The Dungeon Master


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by John Savage

King Edward liked to keep a few beautiful young women in his dungeon so he could torture them and ravish their abused bodies for his own pleasure. But things changed when he appointed a troublesome nephew as the new Master of the Dungeon. Fredrick quickly discovered that he enjoyed putting on torture shows for the King, and plunged into his new job with enthusiasm. The trouble really started when the King had the most beautiful woman in the kingdom kidnapped and secreted away in his dungeon, and Fredrick found himself wanting to possess this gorgeous, sexy woman for his own. When Frederick’s desires extended to the King’s personal servant girl, an exotic beauty with an extreme talent for oral sex, it was inevitable that the bizarre mixture would explode…

Published: 8 / 2010          No. words: 38,700EX1t

Kathryn DeFlor was a beautiful woman.  Even more so when she was screaming in pain; the agony etched upon every line of her face, every muscle in her body tense, and pain-sweat glistening upon her naked body.

King Edward Roman Pentdross, His Most Imperial Majesty, King of all Viland, Emperor of the Realm, and Ruler of the High Seas, etc. was enjoying his favorite prisoner as she suffered.

The whip being used upon this lovely young lady was really a gentle and kindly piece of braided leather with no metal tip that would rip the flesh and scar her for life – or worse.  It delivered a powerful sting, a sharp pain to the impacted area, but did little damage beyond raising the flesh into a ridge of swollen red skin that burned after the initial agony of the blow.  Against the soft flesh of that bare ass, it would pain her and make it difficult for her to sit down for a few days – but nothing more.  Still, she screamed each time the lash made contact with her skin; screamed and jerked within her bonds.

The King had ordered her strung up in a vertical spread-eagle, her arms and legs pulled tightly apart to the four corners of the wooden frame.  She was naked, of course.  Her arms had been spread and bound to the upper corners, then her ankles looped and pulled apart to the lower corners, an act which had two purposes.  First, it lifted her feet from the floor so that she was suspended.  Secondly, it forced her legs wide apart and exposed her most private place to all – including the whip, although it had yet to strike her in that most sensitive area.

The King, seated upon the velvet covered mini-throne installed in the dungeon so that the Royal Ass would be comfortable while he watched the torture of lovely young women in comfort.  It had been several days since he last had Kathryn tortured and the old whipmarks had mostly faded away.  Time for a fresh batch.

Under the Royal robes, the King clutched his erect penis in one Royal Hand as the raven-haired beauty suffered for his enjoyment.  The Master of the Dungeon, one Guntfried Stupp, stood to one side and smiled.  He knew very well from the look upon his monarch’s face that he was enjoying the show.  This knowledge made him happy.  The King was such a hard fellow to please.  If he did not find the presentation sufficiently satisfying, the presenter, Guntfried himself, would suffer.  This was not to be desired.

Swish!  Smack!  The whip once again kissed those rounded globes already covered with a crosshatched pattern of weals.

The King moaned, but it was not with empathic sympathy, it was because he was approaching the climax of the show.

With his free hand, the King summoned the maid who was kneeling beside his mini-throne.  Obediently, she lifted the Royal robes and crawled under them.  Her hands and mouth found the Royal Prick and began servicing it with all her skill and enthusiasm.  If she failed in her part of the presentation, it could well be she who was next whipped.  That had happened before, and probably would again.  So she worked with vigor at her task.

The Royal Hand waved to the torturer, and the tempo of the lashing picked up.  Kathryn’s screams became almost continuous as her body jerked in mid-air, those lovely, big breasts bouncing delightfully.

The King’s eyes became glassy and Guntfried knew that the show was a success.  The King sighed as the young maid under his robe sucked strongly and swallowed every bit of the Royal Cum.  Then his eyes closed and a contented look came over his face.  Guntfried motioned for his assistant to cease the whipping.  Even though this was one of the milder whips, it was still better not to inflict too much damage.  This woman was the King’s favorite and he did so enjoy watching her being tortured.  The fact that she was the wife of one of the most powerful Dukes in the Kingdom, and a sworn enemy of the King, made his enjoyment of her suffering all the more intense.

A Royal kick in the side told the maid it was time to crawl back out and assume her position kneeling beside the throne.

The King rose and regally strode across the dungeon, followed by his personal servant, William, and the maid with the sour look upon her face.  She never did enjoy having to swallow; it seemed gross to her.  But when the King commands…


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