Strange Desires



by John Savage

Sex was not enough for Melody. She craved something more and she thought she knew what she needed, but she had no idea where to find it.Where was a man who could bind her tightly and securely, who could satisfy her needs, however kinky and unusual? Surely there was at least one out there, somewhere, but who would know where to find one?

At last, Melody had an idea: she remembered Cheyenne, the girl voted, jokingly perhaps, as being “the most likely to run a brothel” in their high school yearbook. Where was she now? And was that prophecy likely to have come true? In fact, Cheyenne was running a brothel, a very high class brothel with many very kinky clients demanding very kinky services. To Cheyenne, the solution to Melody’s problem was obvious, but Melody was not quite so sure that she wanted to work as one of the kinkier girls in Cheyenne’s bizarre establishment…

Published: 10 / 2013       No. words: 37,900EX1t

The screen switched to a video feed, apparently from a camera located high up in the corner of a room.  The scene was surprisingly clear considering it was probably only a surveillance camera.  The display showed room with four objects in it.  One was a bed, one of the old fashioned kinds with thick metal tubes for the headboard and footboard.  The bed was covered with what appeared to be fur.  The next object was a nightstand beside the bed.  It might have been just a bedroom, but for what was happening.  The last two objects therein were Hap and a woman.  The woman was spread-eagle on the bed and totally naked.  She appeared to be in her thirties, of fair build, medium brown hair (confirmed as her real color by the triangle between her legs), and a little on the plain side.  Her arms were tied to the upper corners of the bed by thick ropes, the same as her feet were bound at the bottom.  Those ropes looked to be quite tightly tied.

Standing over her was Hap.  He was stripped to the waist, and Melody felt a tingle of attraction at those wonderfully firm muscles.  For a second, it flashed through her mind to wonder what it would be like to have that body lying over hers.

He was not just standing there, however.  He was flogging the woman on the bed.  The whip he was using was apparently a cat-o-nine-tails with short, supple, leather strips.  Each time he lifted it and brought it down on the woman’s helpless body, there was a loud smacking sound.  He was slowly applying the whip across her breasts, occasionally, as Melody watched, switching down to lash one across her hips.

With each strike of the leather, the woman cried out.  She was not gagged and the cries were fairly loud.

“What is this?” Melody could not help but ask.

“Just a customer getting what she’s paying for,” informed Cheyenne casually.

Melody found her gut tightening up and her breathing coming faster.  She could not take her eyes from that woman’s naked body, or from the redness where the flogger was lashing her slowly but methodically.

“He’s hurting her!” Melody exclaimed.

“Yes, he is,” Cheyenne agreed.  “But you should understand that the flogger he’s using is made of very soft leather and he is not lashing it down with all his strength.  It is stinging her, but little more.”

Melody continued to watch as he moved from one side of the bed to the other.  The flogging continued there.

“Is that all?  She gets hurt and that’s it?”

“Oh, no!  There’s much more,” Cheyenne laughed.  “Watch.  You’ll see.”

The flogging continued until all the flesh of her large breasts was covered with red, angry skin, and most of her hips also, at least what was visible beyond the pubic patch.  Melody was sure that it had to hurt her sex terribly.  She was certain it would if done to her.  A part of her wondered why the woman was not screaming.

On the screen, the woman was begging for him to stop.  In a wonderfully evil voice, all bass and rich, he told her that she had been a naughty girl and was only getting what she deserved.  The flogging continued as the woman’s cries seemed to increase in sincerity.

When it seemed she was about to begin serious screaming, Hap coiled the whip up in his hand and asked, “Are you ready to thank me for punishing you?”

The woman shook her head from side to side violently.  “No, don’t do that to me!  I beg of you!”  Her plea was most heartrending.  At least, so it seemed to Melody.

What kind of scene is this? she wondered.  This is cruel, to say the least.  But a part of her could not possibly tear away from the scene in full color and sound on the monitor.  Not quite aware of it yet, but there was a heat growing between her legs as she watched the woman’s suffering.  She only thought about it later, but all the time she was wondering what the woman was feeling.  How much did it hurt?  How helpless did she feel?  How afraid was she?

And, of course, what more would happen to her?  She was helpless, after all.

“You will obey!” he told her firmly.  “Unless you want more pain.”

The woman was still shaking her head but the begging had stopped.  Then her head stopped moving as Hap began undoing his pants.  The slacks came down, and Melody almost gasped aloud.  That compact ass was the most perfect ass she had ever seen.  But then, she had not seen many bare male asses. Still, she could not imagine one more perfect.

And that rod sticking out in front!  It was larger than any she had seen, even dwarfing Eric’s, which had formerly held first place.  The blunt end was pointed directly at the woman’s face and her eyes were wide with fear – but could not stop looking.

Then he was climbing on the bed.  As his body straddled the woman’s, it also blocked what was happening from the camera’s view.  Cheyenne touched a few keys and the view shifted to one from the side.  Now Melody could see that log of rigid flesh hovering before the woman’s face.  She looked positively frightened to death and her lips were clamped shut.  A whining noise was all that came out.


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