The Reluctant Submissive



by Stella Fyre

Tim was to spend a month with a professional dominatrix, punished and trained as a submissive/slave for the dominant woman’s pleasure.

It started as a game. The four friends agreed that whoever had the lowest score on a roll of the dice would spend four weeks with a professional dominatrix. Were they serious? Was it only a drunken joke? The contract they all signed seemed serious, but would the loser back out?

When Tim lost, he had no intention of backing out, even if it made the others feel guilty, but was there more to the game than it appeared? And why were both George and Tim’s wife Rita being so unpleasant to him?

Published: 1 / 2013
No. words: 30500


“Follow me, slave, and I will initiate you in the lighter side of pain.”

Tim did not like the sound of this, but he complied and followed her out of the room.  She led him almost to the other side of the house and through a door.  Tim gasped and his heart began to race as he saw what was inside the room.  It looked like a torture chamber.  The walls were lined with racks containing whips, crops, paddles and various implements that Tim did not recognise but that looked to be capable of inflicting severe pain.  Also around the room were cages, benches, tables and other structures with straps and restraints for holding a victim securely.

The Mistress saw the look of shock on Tim’s face and decided to give him a guided tour.  “Follow me,” she told him.  “There’s nothing to fear if you understand what this is all about.”  For the next ten minutes she walked him about the room, showing him everything and explaining how each item could be used.  They ended back at an open space in the middle of the room.

“Take off your shorts and step over here,” she instructed.  Tim complied, and she fastened leather cuffs round his wrists and then round his ankles.  One at a time, she took hold of his wrists and lifted them up to hook on a chain hanging down.  The ankle chains were hooked to smaller ones on the floor, leaving him standing but in a spread-eagled position.  He then heard a ratchet and felt his body being stretched.

When he was held taut, Mistress Jessica walked to his front with a light flogger and looked at him with a smile on her face.  “I am now going to introduce you to the flogger more intimately, and as this is the lightest implement I use in here, I am not going to put a gag in your mouth.  I know that I will be giving you pain, but I also know it will not hurt you, so I don’t want to hear any noise from you.  I don’t mind a grunt now and again, but not on every stroke.”  Tim watched as she walked behind him.

Thwack!  Thwack!  Thwack!

The first stroke was a bit of a shock, and then the next two landed even more heavily.  It was not an intense pain, but the ends of the flogger stung the soft flesh under his arms.  At first he did grunt as she struck him, but he quickly became accustom to the sensation.  Even so, every now and again a harder stroke still made him groan.  She covered the whole of his body, from his shoulders down to the back of his knees.  When she struck his inner thighs he flinched violently and almost cried out, particularly when the tips of the flogger’s strands caught his genitals, but they only just touched him there and did not cause any real pain.

He had no idea how long the flogging went on.  There was no clock he could see, and time became meaningless as the strokes rained down on him.  Suddenly, the beating stopped and he could feel his whole body tingling where the nerve ends had been teased.

He felt her hand on his shoulder, “Are you hurting or in pain, slave?”

He considered the question quickly, and answered, “No, Mistress, just a tingling of the nerves.”

Her hand left his shoulder and moments later he felt the flogger again.

Thwack!  Thwack!  Thwack!

His body received another hiding from the flogger and now he felt as though his skin was starting to burn.  The millions of tiny nerve endings were screaming for relief, but it stopped once more and again she asked, “Are you hurting or in pain?”

He was thinking that no, he was not hurt, but was he in pain?  Again he knew that he was not in pain either, but the irritation was now taking effect.  He could not lie, but he was wondering if he could last until she stopped once more.  “No, Mistress, I am not hurt and neither am I in pain.”

There were a few more strokes, and then Mistress Jessica stopped and came around in front of him once more.  For a short while she flogged his chest and thighs, and she stopped momentarily to change positions.  While she was doing this, he looked down and saw that his chest was red from the thrashing. He had noticed that not all the strokes were heavy.  In fact, most were light or at worst bearable, and he had also noticed that she had found every soft spot on his body and given it at least one hard stroke.

She stopped the strokes and walked closer to him.  “This was an easy session today just to show you what it is all about, but tomorrow it will start getting harder.  You ought to know that you can stop the punishment any time you want by saying ‘stop’.  If, however, I think you have not received sufficient strokes to warrant stopping, I will add them to your next session.  I know from experience when to stop before you are hurt in any way but there are times when even I can be out on my calculations, so the word ‘stop’ is a safety word.  I can hear it through the gag, so if you say it I will stop immediately.

“After every session in this room, or after any punishment, you will always thank me for showing you mercy.  Over the next few days I am going to test you on various implements of pain so that I know your worth.  You are to be with me for twenty-eight days, and every day there will be a new test and more pain.  However, it will not all be pain, as there are treats as well, but we will have to find out who will benefit from those treats.  For the effort and devotion you have shown me today, including in front of your spouse and friends, there will be a treat tonight.”


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