oldest woman walked over to greet them. “Shannon, how nice to see you. This must be the reluctant Paul that we have to turn into Pauline,” and she kissed them both on the cheek. “Let me introduce you to the others in the room. They are all here to help you with your predicament, Paul.” Fiona pointed with her open hand, and they all nodded in turn. “Pat covers speech and poise, Agatha does cosmetics and make-up, Rona is into dress and design, and Tess is a hairdresser and beautician. Now we all know each other, I think we had all better get down to the reason we are all here,” and they all sat down except Paul who was left standing in the centre of the room. “Now,” Fiona said, “I want you to take all your clothes off.”

Paul nearly choked. “What… h… h….” And then he managed to compose himself, and he asked, “What for, might I ask?”

“Look, it’s to help you dress and look like a girl, or I should say a young lady. All of us here have to know what we are working with. At some stage or another we will all see you naked, so you may as well get it over with. Now would you please take off your clothes for us.”

Paul thought, ‘Well, she is right there. They all know about my breasts already.’ He looked over at Shannon, and she smiled back and nodded. “It’s a bit cold-blooded,” he said, “But I bow to the inevitable.”

There was a chair provided for him, and he sat down and removed his shoes and socks. His trousers came off next, and he stopped for a moment and wondered which way to go next. He decided to unbutton the shirt, and he let it fall to the chair. He heard gasps and voices muttering, and above the low noise Fiona asked, “What are those on your chest, Paul?”

He considered his answer, and then said, “With all due respect, Madam Fiona, if you don’t know, then I am in a lot more trouble than I imagined. I am dreading what you are going to ask when I take my boxers off, but I will add that I think they are a c-cup, so I have been informed.”

They all laughed, and Fiona said, “At least you still have a sense of humour, Paul,” and as she spoke he dropped his shorts.

All the women in the room, except Shannon, stood up and walked towards him and he heard their comments. “Nice thick hair, and such a lovely light colour.” “Small waist and shapely legs.” “That pubic hair will have to be removed, along with the light hair on his legs.” “He does have such girly facial features, doesn’t he?” The comment that really shook him was: “What a nice pair of breasts. I wish mine were like that.”

The women’s perfume wafted over him as they came towards him, and he realised he had a hard on. He felt himself blushing in embarrassment. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain, and instantly his manhood went limp. “Ok, Paul,” he heard Fiona say, “There is a dressing gown behind you. Put that on to cover yourself.”

He turned and picked it up, looked at it for a few moments and then put it on, tying the belt in front. It was bright pink.

“Is there something wrong with the gown, Paul?” Fiona asked.

“Pink is not really my colour. I always thought it clashed with my eyes.”

There were a few more laughs, and Fiona said, “I believe Shannon has told you what we are about to do. Are there any questions you would like to ask, Paul?”

“There probably are many questions I ought to ask, but I am putting myself in your hands. The sooner we get started with this the better, and the sooner I will be back with Shannon.”

“Good for you, Paul. That is a positive attitude, and we will start as soon as you say goodbye to Shannon.”

Shannon stood, walked over Paul and kissed him on the lips, saying, “See you in a few days, lover.” She kissed him once more, and after saying her goodbyes to the others in the room, she left.

Within seconds of Shannon leaving, Paul was stripped once more. His photo was taken and he was measured, and samples of his hair were taken. He was then told to put on the dressing gown again and Agatha took him away to a dressing room. He spent the rest of the day learning how to put on make-up. He found it tiring and repetitious, but by the end of the day he was getting it right. He asked many questions, and was told the whys and why nots about make-up. It was late when they let him go to bed, and he fell asleep straight away.



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