Submission By Blackmail



by Stella Fyre

Alec is astounded when his wife produces a photograph of him in bed with another woman. He can only believe that he must have had too much to drink, but his wife will take no excuses. Desperate to protect his inheritance that will be with delayed ten years if he is found to have engaged in immoral behaviour, Alec is ready to agree to any terms to keep the photograph from being made public and to save his marriage. He submits to his wife’s bizarre demands, accepting his position of slave for a period of six months, kept naked or dressed in women’s clothes, used and abused by his wife, by a professional dominatrix, and by his wife’s friends. When other girls he had known from school arrive, together with some of his own female relatives, it all becomes very much worse…

Published: 10 / 2010
No. words: 30000EX8t

Remember Muriel Simpson, the girl that you had a crush on and she told you that she would see you when you were older? Well, she will certainly see you in all your naked splendour. There are so many from school, and you will have the time of your life waiting on them. We have already told them how you like dressing in women’s clothes and lingerie, and they are bursting to see you again.”

“Please, Kay, there is no need for this. Why are you being so cruel?”

Slap! Kay slapped him across the face so hard that it left a handprint. “It is ‘Mistress’ to you, bitch, and that is what you are from now on until Dee gets home: our bitch. We have thought about a lot of things that happened when we were young, and it was all because of you we got punished.”

“For fuck’s sake, I was four years old at the time. It was nothing to do with me you got punished.”

Slap! She slapped him on the other cheek, but not so hard this time. “It’s ‘Mistress; and don’t forget again. It does not matter if you were four or fourteen. We have waited almost two weeks for this party to get our revenge, and we will have it.”

Linda came back in, looked at his face, and said, “I see that you have started on his correctional training without me. Still, I expect I will get a chance to put a stripe on his hand with the cane as the day goes on.” She handed over the leg chains, saying, “This great heavy thing is the only one I could find, and there are two locks and keys to go with it.”

There were steel ankle cuffs and a heavy chain two feet long holding them both together. He could feel Kay clipping and locking them onto his ankles, and then she stood up, once more looking at him. She then put the collar around his neck, telling him that if he caused them any trouble at all then his wrists would also be locked.

He watched as they opened the bookcase and let him out. “Now, we have a little work to do before a few guests arrive tonight.”

The two girls had him working all day, keeping him naked and one of the girls always tapping his buttocks with the cane to keep him moving, but not striking him with it. It was four in the afternoon when they took him to his room, and Linda unlocked the chain and threw lingerie onto the bed. “Put that on. You will be waiting on us this evening and we want you to look nice.” There was a brand new suspender belt and stockings, and then Linda produced a pair of open crutch panties and the high heel shoes that he wore the first night. When he was dressed, she tied a ribbon with a four-foot tail around his sack, and after giving it a little tug, she said, “Follow me. The guests will be here in an hour.”

“Do I get anything to eat or do you intend starving me until Dee gets back, Mistress?”

He watched as Linda actually started to think for the first time, and then she replied, “Ok, but you will have to make it yourself.”

Alec walked behind her down the stairs, and at the bottom, he asked, “Are you going to stand over me while I eat, or do you expect me to run out the door with the speed of a snail and get away, Mistress?” She looked at his ankles in the chain and cuffs once more, and after tucking the ribbon in the panty waistband, she walked off without saying a word.

Kay came into the kitchen as he finished eating. “Come with me. We have to meet the guests as they walk in.” Up until now, Alec had not really worried about it. He had blanked the reality out of his mind, but now the real implications of it hit him like a sledgehammer. He stood up from the chair, visibly shaking, and Kay said, “It is too late to be worried now. You put yourself into this mess by playing away, and that is why this party was arranged tomorrow.”

“Does Dee know about this party?” and then quickly added, “Mistress.”

“I don’t know and I don’t really care, because it is going to go ahead anyway. Now follow me. I just heard a knock on the door,” and she took hold of the ribbon and tugged. Again, Alec had no choice but to follow, and he walked behind her to the main door. Once at the door, she stepped aside and said, “Open the door, bitch.”

“Please Kay, I mean Mistress, don’t make me do this. I have been shamed enough.”

Thwack! A searing pain shot through his body. “Get and open the door, you fucking bitch. No, you have not been shamed enough, and that’s the problem.”


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