Strictly Susan – The Sixth Collection



by Susan Strict

The sixth collection of femdom stories from Susan Strict includes the usual mix of various ordeals for unfortunate men at the hands of dominant women, but many of the stories in this collection go much further into erotic and sensual areas with the theme of sexual satisfaction often proving to be much more important than mere pain and torment!

Although the stories cover a variety of themes, there is considerable emphasis on the experienced woman being in charge rather than quite so many of the younger and relatively inexpert girls who have featured extensively in Susan Strict’s earlier short stories. Additionally, more of these stories are set in everyday situations that might just happen to anyone anywhere…

Also included in this collection is a hilarious facesitting parody Alice in Underland, with Susan Strict’s tongue-in-cheek writing at its very best both in prose and in verse.

Published: 8 / 2007
No. words: 31500


When his wrists were secured, stretched towards the top corners of the bed and firmly buckled in the tight leather cuffs, she turned her attention to the rest of his clothes. His socks came off with a swift pull on each, and then her trembling fingers fumbled urgently with his belt and the buttons on his trousers.

As she pulled down his trousers and underpants, pulled them off over his ankles and then attached the cuffs to his ankles spreading his legs wide apart on the bed, there was a second or two when he nearly asked her to stop. Even after all those women who had seen him naked on previous occasions, for those few seconds he felt an acute awkwardness, an uneasiness at having this woman see his arousal while he was in such a position, unable to cover himself from her view. He wished she had turned off the light before they started all of this.

“Got you!” she said in a delighted voice as soon as she had finished attaching all the cuffs securely. “This is what you like, isn`t it?”

“Actually…” he began, and broke off as her hand clasped around his hardness and she lowered her head to his thighs. He gasped at the pure, physical pleasure of her lips and tongue on his skin and the squeezing of her hand on his stiff manhood.

“What was it you said?” she asked, raising her head after half a minute and looking up his body at his face. “Slap him with a whip? I think this is far more enjoyable than doing that. I can`t imagine hurting you could be anywhere near as exciting as this. You do taste nice.”

“I`m sure I didn`t say that… Agh!” he squirmed and strained against the straps holding him to the bed as she moved her head rapidly to take the end of his hardness in her mouth.

It was only for a second, and it was one of the most pleasurable sensations he had experienced in his entire life. Whatever she did that was different from all those other women, that one brief action brought him so close to climax that he was panting and moaning as if he had already done it. If she had closed her hand around him again immediately afterwards as she continued to kiss, lick and suck at the skin over his stomach and up his chest, then that would have been enough to finish it off. Instead, he felt a thump of discomfort somewhere at the base of his hardness, not pain, but something that took him back from the edge without lessening his arousal in the least. A moment later, her hand did close around him again, and she continued to squeeze as she worked her way up towards his nipples with her lips and tongue.

The effect of her licking and sucking on his nipples was electric. If someone had said that to him he would have dismissed it as a worn-out cliché, but in this case it was perfectly true. The action of her mouth produced first a tingling and then jolts of sensation that shook his body very much as though he was being subjected to a mysteriously non-painful series of electric shocks.

As she moved down his body again, continuously working at his skin with her mouth, he tensed in anticipation. She neared his groin, her hand still squeezing and then pumping him up and down vigorously for only a moment before once more her mouth took him, brought him to the edge of orgasm almost instantly, followed by the dull thump that took him back down to a frustrated arousal.

Five times more she worked with her mouth up and down his body, brought him to the edge and took it away. His whole body was trembling in an uncontrolled mass of impossible, incomplete ecstasy.

“Now,” she said softly, kneeling up on the bed and positioning herself over his hardness. “Now!”

Slowly, very, very slowly she lowered herself towards him. In his state of shuddering arousal, her first touch on the end of his hardness was every bit as electric as the effect she had had on his nipples. He gasped and groaned. She did not stop, but pressed down and eased herself onto him. Her own arousal was obvious, sliding smoothly over him and enveloping him in her hot, damp flesh.

Quite what he had expected, he was not sure. Perhaps he thought that with a woman so much older there would not be the firmness, tightness or muscular agility of a fit, younger woman. Perhaps he thought that her physical arousal would be lacking, needing some lubrication to avoid major discomfort. Perhaps he had not really thought about it, and in the event nothing he might have imagined proved to be true.

She took him inside her with ease, then clamped onto him with muscular strength that might have been envied by the strongest of female athletes. He had closed his eyes earlier, and now he opened them wide in surprise at the sheer sexual power of the woman on top of him.

What followed was no more than a blur to him – a blur of absolute pleasure. After several minutes she was screaming in climax, and at the same instant his orgasm exploded into her with a force that left his body sweating and exhausted, his vision blurred and his senses reeling. It was not sex as he had ever experienced before; it was sex as he had always imagined it might be and never imagined it could be.

It was some time later that he realised she had climbed from him and was undoing the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

“I`m sorry,” she whispered softly in his ear.


“Yes,” she said apologetically. “I didn`t use those toys on you. I bought everything you mentioned, and I didn`t use any of them. I hope it was all right for you. I did enjoy it. Thank you very much.”

She left him alone in the room to compose himself and to dress. His clothes were neatly over the back of a chair, neatly folded.

She met him at the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank you,” she said again.

She kissed him briefly on the cheek and held open the front door for him to leave. He went, with his mind in a whirl of confusion.


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