Strictly Susan – The Ninth Collection



by Susan Strict

“The Ninth Collection” is fifteen exciting new stories of Femdom by Susan Strict. The topics in this collection range from the ‘girl next-door’ finding her dominant side, through the thoughts and actions of professional Dommes, to outrageous dominant alien females. This collection also features the long-awaited second part of “Mother-in-Law”, continuing the short story published in “Strictly Susan – The First Collection”.

Domination in Susan Strict’s writing is almost invariably sexual and explicitly erotic. The physical needs of the woman rule supreme, even if she also derives considerable pleasure and satisfaction from causing her men discomfort, frustration, pain, embarrassment and humiliation.

The stories in this collection are:

My Sister’s Computer
Letter from Susan to Jennifer
The Large Green Women from Space
The Man Auction
The Party
The Stables
The Writer
Strap-on Party
Girls School
The Cross-Dresser
You Wouldn’t Like It
I Want To Dominate
Men Are Hopeless
Mother-in-Law – part 2

Published: 12 / 2008
No. words: 32000EX8t

Belinda left the room as Julie hitched up her skirt. She wore nothing at all underneath it except her knee-length boots. She moved forward until she was kneeling over Greg`s face and then descended onto him.

“Lick,” she ordered, “Or I`ll suffocate you!”

He had little doubt she could carry out her threat, and it would not have taken much effort for her to do it. Julie was not particularly tall, but she was decidedly a little wider than could have been described as slim by any stretch of the imagination. Her thighs, far from being tree trunks, were each too thick for any man to have stretched the fingers of both hands around. Her buttocks, nowhere near expansive as bolster pillows, were fleshy and solid and substantial enough for any man to think twice before inviting her to sit on his lap. Between her legs her flesh was soft and yielding, inviting Greg`s exploring tongue and yet warning him with every little move of pleasure that Julie made, it could easily enfold his face in its dampness, mould itself to the contours of his nose and mouth, seal him in a wet, fleshy, airless world where his plight could easily be forgotten in the height of Julie`s orgasm and where any escape or even any movement by Greg was impossible until she decided to ease her weight from him.

He licked. He licked until licking alone was not enough. He sucked, squeezing with his mouth as he sucked, knowing exactly where to suck not from skill or experience but simply because the exact spot was pressed firmly down onto him at precisely the angle that gave her maximum pleasure.

There was a rhythm building within her, and with it there was a gripping and a shuddering that intensified as the speed increased. Her breathing came in rapid gasps, her mouth open and her eyes shut. Her hands clutched, reaching down to his head and her fingers entwining in his hair. She pulled, raising from him a fraction and then descending again, this time engulfing his nose inside her and covering his mouth with her flesh. One hand left his hair and two fingers pressed into her own flesh in a rapid, frantic, desperate rubbing while he fought desperately to breathe.

And then it was over. A shriek of pleasure filled the room, her thighs clamping tightly on either side of his head and her whole weight pressing down with such force he felt as if she would drive him through the mattress of the bed to the floor underneath. She fell back, panting.

She lay motionless for five minutes, then fetched a damp cloth and wiped Greg`s face.

“That was good,” she told him. “See if you can do as well for Belinda.”


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