The House Of Secrets



by Stella Fyre

The House of Correction was full of women, man-hating women who had all been abused at some time in their lives. The Mistress offered a service to other women, to punish men (and occasionally women) who thoroughly deserved it.

Nathan, however, was completely innocent. His wife’s belief that he had been unfaithful was based on lies, but his punishment was to be far more intense than the House of Correction usually administered to its prisoners.

But in the back of Nathan’s mind was a secret, vaguely remembered from his childhood. It was a secret that would change not only his life but also the lives of all around him. The House too held secrets, part of the deep mysteries slowly being revealed in Nathan’s mind. The Mistress’ skills with the whip and the flogger would be put to better use than mere punishments, battling with evil far deeper and more powerful than any wickedness of the most brutal of mortal men.

Published: 4 / 2010
No. words: 66,666
EX8tNathan began to tremble uncontrollably as the Mistress walked into the room. There was absolute terror on his face as she picked up the flogger and came to the side of the table where he remained bound. He closed his eyes when she raised her arm to strike him.

“I’ll bet you weren’t expecting it there, were you” the Mistress laughed as she hit him repeatedly all over his belly and Nathan screamed through his gag. “Now, confess to being unfaithful.”

She was looked into his eyes. If he could have thought of anything to confess to, he would have done it. There was nothing, and his eyes moved from side to side then closed. The Mistress went to the other side of him. “You must love pain, you foolish boy.”

The flogger descended repeatedly, but no noise came around the gag in his mouth. He screamed, as before, but his voice had gone. There were tears running down his face, and he was in so much pain that he was unsure he would last this session.

“That is this session over with.”

He was tired and weak. The pain was intense, yet he suddenly realised he was also very hungry. Apart from the breakfast on the previous morning, he had eaten nothing.

The Mistress came to his side and asked if there was anything he wanted. He looked up at her with fear in his eyes, not able to separate in his mind the unmerciful sadist who beat him and this woman who was politely asking whether he wanted anything.

I need to keep up my strength, he thought. And then he thought that if they intended to feed him they would already have given him food. Starvation was part of the punishment, he decided. He would die in this room, and no one would notice; no one would care. He started to cry and closed his eyes.’

The Mistress walked away and went back to her room, sitting down and watching his bound, helpless body on the CCTV screen.


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