Submissive Justice



by Stella Fyre

Mark cannot remember what happened on the evening he went to the pub and came home drunk, but someone filmed it. When the DVD arrives on his desk at work, he is horrified to see himself in a club performing lewd acts with several girls. He soon finds that he is obliged to spend the next few weeks undergoing punishment at the hands of a dominatrix if he does not want the film shown to his wife and made public.

What Mark does not realize, at first, is that his wife already knows all about what happened in the club, but she has an agenda of her own and her future plans do not include Mark at all. Meanwhile, Mark’s submissive side and his genuine desire to please have impressed Miss Caroline the dominatrix, and it is not long before she has plans for Mark that go far beyond a few weeks of pain and punishment.

Published: 11 / 2012
No. words: 32100

“You are on record doing things to women that you should only be doing to your wife.  You have humiliated your wife by performing these acts in public, and now you have to pay for that big indiscretion.  You see, I believe that women should always be supreme; men should be just our toys for our amusement.  I have decided that because you have no respect for the supreme sex, I will have to teach you some.  The lessons can be either painful or enjoyable, but I hope that you are going to make them painful.  It is the painful lessons that I love to give more than anything.”

This woman was frightening Mark.  Everything she said had an edge to it that struck fear into his heart.  When Trudy spoke harshly, it always frightened him, but this woman was doing it by talking softly.  This woman was wicked, and he could sense that she would still be a pain even on her good days.

“There are a lot of things I can and will do to you while you are in my domain, and I doubt whether you will like many of them.  It won’t matter one little bit, because all that matters is whether I like it.  You are a fart, a useless piece of dog shit that I will turn into a good play toy for the true rulers of the human race.”

Mark stared at her with shock running through his body, while thinking, ‘This woman is on a mission.  She is completely mad, and I am well and truly fucked.’

“You are most probably thinking that you are going to be ripped to pieces, but that is a long way from the truth.  I am going to take you to pieces bit by bit and put you back together the way we women know a man should be.  You will be so submissive that you will do anything I tell you to do as soon as I give the order, but that will not be for a while yet.  I am going to have so much fun training you over the next few weeks.  Now, I have been doing all of the talking and it is only right that you should have a say.  Women might be the superior sex, but we are still democratic and fair.”

“You say you expect me to stay here for the next few weeks.  Whatever makes you think that I won’t escape?  My wife is away at the moment, but when she gets back and finds that I have been away from the office she will call the police.  I might have been a fool in that club, but that does not mean that I am a fool all the time.  You have brought me here against my will, and that is punishable by law.”

“So you are not worried whether your wife finds out about your indiscretion?  In that case, I have no need to keep you here any longer.  How will you live when you lose your job and your wife cleans you out of money?  She is rich enough to walk away from that business, taking her money with her.”

‘The woman was correct,’ he was thinking.  ‘I would have nowhere to go, and my name would be blackened throughout the industry.  No one would employ someone that could not be trusted.’  “How long would I be here?”  He was asking out of desperation.

The woman was looking at Mark with a satisfied smile on her face.  “Two weeks, three at the most.  You will have to sign a contract agreeing to do everything I tell you without exception.  There will be discipline, some hard, some light.  There will be humiliation, some light, and some heavy.  At no time will I leave marks on your body that will not fade quickly.  Sex, as you have known it, will be a thing of the past for the next three weeks.  You will be treated as a slave, and less than a human for a while.  Your body is mine to do with as I like.  In time, you will be begging me to abuse you, and I will know then that my work is near completion.  You will be my bitch at all times.”

Mark was thinking that he would be free before Trudy returned from Egypt, and although it sounded hard he knew he had no other choice.  He was also asking himself, how could he be her bitch?  What about this discipline she mentioned?  What kind of discipline?  What was she saying about leaving marks? Once again, he knew that if he wanted to save his marriage he would have to go along with whatever the woman demanded.

“You hold all the cards,” he told her.  “I have no choice but to do as you wish.  It beggars belief how you found out all of this stuff about me and where I worked, to be able to blackmail me like this.”

“You will be fitted out with new jewellery and cuffs today, and I will place you on the first rung of the ladder.  I will allow you to make small mistakes once, and after that you will be punished.  The more times you make the same mistake, the harder the punishment.  You have a lot to learn and only a short time to learn it.  By the time you leave this school, you will be a better slave.”

“Do I get any clothes?”

“You are a slave, and slaves don’t wear clothes.  From the time you sign the contract you become my property for the next three weeks.  During that time you will call me Mistress Caroline on the first acknowledgement of the day, then after that just ‘Mistress’ will do.  You will use ‘Mistress’ every time you talk to me, and if you wish to ask a question then ask me if you can ask it.  You will never argue when punishments are awarded you, even if it is for something you believe did not do.  We do not make mistakes.”

Mistress Caroline then produced a pen and a folded piece of paper with “Contract for a Slave” written on the top, and handed the paper to him.  He quickly read it, and it did seem to cover everything she had mentioned.  He took the pen from her hand and signed at the bottom.


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