The Domination Of Donna



by Susan Strict

Donna wanted to explore her bisexual side, and she made no secret of her desire to be dominated. It was a surprise when Susan agreed to come to see her, and much more of a surprise when Susan sent her male slave to prepare her for Susan’s visit. The days that followed took Donna into situations she had never imagined in her most erotic dreams or in her worst nightmares.

Published: 3 / 2008
No. words: 31200


“Susan will be here in just over an hour,” he told her. “We need to make sure everything is ready. It won`t be good if it isn`t. She would be very annoyed, and believe me you don`t want Susan to be annoyed.”

“But… I really don`t understand this,” said Donna. “You are her slave, she said. Why are you here? I mean, she is going to dominate me, isn`t she? Surely you shouldn`t be here?”

He laughed. “No, I`m not Susan`s slave,” he chuckled. “Not really. I was once, but not now. I`m a friend, a very close friend. I won`t try to explain it, because it would take all night and you probably wouldn`t understand it even then. I`m here, that`s all, and we need to get started.”

This was even more confusing for Donna. “But why are you here?” she asked hopelessly, sitting down on the sofa in complete bewilderment.

“Hmm. That`s a bit complicated too,” Sneaker said. “Are you sure you want to know? Wouldn`t you rather just go with the flow, so to speak? I`ll stop at any time you say so. I`m not like Susan at all. That`s one of the reasons I`m here. Once Susan starts there will be no stopping her.”

A shiver went through Donna. Once Susan starts there will be no stopping her. It was what she wanted, only… Involuntarily she squeezed her thighs together.

“Come on,” said Sneaker. “Let`s go upstairs and see what you have. I don`t suppose Susan will bring much with her. I have some stuff in the back of the car we can use if you don`t have anything appropriate.”

He found his own way up the stairs and into Donna`s bedroom with Donna following, bemused.

“Well?” he asked. “What do you have? Cuffs? Restraints? Whips? What sort of toys and vibrators?”

Donna felt herself blushing. “No… not at all,” she stuttered. “There are a few things in here.”

She opened a drawer and turned away. Sneaker looked.

“No good at all,” he said. “Never mind. I`ll get what I have out of the car. Wait here. You can undress now. I`ll be back in a minute.”

Donna stood open mouthed. Undress? Now? Just like that? He was back before she had recovered.

“You still dressed?” he asked. “It`s up to you I suppose, but if I were you I would make sure I wasn`t wearing anything when Susan arrives. That really would annoy her. I don`t think she would be too happy with me either if I didn`t have you ready, but I`m used to it. It doesn`t worry me nearly as much as it did once.”

He put down a large bag on the floor and rummaged inside it. Without a word he started to attach strong leather straps to each corner of Donna`s bed.

“I really think you ought to be naked now,” he told her. “We don`t have more than forty-five minutes at the most. She was quite specific. She wants you tied on your bed before she arrives. I hope that`s all right with you. Do you want me to help you undress?”

Donna started to nod then shook her head. “No!” she said. “Certainly not!”

“I can be dominant if you prefer,” said Sneaker apologetically. “I nearly forgot that`s what you like. I get used to being submissive, and you`re rather nice. Do you want me to be a bit forceful with you?”

“Stop it!” said Donna. “I`m so confused.”

“I`m sorry,” Sneaker apologised again. “I`ll explain. It`s quite simple, really. When Susan arrives she wants you to be completely naked, tied to the bed and helpless. I`m here to help prepare you so that you are ready for her. All right?”


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