The Devil’s Advocate



by Stella Fyre

When Ian sees a sign on the window of an empty shop advertising a new club, he has no idea that the sign has been placed there just for him. He also has no idea that the beautiful hostess, Acacia, is not all she seems to be, and that she has been told to take a man as her slave and her mate, to be with her for eternity.

Published: 2 / 2011
No. words: 27000


Acacia stood up again, but this time she walked out onto the dance floor by herself. The music started to play as soon as she was under the spotlight, and she started to dance to the heady rhythm of the music. He watched as she put her hands behind her back and as if in a dream he saw her dress drop to the floor. She was naked. Her hips swayed from side to side as she danced facing him, and he saw that her sex had been waxed and was devoid of all growth. The gentle sway of her body was once again hypnotizing Ian, and not only was his head feeling light but he too had an irresistible urge to strip off all his clothes. He gazed at her, and it was as if she knew what he was thinking, because she smiled and nodded her head.

Reality departed for Ian. He started to take off his shirt, and once off his back he placed it on the chair. Then he kicked off his slip-on shoes and undid the belt holding up his jeans and let them fall to his ankles where he pulled them off and removed his socks at the same time. He was now standing, looking at her with just his boxer shorts on, and he saw her nod her head. He put his thumbs in the waistband and pushed them to the floor, leaving him completely naked in the alcove, looking at Acacia. He watched as she put her hand up and crooked her finger to tell him to come to her. Ian could see the others in the room, but, bizarrely, the thought of being naked in front of them did not bother him and he was drawn out onto the stage by her beauty.

The music was now loud and the tune was fierce, high pitched and unreal, but his mind was deaf to the sound and his eyes were only for this naked beauty in front of him. Ian stood motionless, his arms down at his sides and knowing all the time that his manhood was standing proud. It did not matter. None of this could be real, and the others in the room were just faceless people.

Acacia danced around him, her dance becoming hypnotic, and once more his head began to swirl around. Strange feelings ran through his body, sensations he had never before experienced. The room started to spin, and when it stopped he was lying on a bench just eighteen inches off the floor, but looking up he could still see Acacia dancing around his body. She was looking down at him and smiling, but he tried to lift himself up but realised that he was somehow tethered to the bench. His feet were on the floor, but he could feel that there were bonds holding them just as tightly. His wrists were also in some way held down and shackled to the floor, but it did not worry him. He did not feel as though he was in any danger.

The music changed to a slower rhythm with a heavier beat, and Acacia stopped her dancing. She stood by his head, almost over him, and as Ian watched she inched forward until her sex was just above his face. It was the first time that he had been that close to a woman’s sex in his life. He gazed at her as Acacia lowered her body inch by inch towards him, and pure instinct told him to open his mouth. As her sex touched his open mouth, his tongue started to work with vigour. He licked and sucked, his tongue was darting in and out as though he was trying to get as much done as possible in the shortest time. He could not see what she was doing, but Acacia was lowering her head and then he felt her mouth engulf his manhood. It was so hot, so wonderful, and so unbelievable. Her mouth was sucking, and slipping up and down the shaft. He tried to lift his body, but found that even his body was restricted in movement.

He tried to remember when all this bondage had taken place, but what was happening now made it even more difficult for him to concentrate on anything else. Had he lost consciousness after having too much do drink? That drink had certainly made him feel a little unsteady, and he did remember taking his clothes off in front of a room full of people.

In the end, he gave up trying to work out how or why he had ended up tied to the bench, and he concentrated on the task in hand. Nothing else seemed to matter, and how he had ended up in this position quickly became the least important thing on his mind.

Acacia climaxed, and there was an explosion of fluid forced into his mouth. He eagerly tried not to spill any. He was drinking her fluid as if it was the last on earth. He had no idea why and he did not care, because it just seemed the correct thing to do.

Acacia lifted her body from his mouth and looked down at him once more. He looked back, feeling cheated because she had left him frustrated. He could hear the music once more, and again Acacia started to dance around where he lay, and again his head was swirling, and making him feel as if he were going to pass out. The music was even stronger, and he was looking up at this moving golden statue, his body lusting for her and he was pulling on his bonds. He noticed how her body now shone with perspiration. She was smiled at his frustration, and then he heard the music stop once more.


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