Strictly Susan – The Fifth Collection



by Susan Strict

Another collection of stories from Susan Strict delves into new adventures of femdom, facesitting, bondage, humiliation and far more, almost invariably with the women firmly in control and the man totally at their mercy.

For Susan’s dominant characters, the thrill of inflicting pain and punishment on their victims is not only sexual and sensual, but satisfies needs that go far deeper. For some it may be their own voyage of discovery that takes them to the joys of domination, starting reluctantly to pander to a man’s desires until the experience takes them into pleasures they had not known existed and, for him, pain and suffering in ways he had never intended. For others it may already be a way of life, and their unfortunate victim must endure their whims and impulses until they have finished with him, if ever.

A man may be subject to bizarre sex rituals of women deep in the Amazon rainforest; or he may find himself caged and a permanent prisoner until his captor finds a way to control him if she lets him out to be used and abused. An innocent night spent at a friend’s house might result in far more than he expected when she comes to his room late at night. A female filmmaker wanting to make a film of a man wrapped in plastic might, perhaps, suddenly think of other uses for him once he is completely helpless. You would have to agree that the man who volunteered to assist Susan with her public Sex Lectures was clearly misguided or, at the very least, misinformed about what was likely to happen.

All these scenarios,and very much more, are explored in this collection, and all in explicit detail. More than enough to scare the pants off you…

Published: 1 / 2006
No. words: 32500


“Now,” she said, “As I`m in charge and there`s nothing you can do to stop me, I think we`ll have the rest of your clothes off whether you like it or not.”

He protested as she undid his belt and unzipped his trousers but she ignored him, pulling his trousers and pants right down and off.

“Well,” she said looking at him, “It looks to me as though you ARE enjoying this.”
Whatever he muttered she ignored it. She grasped one of his ankles and pulled his leg towards the bottom corner of the bed, looping cord over it and fastening it securely. She repeated this with his other ankle, and stood next to the bed looking down at him now spread-eagled and completely helpless.

“I think,” she said thoughtfully, “I could really, really enjoy being a dominatrix.”

He stretched uncomfortably at the cords holding him as if testing how securely they were fixed, and even more uncomfortably aware of his nakedness and vulnerability.

“OK,” he said, “So you`d enjoy being a dominatrix. Now untie me.”

“What?” she sounded startled, “Untie you? Don`t be daft. I haven`t even started, and I did tell you that you wouldn`t like it. So you just lie back and enjoy what you can enjoy, because before I`ve finished I`m quite sure you`re going to be begging me to stop and to let you go!”

She got up on the bed, swung one leg over him and sat on his chest. He had not realised until that moment that despite her small size she really was quite heavy and solid. Also, he realised as he looked at her, she had particularly wide hips for her size and ample broad thighs. If she did actually sit on his face then he really might be in serious trouble.

She moved herself up his chest towards his face, tucking in her loose trousers to pull them tight over her thighs and between her legs. She looked down at him, and at herself.

“You`re right,” she said, “It really doesn`t take a very large woman to sit on a man!”

Her knees here now either side of his head, and she brought them together as she moved forward so that her thighs touched his face. He did not really know what prompted him to say it, but: “Dominatrices usually wear fewer clothes,” he mumbled.

She paused. “We might try that later,” she said and moved herself right over him, pressing down over his mouth and squeezing his nose up against her. She pressed her thighs together, gripping him firmly.

Caught by surprise at the suddenness of her movement he had not had the time to take a breath, and now he found he could hardly breathe at all.

“Hey!” came his muffled voice from underneath her, “I…”

“Shut up,” she said firmly, adjusting her position and pressing down harder on him. What little air he had been able to suck in was now cut off completely. He wriggled frantically trying to move himself enough to get a little air, but the cords around his wrists and ankles and her weight on top of him held him firmly in place.

After a short while she lifted herself from him slightly, hearing his sharp intake of breath as he sucked at the welcome fresh air.

“I can see,” she said, “Just why doing the dominatrix thing does appeal to women. It`s really quite exciting to have a man completely subdued, and to be able to control even his breathing.”

He was panting frantically, unable to speak for the moment. Before he had time to control his panting enough to get a word out, she lowered herself onto him again, this time bringing her thighs together to cover his face and cutting off both his vision and his breathing totally.

He struggled again, although he realised it was completely futile and there was absolutely nothing he could do. She held her position on top of him, pressing down and getting herself comfortable. It really was, she thought, quite exciting not only to be in total control of him like this but also to feel the physical sensations of pressing herself onto his face.

She remained there for over a minute, enjoying the feeling of power.

Then she wanted more than that.


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