The Cheating Game



by Stella Fyre

When Peter sees his wife in a compromising position with the swimming pool maintenance man, instead of confronting them immediately, he hides and watches what happens. His wife demands to know why Peter hid and indulged his own voyeuristic urges, and tells him that she did it because he had not made love to her for months. She insists that they must spice up their love life or their marriage will be over.

Reluctantly, Peter agrees, and finds himself subjected to humiliation and cuckolding by his wife whose attitude is becoming increasingly antagonistic towards him, but after a party at the house of a dominatrix, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Published: 11 / 2011
No. words: 32800EX8t

It was another twenty minutes before the taxi pulled up outside the house.  Despite the problems with his relationship, he always felt proud of it.  It was, in fact, no less than a small mansion.  Moments later he was inside, throwing his jacket and briefcase on the hall table.  Upstairs, he changed his clothes in the master bedroom, putting on a t-shirt and shorts before going back downstairs.  There was no sign of Cathy, and he went into the lounge and was about to call her name when he heard voices from outside on the patio.  He walked to the patio door.  He stepped back quickly, and then peeked out through a gap at the side of the curtains.

Cathy was standing on the patio in her bikini.  It left very little to the imagination, and the only other thing covering her nakedness were dark sunglasses.  She was talking to the builder who had been doing the swimming pool, and Peter could see that he could not keep his eyes off her breasts.  Peter could not hear what they were saying, but Cathy was smiling and looking coy.

The builder was also smiling as he spoke, and Peter felt a twinge of jealousy.  The builder’s name was Pat.  He was Irish and in his early twenties.  With his t-shirt on, he looked fit and very muscular.  Peter rapidly stepped back into the shadows as the two of them walked past the open patio doors to where the reclining chairs were laid out.  Peter kept watching.

Cathy said something to Pat while handing him a bottle of sun tan lotion.  They were both standing side on to Peter, and Pat smiled as he took it from her hand.  Cathy then turned her back to him while Pat poured some lotion in one hand, placing the bottle on the patio table.  After rubbing both hands together, he placed them flat on Cathy’s shoulders.  Peter wanted to go out to stop what was happening, but he felt as though his feet were riveted to the floor.  Something in his brain was compelling him to stay where he was and see what happened.

Pat started to massage the sun oil into her shoulders and then he worked his way down her back.  He went down on his knees, kneading the oil into her skin, down to her bikini bottoms and then back up towards her shoulders.  He stood up once more, saying something to Cathy over her shoulder.  Peter heard her laugh and saw her nod her head.

And then Peter nearly had a heart attack as he watched Pat unfasten the bikini bra, letting it fall to the ground.  She stepped forward and lay face down on the chair, looking away from Peter.  Pat poured some more oil into his hand and carried on with his ministrations.  This time he also covered her legs in the oil, making her whole body shine in the sunlight.  He spent a lot of time on her inner thighs, and Peter noticed that he touched Cathy’s sex through the thin cloth of her bikini bottoms whenever he had the chance.

As Peter watched Cathy lying semi-naked with this stranger touching her, he had strange feelings.  His heart beat rapidly and he held his breath.  He heard Pat speak to her again and her quiet reply, although he could not hear what either of them said.  A moment later, Peter saw Pat put his fingers in the waistband of Cathy’s panties and pull them slowly down her legs.  Once again he wanted to go out and stop everything before it all got even more out of hand, but there was also another part of him that wanted to see what was going to happen next.

He was telling himself that he had already let it go too far to just walk out onto the patio.  If he went out there now, there might be things said and done that would destroy their marriage.  Cathy might never get over the shame of being caught with another man, and then she would leave him through embarrassment.  Peter convinced himself that the best thing to do was nothing at all.  After all, all that was happening was that this man was harmlessly applying sun lotion to Cathy’s body, nothing more.  Peter could feel jealousy burning in him, but, at the same time, as he watched this stranger touching Cathy’s naked body, he was becoming aroused.  He kept telling himself that all he had to do was to wait for Pat to finish what he was doing and get back to work.

Pat stripped off his t-shirt, and Peter saw the rippling muscles that had been hidden under it.  Pat went down on one knee and was looking towards Cathy’s head as he oiled her buttocks.  Peter could see that his thumbs at times were touching her sex from behind.  Peter’s guts twisted with intense jealousy at the thought of this stranger touching her most intimate parts.  Again he wanted it to stop, and yet at the same time he was mesmerised at his wife’s infidelity.

In one slow movement, Cathy turned over onto her back as Pat smiled at her.  Then, gazing down at her, Pat poured more oil into his large hands and started to massage her breasts.



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