Submission By Seduction



by Stella Fyre

Tony’s boss is a powerful woman at the top of the legal profession. Being naturally dominant herself, she recognises Tony’s submissive tendencies after she trips on the carpet and he offers to massage her sprained ankle. Soon, Tony is working at her house in his spare time, but far from the gardening he thought he would be doing, he finds himself being trained as her maid, made to dress in women’s clothing, and slowly but steadily being encouraged to look and behave in feminine ways while still retaining his masculinity to serve his new Mistress in bed.

Meanwhile, Tony’s wife is on an extended business trip with her boss, and rapidly discovering her own very different desires.

Published: 8 / 2011
No. words: 32500


‘What the hell am I doing? Here I am, dressed like a tart and pushing a lawn mower up and down while my Mistress Boss walks around completely naked! Why am I doing it? I’ve never wanted to dress in women’s clothes, and even if I am feeling some sort of strange, perverted thrill from doing it, that doesn’t mean anything. I’m just exposing myself to ridicule. I hope to hell that no one ever sees me like this.’

It was a big lawn but not so big that it took too long to finish mowing it, and he was soon putting the mower away. He closed the shed, and then walked over to the door, noticing that Mistress Barbara was now dressed. She looked up, saying, “Go to the bathroom upstairs and refresh yourself, and put on your clothes over the top of the clothes you are wearing. I will see you down here in a few moments and we will discuss your new way of life before my guests arrive.”

Tony was going to say something but thought better of it. He was already wearing enough girls’ clothes. He turned and walked out of the lounge, still wondering what the hell he had got himself into. In the bathroom he washed and then went to find his clothes. As Mistress Barbara had instructed him, he put them on over the stockings and knickers and then returned to the lounge.

As soon as he came back into the room, Mistress Barbara said, “Come over here, Tony, and sit down opposite me.” He walked over to where she was sitting as she had asked, and then gazed at her, wondering what was coming next.

She smiled at him, and that was worse. He knew he was over his head.

“I have seen something in you, Tony, that I know all about although you have been blind it until now. I am going to work on it and turn your world around.”

Tony was wondering how his world could possibly be turned around any more than it was already, but she continued, “You have submissive tendencies and they are very strong, but I, as your Mistress, will bring them out and show you your true potential.”

He had to ask, “Are you saying that I am weak, Mistress?”

She was going to scold him for interrupting, but she decided that it would not be fair until she had told him the rules. “I said you were submissive, and that by no means presumes you are weak. On the contrary, I think you are powerful for your size. I think that you are also strong in mind and have the ability to overcome your fears. You are doing what I tell you because you feel it is the correct thing to do, not because of the fear that I might speak to Tracey. You know in your own mind that I would never do such a hideous thing out of spite or revenge. While I am talking to you, Tony get down and massage my feet. You do it so well.”

Without thinking, he fell to his knees in front of her and started to manipulate the flesh. It was only after he had started that he realised what he was doing. He was confused, and he only knew that he loved to please Mistress Barbara, but he was unsure why.

She spoke once more. “You see what I mean, Tony, because your response to my command was automatic. Now, as I told you earlier, I have some guests coming to see me and I would like you to wait on us. You know how to make tea, I assume, and I’m sure you can cope with bringing it into the lounge and serving us. I will need you also to answer the door to them and bring them through into the lounge. Then you can stand over by the table and wait for further instructions. They will be all arriving at the same time so you will only need to answer the door once.

“From now on, Tony, you will do all that I tell you with no argument, no matter how humiliating it might seem. Do you understand what I am saying, Tony?”


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